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Post by Besaid Highlander on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:57 pm

Besaid Highlander Zippo2

The Cement Alchemist

Name: Besaid Highlander
Age: Twenty-Two
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Trafalgar Law [One Piece]

Besaid Highlander Appear11

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 143 lbs
Hair: Black as the night
Eyes: Golden chestnut
General Appearance: His countenance would lead you to think he's a wise owl. A semi-long and cheekbones semi-prominent, but all diluted by the shine in his golden-chestnut colored eyes under droopy eyelids. Although you may know the owl's fur is grey, you think of it less than the allure coming from its eyes. On his back head resists shiny black hair, confined by a braided ponytail and a blue ribbon stopping at his hindmost. Skin russet like brick during a hot day, milk-chocolate during the night, caramel during morning; shades of brown that give you the impression that he's an Ishvalan without any doubts. He wears the traditional gear State Alchemists uniform and boots, with his ponytail, thick eyelashes and alluring eye color making him standout from the rest. As the Cement Alchemist, he always caries a sword made of cement, sheathed by a cement scabbard well decorated from top to bottom of the State Alchemist insignia. When he's undercover or living casual, he wears all black: Hoodie, jeans, cap, and black socks with rubber soles. What helps moderate the cement alchemy are two elliptical tattoos on his forearm, arcane in design, representing the formula, his blood and distribution.

Besaid Highlander Person10

Personality: Besaid is very confident and at peace with himself and life. he doesn't take it for granted, and rather go at it like a fisher throwing his hook into the sea and waiting for opportunity to arise than jump from a cliff to take a grasp of adrenaline rush. Mostly calm, cool and collected until he's in a troublesome situation or having fun. When he's in trouble, he looks blank. When he's having fun, he's grinning and smiling as though the fun would never end. He's lawful and good, always taking the side of what is right, and usually that's from the laws of the state. If the laws of the state showed a flaw, he would divert to his own laws and stay good. Although he's tied to the state, he lacks sticking to a "T" with things during duty. Always seen as the maverick type.

Life: He loves life because it has its ups and downs. He loves when balance in a grand scheme is under his belt's belief.
Balance: The core value to life, he believes. Balance draws in the bad, so that you can correct it. Draws in the good so you do not abuse it.
Karma: The result to following balance and not following balance. He likes the idea, and strongly believes, that karma came to them in this or that way because they drew themselves to that situation.
God: Ishvala. He believes strongly of the Earth God. However, uses Alchemy for his own ambitions.
Comedy: Always the funny guy, he puts in a joke from time to time to soften heated situations.
Displeasure: Of course, a lot of people loathe displeasure. However, he doesn't like to be in a situation he is uncomfortable or displeased with. If strong enough, he'll walk away.
Chaos: As a man of the law, he dislikes those who do not abide by it. Call him lawful if you will.
Cold: He doesn't ever want to be in a cold location. It makes his cement hard too fast, as well as his skin. Frostbites are nothing to joke with!
Women: What can he say? He loves to flirt.
To protect people: He loves protecting others. It's his hobby. Even if the odds are against him, he much rather go against it than go against the regret not doing something about it.
Adventure: No matter what, he's the type of guy who goes from calm, cool and collected to out right childish and daring when there's an adventure in his path.

Oranges: He once tasted an orange without peeling it. The tangy taste made him avoid them ever since. He always thought that this might be what poison may taste...
Seductive women: Women who control his flirting or flirts at him. He simply loses touch on what to do or goes with the flow on what she wants but has a fear that she might do something to him in his sleep...

Besaid Highlander Histor11


Born as a child of a beggar of the Amestrian country, full-fledge descendants of Ishvalan people. Well, so they believed. When Besaid was born, his eyes were colored gold. His mother since was questioned by his father on whether she lied about her own ancestry, or whether he was not the father and an actual Amestrian was. Disputes were long-termed, hurting the early of Besaid. At the age of three, he witnessed his father hit his mother for the first time, and he intervened the confrontation. The man wanted to slap the child for his golden eyes, but learned from the child's vigilance that this little boy was his.

Although they were beggars, they didn't feel shameful after that day and onward. His father, Muren, became a bakery owner. His mother, Mira, was the wife of this now lovable, boisterous bakery owner. Their son was since spoiled by their happiness. By the time he turned 12, he decided he wanted to become worker. He loved playing in clay, and wondered how it would be to with cement. Realization came to him when his father stated, you know I have a recipe for you to make clay out of cement...

His father showed the tattoos he himself wore. Although I saw my wife to be blasphemer to Ishvala, who I am to point the finger having the ability to perform alchemy? He said. For a while, during his teenage days, Muren was a rebel. Always onto something different. Alchemy was his last stop before getting married and having a child. He hadn't put enough time and effort to flaunt what he discovered. He told his son: However, you can bear your father's tatts only if you study alchemy. Besaid knew little about his religion and about alchemy, but in due time he would remember the disrespect he would recieve by his own people of Ishvala when granted the State Alchemist title age age 20.

Since then, his life changed.

Since then, he was The Cement Alchemist.

RP Sample:

Soronei looked to the skies for help. His eyes strikingly similar to a hungry tiger. After an hour as his soul cried to the heavens, his slanted, ivory eyes could only dart with maleficence to the flaming dusk. It would require an arm and a leg to make effort to stand own two feet. Not metaphorically speak, but in real terms. The battle he endured took out most of him, wounds no longer could be felt agonizingly. Currently, only the cold winds were of annoyance as he laid there helplessly. He thought to himself that actions spoke louder than words and figured crying for God's help would be nothing more than waste his breathing. Being able to live through without an arm and a leg however, made him feel like a fish out of water; feeling as though death was supposed to come his way, but didn't because it felt the need to attend to its teatime...

Soronei sighed and closed his eyes.

Wars are stupid.
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Post by Webmaster Marcus on Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:06 am

Looks good, you need to become a State Alchemist to use your title though.

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