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Name: Jin Frost
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Military

Face Claim: Kakashi-Naruto

Jin Frost Appear11

Height: 6'5
Weight: 200
Hair: White
Eyes: Right one is black, left is red
General Appearance: Jin is a very tall, fit, and fair skinned man. His hair is white as snow and is fluffed up and to the back of his head. His right eye is brown in color and his left eye is crimson red with a scar running across it. Around his face is a black mask that he wears to cover up scars that he had gotten when he lived in his village. His normal attire consists of the standard blue button up coat military uniform which is required by standard dress code. However, underneath he wears a black tank top that also connects to his mask. Around his neck is a red scarf. During battle or missions, he tends to toss off his military coat or not take it at all so he can be more mobile. On his left shoulder he has a tattoo which represents his old village. Both of his wrists are wrapped up in tape and has metal guards that cover from his elbows to the end of his hand for protection. He usually carries his gun on the side of his hip and his melee weapon across his back.

Jin Frost Person10

Jin is pretty quiet and laid back most of the time and tends to like to just lay back. Though he was pretty uneducated coming into the military, he has gained lots of intelligence by reading most of the books that the militarizes library had to offer. He tends to come off as rude but the truth is he is very honest to the people he meets whether it is a good or a bad thing. He is very blunt and sarcastic to people he meets. He is very obedient and will follow orders without question. Killing was standard where he was from so he has no problem spilling blood for the military. Though he follows orders, he tend to get angry at his superiors if he feels they are treating him like crap and will let them have a piece of his mind. He does like to use his military standing to have some 'fun'. He likes to use his power to steal and force things onto people. He is pretty ruthless in his methods and will kill anyone or anything in his way to get the mission done. Most of the time you will find him reading with a drink or out on a mission.
-Travel- He didn't get to go out a lot in his hold village so being in the military and seeing the worlds vast amount of culture makes him happy.
-Blades- He loves to collect blades as they are one of his weapons of choice along with his gun.
-Money- Money of course will grant him the ability to buy whatever he wants and thus making him more powerful. He likes that.
-Missions- Missions are a way to prove yourself to the top brass and get promoted. Jin hopes to climb the ranks and become a general one day.
-Reading- So much history and science that Jin missed out on as a kid. Reading interests him and helps him learn new things about the world.

-People Asking about his mask- Everywhere he goes he is constantly bothered on what is underneath his face.
-Lazy Military- He tends to lose his cool and ending up yelling at lazy underlings to get back to work. He thinks they are an embarassment to the military.
-Higher Ranks- Jin hates being barked at by higher ranks to do things. Misisons no problem. But paperwork and trival stuff for them. No thanks.
-Rain- It was raining when Jin's village was attacked by the metal alchemist so it puts him in a bad mood.
-Irresponsible Alchemists- Alchemy is a very powerful tool and Jin will kill any of them that misuse their gift.

-Find the Alchemist that destroyed his village- His village was destroyed by an alchemist that used metal magic. He is also the one who game him his scars across his eye and all on the lower half of his face.
-Move Up in rank- Jin does not liked to be bossed around by these people in the military. He wants to move up in rank so he can do things his way.

-Failure- The entire reason he joined the military was to be a success and gather enough power to fight the metal alchemist that destroyed his village. He won't quit.
-Death- Though he puts on the tough act on the outside, deep down he is afraid of losing his life in battle for the military.

Jin Frost Histor11

Jin was born in a small village just outside Resemboll and Ishval. It was located deep in a forest on a mountain side that was very peaceful and well hidden. The village thought of him as a miracle baby because of his different colored eyes. Though the village was extremely safe and fun it was fairly 2nd and 3rd world compared to the rest of the world. Still it was home and Jin loved it as he was raised by his parents. His dad was a blacksmith and hunter for the village while his mom tailored clothes at the village shop. He was an only child in his family so he was spoiled by his parents. Around the age of 8, his dad gave him his first blade and started to teach him skills. He would go out on hunts with his father and kill animals to bring back for the village so they could all have a feast. He also learned the trades of blacksmiths and started to create more blades and arrows for himself so he could hunt more efficiently. When he reached 10 years old, he was able to perform the village initiation ritual by getting a tattoo of the village symbol on his left shoulder. Life countinued as normal until he was about 15 years old.

One day a man appeared near the village very badly injured as blood covered up his entire body. Men were screaming for someone in the background as dogs barked viciously seemingly hunting something. The passed out in the village and the village doctor took him in. Jin then saw men in blue uniforms ask the village elder if they had seen a man but not wanting to risk the mans health they declined. Jin had never seen such clothes and weapons like they had and wanted to be one of them when he grew up. After a talk the blue uniformed men left as the healers then tended to the injured man. Days went by as they healed him up. One night, Caius awoke to screams of terror. He ran outside as rain poured on the ground. The village had dead bodies littering the ground as the same injured man from before had some type of metal blade on his arm. Jin looked down and saw both of his parents on the ground in the pile of bodies as he picked up a blade on the ground and ran at him. The man however saw him and sliced up cutting Jin's left side of his face over his eye. The man then picked him up and laughed maniacally as he started to slice up his face with his arm blade. Suddenly, gunshots were heard as the man dropped Jin and started to run. The blue unifromed men came back again and picked up Jin and took them back with them. On the way back they said that man was the Metal Alchemist. Jin wanted revenge on this man.

After the men fixed up his face he was left in a big city. He didn't know what to do as everything was so different. After a while the military pointed him to an orphanage where he stayed and was taught about city life until he was 18. He found out that when he was 18 he could join the military that he admired so much and went straight there. Though he failed some of the tests, they were impressed by his speed and strength during traning. He ended up being enlisted as a private for the military. He has been their for 3 years and has worked his way up the ranks by excelling over others with his outstanding performance. He hopes to gather info on teh metal alchemists as well as work his way up in the ranks.

RP Sample:

The shadow claw was inches away from crushing Renze into the ground. Suddenly before he knew it, a chirping sound started to ring through the entire training area. Sparks flew in front of Caius face as his shadow claw was blown away by Renze's hand coated in lightning. Renze then grabbed his head as the lightning struck all around his face and was slammed into the ground. His head shook in pain from the lightning shocking his entire face. He hand't felt a sensation of pain like this since he last fought Hikaru. Blood dripped down his face as he sat crushed into the rubble. As devestating as the attack was, it could have been even worse if Caius didn't have his shadow claw to soften it just a little bit. Suddenly, Caius heard the chirping of the lightning attack again getting closer and closer. Renze had to be coming in for a finishing blow.

Caius was done. It was obvious that he was outmatched in melee combat and had to stay away from him. He didn't know if he had any other magic and really didn't care. He was just getting angry for this guy coming in and being able to injure him to this extent. Before Renze could strike, Caius would activate his plasma aura granting him increased speed as he jumped back. He saw Renze stopped his spell and just stared him down. "I don't need pity. This is a battle if your opponent is down deliver the finishing blow. Or else they might come back and take you out. Like this." Caius said as he moved his arm up in the air and gathered plasma energy into the 5 tips of his fingers. He would lift up his arm and grant a quick swiping motion that would launch out the 5 talons of plasma for Renze to deal with. Caius knew that this was one of his best attacks and was curious to see how Renze would handle a long range spell of this caliber. He did not doing anything to his roar earlier so he was confident that this would be the finishing blow.
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Finally, a military character! Approved.
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