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Post by Cronus Aurelius on Sat Apr 20, 2013 2:47 pm

Cronus Aurelius Kratos-App-pic_zps2c7d5058
Name: Cronus Aurelius
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Kratos//God of War Series

Cronus Aurelius Appear11
Height: 6”6’ (Six feet, six inches)
Weight: 280 lbs
Hair: Brown (Beard only)
Eyes: Gold/Amber
General Appearance:

Beginning with his hair, he has none. The only sign of it is his petite goatee, which is a bit shrubby. His physical strength for his body is at its peak. He is the strongest he can be without any alchemy or anything. He possesses a toned, muscular body which is usually uncovered. There is a blood red tattoo that is running along most of his left upper body and through his left eye. On his right eye lays a scar from an excruciating experience in the past. He wears no upper body clothing and as for lower body; he wears a red loincloth that only goes down halfway to his thigh on his left leg, and on the right, it goes down to his knee. His skin color is tanned, a bit lighter than dark. The loincloth is held together by a gold made waist belt that is enclosed on his hips. He also wears golden greaves that are tied to his travelling leather boots.

Cronus Aurelius Person10

When it comes to meeting new people, Cronus may seem a bit rude but inside, he doesn’t mean it. It is just a habit, the way he grew up shaped him into what he was. In a conversation, he would be the wise and calm one, speaking only when in need.

When in a dangerous situation, he would think like he would when he was in the military. He would use different strategies to come out alive. He is always calm, at least, he tries to be.

Although, in dangerous situations he may be calm, Cronus thrives in battle. He becomes a violent monster that sheds hunger for blood. He can’t think straight and he would, in some way, become a possessed demon. This is what he tries to keep inside, his blood thirst for battle.

Many would say he would be a demon, but from his past, he was as normal as anyone else. Until he had experienced the worst thing anyone could; losing themselves. After being saved, he had changed, his personality, actions, everything. He had become a cold assassin in battle and a calm, loyal person when not.

In short, he has major Bipolar disorder but he isn't diagnosed with depression, just the disorder.


Working Out__________
When he is bored, Cronus would work out, run, do whatever that helps his body. This is because he wants his body to always stay at its peak. If he stopped working out, his body would only get weaker.

Spicy Food__________
Cronus loves spicy food, any kind. When he was young, he wold do all kinds of dares related to spice. And in time it had gotten used to them.

He loves fighting, any type. Cronus would become a bloodthirsty monster, loving even pain.

He loves watching the countless stars in the sky, seeing the amount of worlds out there reminds him how small we all are.

Cronus is not a big drinker, he knows his limit. He would usually just drink one or two glasses beer. He just enjoys letting all the stress go. E loves the feeling of being free.


Foolish/Eccentric people__________
Cronus can’t handle eccentric, excited people. He would either just walk away or tell them to quiet down or stop whatever they would be doing.

Sweet Food__________
He has a big sweet tooth and he cannot handle the sweets. His mouth just doesn’t respond to it and he hates the taste.

This is another thing he dislikes. Ever since he was resurrected, he couldn’t handle dishonesty. Finding it out takes his trust towards people in a whim.

Cronus can’t handle the cold. All his life, he’s lived in a tropical climate area and when he becomes lost, he travels north and ever since, he has hated the old. His body isn’t used to it. Especially since he only wears a loincloth.

Cronus hates it when people show weakness. It shows cowardice and he doesn’t like it when he is not fighting someone that is weaker than him. He wants to have a fair fight. He would only fight weaklings if they solely insisted on it because they asked for it.


To Become the Strongest__________
Cronus is motivated to be the strongest as an Alchemist. He desires power to show everyone how someone like him, a monster, too can be a hero.

His Past__________
Cronus’ past is his true motivation. Seeing all the things he had done, he was a weakling, crybaby. He had no idea of the real world. Ever since he has been motivated to change and become strong, not a weakling.

Cronus doesn’t have much friends because no one wants to be around him. But the rare ones who do stay by his side is who he considers his friends. He is motivated to stay alive for them and protect them. He would rival some of them for the hell of it.


Death is the number one thing Cronus is scared of. Letting everything go unfinished makes him go crazy. He can't think og dying without purpose or until becoming the greatest alchemist out there.

Equivalent Exchange__________
After his death experience, Cronus has been afraid of the very thing he has been practicing all his life. Equivalent Exchange. The thought of losing something... or someone scares him and that's what he fears.

He is afraid of loss. Any kind of loss. Losing a battle, an item, a body part, someone. He is afraid of losing his pride. Everything he is, that is what he is afraid of.

Cronus Aurelius Histor11

The sound of church bells tolled in the distance, replying back to a crying baby whose birth was only but seconds ago. A father sobbed, pounding on the mother’s lifeless body. The rain matched the sorrow of a woman’s death, but also the birth of an unforgiven child.

“Cronus. Cronus will be his name” Those were the last words she spoke before her warm body became cold. The flash of lightning had struck the father and following was the roar of thunder. He took the weeping baby and walked at quite a fast pace outside. The baby was exposed to the rain, who was still bathed in his mother’s blood. The rain was cold and at every drop the blood slowly wreaked away. Mixing with the rain were the tears of a widower, his face was dark and hidden. As if it were camouflaged by the dark sky.

The crying at stopped once the baby came closer to the church bells, but it had started again once he got farther from them. The father lay him in a basket and wrapped him in a soft blanket. The basket was then put in a slow moving river which was directed south. To a warmer place. A brighter, happier future.


My name is Cronus, a lost man. The knowledge of my birth parents is unknown, but my guess is that they have abandoned me. My earliest thoughts goes to the first time I had a view of my own, a view directed to the world. My master, caretaker, and saviour passed away this morning. He’s taken care of me for 45 years. So in those forty years, a lot has happened… let me start from when I was eighteen years old.

I was young, foolish, and what everyone called the ‘bully’. But really, I was just lost, alone, I had no friends. In school I would mess with different people, pick fights, do whatever. But then I found Alchemy. I remember myself, skipping school and going in the woods, practicing my skills. I became so addicted to it, I started doing more risky things. Such as bringing life to an animal. I began taking school kids and sacrificed their lives for equivalent exchange. During those dark times, I learned a lesson I would never forget. Equivalent Exchange. I have nightmares about that night. Remember myself dragging a kid along with me into the woods and I had turned him into a chimera. But the experiment had gone wrong. The moment his soul was imbibed into the animal, the kid’s blood was everywhere, I was bathed in it. And to that day I swore never to do something like that again.

During my middle twenties, I was still practicing alchemy, but not at an extreme level. I had enrolled into the military and was an officer at the age of 35. Until that one day when my life had turned around.

The sound of canons and fire was heard, echoing through the streets of a military headquarters. It was a war outside. I was fighting, shooting at any enemy I had my gun pointed upon. There was a never ending slaughter house. That was when I took a bullet to the body, near the heart which had shocked by body to make my heart rate go drasticaly down. Though this man had dragged himself towards me, he knew that even if he survived, he wouldn’t be the same. So he had sacrificed his life for mine. I remember waking up in the quiet of the bloodshed and as for the man... the moment he had touched me, I had felt a painful shock. It was all over, we had won but on top of me was the man who saved my life. I remember rookies cleaning the bodies from the streets and as I got up, they looked at me as if I were a zombie. To be honest, I did too. But I was alive, myself…or was I? If they were close enough, they could have seem my ruthful smile. The grin of a psychopath. I had killed all those men in the uniforms, I killed them in cold blood and no regret. I had run away from the military and suffered every day of my life from then on. It was as if there was a monster with in me, trying to take over.

By the age of 45, I was there when my caretaker passed away and I had begun a new adventure. I remember his lifeless body and I didn’t say a word. I had buried him and chose my own rode.

Right now, I am trying to control this...thing… I am GOING TO KILL YOU!

RP Sample:

It was a bright sunny day as Cronus walked lonely deep into a fresh forest. The sound of birds and leaves rustling was heard and the sight of light rays had been making their way to the earth through the tal trees. The scent of nature and rain hung in the air and Cronus absorbed it all. He needed some time off things, away from the city. He had escaped into the jungle, attempting to find peace and meditate. It wasn't his thing but he had to 'hone' his defect.

It wasn't long until he had reached a fairly large pond, calm as ever. He stared into it, his face reflecting back at him. The red tattoo struck right through his eyes. His expression was angry, mean, struggling to keep it inside. He breathe heavily until a fish lrked out, destroying the whole image. He watched it swim away into the darkness within the water.

He climbed trees, trained, did anything that could get his mind off the city. To get his mind away from it, he had to be patient. And that he was not. Even working out did not help; his physique was at its peak. It was the strongest it could be. Cronus left later, he was ready to become the greatest. To become the greatest alchemist that the world has ever known. He had gone rogue.

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Post by Webmaster Marcus on Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:53 am

Sorry, Alchemists can't wield weaponry.
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Post by Cronus Aurelius on Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:46 am

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Post by Bonreu Kuma on Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:04 am

Seems good to me, all word counts are good.

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Character needs a last name.
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Done. :)
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