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Name: Erris Blackthrone
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Kaito - Vocaloid

Erris Blackthorne Appear11

Height: 5' 10''
Weight: 62 Kilograms
Hair: Long blue hair that falls down naturally around his shoulders and back
Eyes: Sapphire blue
General Appearance: For a young man, Erris is a very handsome one. His long blue hair going perfectly with his sapphire eyes that seem to glint slightly in the sun. It is that reason that he became known as the Sapphire Alchemist. He has two main articles of clothing that very rarely change. The first is his scarf. It's a very long and very expensively made scarf of the deepest blue, his parting gift from home when he left to try and become a state alchemist. Every day that he wears it, it reminds him to be the best that he can be, that he must never give in just because there's an easier way to survive. The second thing that he frequently wears is his mic. It was specially modified by one of the local blacksmiths to be able to pick up radio transmissions anywhere within range of a transmitter, with a small nodule on the back of his right headphone, allowing him to tune into different stations. He has only ever had one tattoo on his entire body, and that's a small transmutation array tattooed in blue on the back of his right hand. As such, he can bypass the need to draw circles every time and just concentrate on using it to his best advantage.

Erris Blackthorne Person10

Personality: Erris is a very strange boy, having grown up to be that way due to his background. He's rich, with a famous and well-respected family behind him, his mother belonging to a long line of Blackthorne's, the ones that own a manor in central city. But, whilst he retains a fair amount of his old wealthy personality in his skill in dancing and his love of fine art and jewelry, he's also what most people would call a bit effeminate. Whilst he's certainly no transvestite (and, in fact, believes that that's a bit silly), he has often been told he'd make a better woman than he would a man. He's frequently flirtatious with other guys, using the basic homophobia of most people to manipulate them. When people are confronted with that which they don't understand and can't explain, they get rather defensive, and when people are defensive they will frequently look for a way out of the situation. Whilst that kind of person would normally end up being attacked frequently, he also has great skill in alchemy and can use that to his own advantage.

  • Dancing: Having been brought up in the higher classes, Erris was always taught to be a gentleman. Whilst he has no real love for his title or his claims, he has found himself to be a lover of certain sections of it. One of these sections is dancing; Ballroom, tango, cha-cha, he's a massive fan of dancing in every shape and form that it comes in.
  • Jewels: Seeing this as his particular strong point in Alchemy, he has always been a lover of jewels great and small whether it be diamonds, ruby, crystals, melanite or anything else that can shine and be amazingly beautiful.
  • Sapphires: Sapphires, like him, are the most beautiful shape of blue that can be found in nature. This if nothing else puts them above all other jewels in his opinion, but other than that he likes them simply because they're generally undervalued. Diamonds are strong and beautiful, but that doesn't mean that they're perfect.
  • Science: Having been taught science from an early age, he finds science the best way to see the world. Cause and effect, the periodic table of elements, the concept of the preservation of energy. All of them interest him and make him want to learn more about the world.
  • Travelling: The entire world is a place of intrigue and interest, a place where he could learn something different down every street even if the people down that street seem to know nothing of themselves. How could he possibly ever bring himself to stop travelling?

  • Cold temperatures: His family originated from Creta, which is generally a very hot place. Thus, you could argue that his distaste of cold places is genetic. Despite his love of travel and hatred of staying still too long, he doesn't like places like Briggs and the northern city just because of the climate.
  • Fuhrer: There are many fair ways to rule a country, but an autocracy where the leader of the military commands everything is not one of them. He knows enough about the world to know that the fuhrer is an unfair and corrupt concept, and thus intends on working into a high enough position to be able to bring light to the subject
  • Racists: When you travel long enough, you begin to realize that everyone is the same underneath, it's just the bag that's a little bit different. However, there are a lot of people who either don't seem to notice that or ignore it and instead focus on the bags. He can't stand those people and will go out of his way to fight them over the concept
  • Religious people: Science has always been the way that he has seen the world, and religion seems a bit of a ridiculous concept to him. However, he is also a believer that everyone has the right to free thought. Thus, the people he hates are those who refuse to accept the possibility that there could be other ways of thinking in the world, the evangelicals and the preachers.
  • Staying still: Linked to his love of travel, he dislikes staying still unless there's something important he needs to do in one place. As long as he's keeping busy and is able to keep his mind active, he's fine, but the moment that everything begins to stagnate he wants to be able to move on and go somewhere exciting and new.

  • Becoming a General: In Amestris as it lies now, there are two choices. Becomes powerful or become used. He wants to get out of the second category and join the first, to be able to shape the world how he sees fit, even if only a specific section of it. If he can become an influence to the way the country is run, he will have made a difference to at least something, at least proven that there's something in his life that's actually real.
  • To find his father: The fact of the matter is, he needs to find his father. To find out how much of his childhood was a lie, to find out what is right and what isn't, and more than that, he needs to find him to make him beg. To make him plead for forgiveness, even if it's just for a moment. He will never forgive his father, but he needs to be asked for it.

  • His father: Despite his need to find his father, he also fears him simply because of how little he understands him. He was his father's son, they lived together and ate together every day, yet he still had no idea that his father was a cretan spy. He needs to be able to find him, but he has no idea what his father's capable of, if he's capable of manipulating his entire family just to suit a single mission
  • Never making it: He has many goals in this world, so many that he will often stay up late at night because he worries about never quite being able to make it where he needs to be. The thought that his father might be killed before he can track him down, the thought that he may end up little more than a back-alley hobo who can't even make enough money to survive. These scare him more than any amount of wars or bloodshed.

Erris Blackthorne Histor11

History: Erris was born the son of lady Elizabeth Blackthorne and a scientist from Creta called Alwyn Mykaelis. As such, he was raised from an early age in the best of both worlds. He didn't need a tutor as his father was able to teach him things like science, maths and politics, whilst his mother worked on his culture. Almost as soon as he was able to walk was he taught how to dance, and neither the talent nor the desire left him in later life. He was also taught how to sing, draw, and how to ride horses, although none of these were quite as interesting to him as dancing even though horse riding would later become much more useful. His father's science lessons enticed him, and in his lab he stumbled upon his first book of alchemy, researching and reading all about it. He began to practice to use alchemy, his father learning at the same time as he did. His father learned much quicker than he did, and quickly became known as the diamond alchemist. He, on the other hand, used it on basic things such as making clothes and making toys for his friends. Of course, at his young age, he didn't notice a few things off with his father, and it wasn't until he was around eight that the horrific truth was discovered. His house was raided by the amestrian military with his dad taken away at gun point. It turned out that his father was being accused of spying for the Cretan military, and they later found proof in his laboratory that he had indeed been an agent for Creta, learning as much about the military and the country in general as he could so they could win any further border wars. Of course, he was caught before he gave up too much information but it was still a massive betrayal. The night before his execution, it is said that he escaped by using alchemy to reconfigure his cell wall into a staircase leading outside, and fled into the night.

From that point, things were never quite as dreamy with his family again. His mother was still kind and gentle, but she was nowhere near as magical as she had been when he was younger. She began to act her age a little more, stopping dancing and singing and instead retiring to artwork and sewing. He still loved her, but his mind was occupied more in his studies and his research. He began wanting to become a state alchemist to make up for his father's crimes against the state and restore his family honor. His mother advised against it, saying that she didn't trust the military, but he ignored her wishes. He trained for combat, practice fighting with a few kids from the lower districts of the city, and even becoming friends with a group of ishvalans. It was there that he learned a basic truth; Everyone is the same. All is one is an alchemic principle, but too many alchemists forgot that when it came to humans. Of course, he never performed alchemy around his friends as alchemy is abhorrent in the eyes of Ishvara, and so instead of teaching him about the alchemic side of the world he learned about seeing things through the eyes of others and the natural cruelty of society. It was then that he made his decision. He would still become a state alchemist, but not for honor or glory. He would do it because then he could protect the ones in the world that needed protecting and change the system from the inside out.

The day finally came when he believed he was ready to leave home. That day, his mother gave him the gift of one of the scarves she had knitted, a long beautiful one, as blue as his hair and eyes, whereas his friends gave him other things. Most of them simply gave him little trinkets they'd either saved up for bought or stolen, but one of the boys that he was friends with gave him something else. His father was the owner of a tattoo parlor, and so he was able to go in and get a tattoo despite being underage. Giving him the basic sign of transmutation, it was tattooed onto the back of his hand in blue to match his eyes, and with that he left. Although he's still not a state alchemist, he trains everyday and helps as many people as he can with his alchemy so he can one day become one and change the system for the better.

RP Sample: Alek had just gotten off duty... well, as much off-duty as you get when you're the fuhrer of an entire republic. He sighed in exhaustion as he walked towards the council's kitchen, moving through the building and trying to avoid the glances of people that were trying to make sure that he didn't either fire them, tell them to do yet more work or, worse, kill them for being part of the corrupt regime that had gone before. He had wanted to make things better for everyone, so why was this happening to him? When he had become a rune Knight, he had never expected to become the leader of the magic council, although he was sure that if there was an afterlife, which he knew there wasn't, his father would be looking down with pride. But still, it was... strange. He never expected this respect that he was getting from nearly everyone. Sure, he had worked as the head of the rune knights for around a year before his promotion to overall head of the council but that hadn't led to respect from people who weren't in the rune knights. Even members of research and development, of the political squads, looked up to him with a mixture of respect and fear. Maybe it was because they'd heard about the scuffle between Ray and himself in his office, and thus rumors were spreading like wildfire. Stupid, silly things like he had beaten Ray endlessly until he agreed to give him leadership, that Ray had found out about the purge before it had become the official treatment of anyone who could be traced back to corrupting the council and they had fought over the morals of what he was doing. But, overall, there was as many positive rumors as there was negative ones, but they were rumors nonetheless. Shrugging them off, he walked into the kitchen to grab something quick

The kitchen was a rather nice place, with a lot of nice additions like a huge stove so that the official cooks of the council could cook a large amount at once, after all, they offered meals in the canteens of the council to earn more money to be able to spend either on wages or on buying new armor for new members. After all, they didn't just fund themselves off of taxes, that would have made a massive pull on all of the country but they managed to sustain enough of it on taxes that they didn't have to worry about things like wages and armor, but this way they could afford to pay better wages and get better armor. This was actually a rather strange thing to think about as he pulled out a pack of bacon from one of the fridges, pulling it into individual strips and putting it on a frying pan. The gentle sizzling of the meat was comforting before he heard the knocking on the door and turned to answer it.

As he opened the door, he noticed a girl that he vaguely remembered from moving around the council. If he wasn't mistaken, she was a member of the rune knights! or... she was a member of the research and development group, or the political bureau, or maybe she was one of the people in the Human Resources department... you know what, he wasn't even sure she was a member of the council now that he thought about it. Still, he didn't think about how it must look, knocking on a door to find the leader of the entire organization standing there, looking at you as if you'd dribbled on your shirt, and glancing oddly at the spider on your shoulder.
"... Yes?"

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It's not possible to start as a State Alchemist. If you're interested in becoming one please pick the Alchemist group and apply for State Alchemist once you've accumulated a lot of experience (more details shall be given in the guide soon).
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