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Mavroh Lowe CU4iBIE.


Name: Mavroh Lowe
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual; Sexual relief is only for stress. He does it however with anyone he finds attractive in that moment.
Rank: Novice
Group: Ishvalan (Priest)

Face Claim: Sharrkan – Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Mavroh Lowe Appear11

“It was never dictated by our mother that you can't have some fine looks on yourself, eh?”

Height: 1,80 m / 5'9''
Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
General Appearance:

Like the casual Ishvalan, Mavroh has red eyes and white hair. His dark skin also catches the eye. He doesn't look any different from normal Ishvalans, except that he has let his hair grow long and quite a pretty face for someone living in the sparse regions of the world. He has an average height and is not a bulky one. His build is more of an athletic one. Mavroh is therefore not one of the strongest Ishvalan but has quite the stamina and is extremely flexible and agile. Summer saults and climbing and any type of acrobatic stunts are his forte. Additionally to that, he wears robes, quite typical for an Ishvalan. He usual wears them as he doesn't really fear being noticed and he doesn't give much about racism. Though in times where he knows that he shouldn't be seen he wears brown lumps that he spun together to make a cape that conceals his face and body quite well. What is usual though is that he hides his short sword and his iron sphere under the robes.

From the top downwards, the first thing noticeable is his fine, shining, white silk hair. Soft and flowing, it is shoulder long and probably something that even most girls would be jealous of him for. It is his signature and he wouldn't cut it off for all the money in the world. It is dear to him and he cares for it daily. Under them, he fosters his earrings that are covered by his hair. Two golden rings that enclose his earlobes. From one, the golden chain that connects a black iron sphere to his neck and his waist. Next thing would be his striking red eyes, like from every Ishvalan. His soft, yet defined facial features make for an all glistening and calm face that nearly sparkles the words “pretty”. Under his face, his neck begins with the golden chain thoroughly and not lethally attached with a special binding technique so it won't hurt his silk soft skin.

His upper body might not be buff, nor broad but it is quite defined. He has always been quite the thin person but through the course of training he has built up quite the athletic muscles up there, that are clearly defined. He has a firm and defined chest that forms from his well-proportioned neck muscles and shoulders, having the structure reach through his arms. Strong hands await one down there with long and fine fingers, perfect to weild the weapons he holds. Though not made for brawling openly. His arm hair being white and therefore barely visible, even if the small number the appear on his arms would be greater.

Under that comes his well-proportioned waist with a slim line that goes over into his legs, which are short in contrast to his arms. This plays to his sword-fighting qualities as it gives him quite the solid stance. They too, are long and barely have any hair on them completing his silky, soft and overall shining appearance.

Matching are his silk robes he webs himself. With the finest material, mostly stolen goods, they comprise of silk and wool. He has one for every occasion. Warm weather, cold weather, rainy weather, undercover operations and what else there is. He could be called a sewing master.

All in all Mavroh Lowe is an above average looking Ishvalan who keeps quite the flashy traits that not only give his heritage out, but also depict quite the arrogant yet elegant Ishvalan. For a man of Ishvalan religion, he is definitely someone who keeps a pretty lifestyle.

Mavroh Lowe Person10

“I will never understand why people can't see that Ishvala is sick.”


Generally, Mavroh is a chaotic man, seemingly stuck in his teenage years. Sometimes he acts like a child playing a game, just his input being his life. It may seem this way, and despite this only appearing in that manner, his chaotic aspect doesn't change. Mavroh, an Ishvalan survivor who completely defies the ways of Ishvala. Chaotic and outgoing. Extroverted and almost feral is his way of living day by day. There is nothing that can really stop him. He has discarded the orthodox sides of his religion since long. His hair is not cut, and he doesn't live the spartan lifestyle with his surviving brethren. And while all this is, there is also nothing that could change his mind on that. He wouldn't revert back to his religion for anything in the world. Chaotic..... yet ambitious and devoted to his peculiar and individual set of morals. Yet he expects many to follow him in the future.

There are many more words to describe Mavroh, certainly. But a more specific view would mean digging up the depths of his morals. Morals, that have formed only over time. Morals, that have formed by his own experience and despair. His goddess Ishvala is by all means the person he believes in and prays too, but he has stripped himself from the naive and absolutist, orthodox lifestyle many Ishvalan people still lead despite just barely surviving a civil war because of it. He believes that the country needs to be changed. After what he has seen during the civil war from both sides, there is nothing that kept him in his religion together with his brothers and sisters, and also nothing that pushed him over to the apparently so civilized way of living. Simply because he sees people as naive. This is a basic view of him. Everyone is naive at first, unless proven otherwise. He has seen it. Soldiers walking towards death in the front rows opening fire towards fanatic religious extremists who can't bare to share simple earth with people who want the same. Something that has never been able to get in his head.

He stands loyal to no one but his ideals. The government means nothing to him and he tries to defy it as much as possible, be it by stealing or causing havoc or just threatening civilians to a point where the police is called. In a way, he wants to prove how corrupt the system is. He doesn't dislike the government as he has seen good people in it. But instead of changing things from the inside, as that hasn't proven itself as effective, he took the root his ideals led him. From the outside.

His own religion he sees as a notorious clutch to something that has never even tried to show itself as the right belief. Ishvala is supposed to be a supposed to be a supreme earth god who forbids things like alchemy. But Mavroh thinks that he has seen a much more simple truth in Ishvala. The earth, as something that should be praised like it was a god, and in a sense is a god as it gives every single human space to live on. Furthermore, he calls Ishvala as a woman and sometimes “The Mother Earth”. Simple lifestyle would be exactly what she wants if she could talk. Mavroh doesn't see her as a living being but as something eternal. As a stream that pulls itself through the world and provides the energy every single human can find in himself. Thus, Ishvala is a simple thing that people should treat like a goddess. Otherwise it could lead to things like the Ishvalan extermination again. Just this time with a different group that would get picked randomly by the Amestrian government. He wants to make his people see the infantile things they still believe in.

Likely the greatest gap between his own interpretation of Ishvala's teachings and the interpretation of other Ishvalans might the be the fact that Mavroh does not detest or judge alchemy in any way. He sees it as a wonder that Ishvala has brought upon the people. A wonder she herself created and has granted wisdom over in her eternal kindness. It might be quite eccentric, he sees that himself, but he does not dislike alchemy. It is more of alchemists, abusing such a natural phenomenon. It would be like utilizing the power of volcanoes for yourself, in his eyes. Alchemy is something that has to be used for Ishvala and all the people living on it, nothing more, nothing less. Which is why he also dislikes people using alchemy for fighting purposes.

Fighting might be another thing on the list. First of all, fighting is something Mavroh has done his whole life. Be it at birth and during childhood, against the orthodox priests whom he desperately tried to resist so they couldn't shove their neurotic religious views down his throats. Be it during training with some Ishvalans who had a little more of an open mind. Training to become stronger to survive the war. Be it during the war, clutching on to life every second possible and tighter by the minute. Be it while watching people from both sides lose their lives. Fighting, maybe better described as resisting weakness is something he has done his whole life, and he knows he must do to achieve his goals.

In battle he is quite calm, maybe somewhat cocky. A grin always on his face to crack his opponent's determination. He will be extremely jumpy, at times where it fits with a bunch of useless movements to bring his opponents off course. Attack quickly and fiercely, yet never lethal. Hard, quick and precise are his actions, yet calm, pressurized and enduring in his mind. He will not kill his opponent in the end though. He has learned to rather disable them. If he should ever be in the need to kill it would either be something that is non-human or in face of death. These cases not being 100% sure, but Mavroh knows that there might be things in the world he hasn't yet faced.

So all in all, Mavroh can be categorized as a determined revolutionist with an altered version of an Ishvalan heart which hasn't quite found its path. Yet with the mindset of a true warrior and the soul of a fighter. Mavroh is definitely someone that will become an important persona in Amestris. Be it now or in the future. He will make his way through.


Cats: Felines are something he loves above all. He sees cats as animal versions of him. Striving around free like birds, yet being bound to something in the end.

Sports/ Training: Exerting the body is something he does with pleasure and elan. It is also something that has helped him be who he is today.

Disorder: Not chaos, but making things so that they don't fit with everyone's imagination. Challenges in life are what he is all about, even if he himself has to create them.

Chess: A game of tactics where disorder has barely any place. But something with which help, he has acquired quite the strategic thinking in and out of battle.

Fruits: Probably his favorite food, he is often seen eating apples, oranges and what else he steals and sometimes buys from local markets.

Warm summer nights: He likes warmth, summer and the night. Warm summer nights are his favorite time to be outside and cause some ruckus.

Sewing/Knitting: One of his big hobbies, making his own clothes. They are all robes of some sort.
Robes: The most comfortable clothes in his opinion. He has tried others many times but he has never once found Amestrian clothes that he was able to label as “comfortable”. Robes are soft and light for battle, but can be heavy and warm for cold times.


Laws: He absolutely dislikes any sort of laws. He hates the idea of being bound to the system.
State Alchemy: The idea of playing such a great power to the system just for the sake of nourishing it makes him angry, a bunch.

Cold: He loves the heat of Ishval and generally the warmth of summer. Winter is just disliked by him as he is quite sensitive to cold.

Killing: A killed or murdered person is a wasted person. Someone who didn't even have the chance to foretell his arrival at Ishvala's realm. Only people who die naturally or by accidents in nature are seen as truly dead in body by him as if someone isn't even able to make his last will, it won't be carried out anymore and he gets forgotten thus, dying completely.

Injustice: Following his own brand of justice, he prosecutes anyone who puts a stain on his own image. There is no harm left undone by Mavroh. If someone went against his justice, he will be persistent about showing them what it's about and putting up a fight.

Violence: While he only sees as violence if it is for the sake of fighting or violence, he doesn't mind fighting at all as it is a confrontation of true warriors. Abusing power and killing the weaker is a sin in his eyes however as it does not happen for a reason other than personal ones or reasons that the person who imbues violence on others doesn't even understand.

State Alchemists: Something hated by him as they only exist to serve an illness that spreads even further throughout the country. State Alchemists are pure accelerators for the disease he calls government.

Government: He believes that the current government is corrupt and he has good reason too since Tirde told him in all elaboration how it really is.


Changing the country: At least leaving behind something that he is responsible for. He wants to change the government at least a tiny bit. The country is sick and to him it seems that he is the only one who can see it. He wants to start something and have the country of Amestris take a different course as the government seems to be completely corrupt as the Ishval civil war has shown.

Furfilling Paleos' ideals: He had the idea of a world where there are no racial issues and things like wars. Mavroh works towards that and wants to at least see the government working towards it. He imbues this aspect in his "changing the country" idea too as he wants the military to change from base. But before any of his ideas can be actually get put into effect, he knows that he needs to acquire power and people to actually even begin to make changes in the government.

Reforming the Ishvalans: He wants the survivors to see that neither Amestris is bad, nor that they are right and innocent victims of the war. And again, he wants to change the religion Ishval was built upon. At least the tiniest bit of his thoughts are supposed to disrupt the orthodox church of Ishval the smallest bit. Mavroh wants them to see that a the straight religion is wrong how they see it and will get them nowhere.


Being wrong: If he should be ever proven to be wrong in his opinion that the country is absolutely normal and the government took sane actions for a greater cause, he will most likely completely break down. There is nothing more fearful to him than standing in the wrong as in his head, he has already set his mind to either live and change something, or die in the course of doing it.

Going Bald: Something he fears immensely. There is nothing that he fears more than going bald. Losing his hair would mean losing his identity as the pretty Ishvalan warrior who wants to start a revolution. No matter how much intelligence he will acquire or how successful he will be later on, his hair will stay as his treasure. He even weeps if someone tells him that he might go bald or even if he is told that his hair is getting dirty or is starting to thin out.

Mavroh Lowe Histor11

“One man's history can make a world change.”


Who of the Ishvalan people would have known that the boy crying on the first of Mai in the year 1891, would have the potential to become one of the most important figures in the relationship between Amestrians and Ishvalans? Most likely no one at that time as he was to be educated for the position of an Ishvalan priest who teaches the ways of Ishvala as the indigenous people of the vast desert land understood them. But his story would make quite the twist with the tensing of the Amestrian, Ishvalan border and the racial issues that would soon arise. While both of the sides simply tolerated the other side's existence, there was no hint of kindness towards each other. Yet, on this day, a very rainy one to be noted, a child who's story would take a course much different than what the priests thought at that time would take.

A very loud child that cried much longer than the average would usually. Mavroh was a troublemaker for his parents. He woke up at night much more often than expected and cried when he saw it fit. As a child he didn't know that attention was all that drove him, but it was. Simply a feeling of needing his parent's love and assurance fueled his cries. The Ishvalan parents didn't quite comprehend but accepted this fact, despite knowing that other Ishvalan children didn't act similar. Though, there were exceptions then and when, it was still slightly disturbing. But after Mavroh had grown out of this age, he had calmed down already. By the age of five, the first teachings of Ishvala then started.

A god like no other. Ishvala, the supreme and all-ruling god that homes the earth. He was the one to create and form everything the eye can see and it is to the people to worship him and thank him for his great work. Not less by living even in his most vast lands. All of his creation has purpose and may not be questioned. The nature in form of Ishvala has to be protected and may not be destroyed or harmed in any way. Ishvala is supreme and will not tolerate behavior that defies his nature. This is what was taught to him by the age of five. These teachings were the beginning of the long road to becoming a part of the Ishvalan religion. It was the first step towards a life of doctrine and orthodox and strict living. Spartanic and sparse was planned. But this was all starting to crumble in the eyes of Mavroh. The more he learned, the more he started to disbelieve of everything that the priests told him. A doubt grew in him the more that was told to him about Ishvala. A supreme ruler of the earth that wanted everyone to thank him for his doing. This was the image created for Mavroh. It wasn't quite something that the Ishvalans planned with their teachings. With each day the doubt grew.

By the age of 7 then, for the first time Mavroh had asked a question that doubted Ishvala. If he is a supreme being, why would he want us to thank him? Why would he want thanks from lower lives? These questions ran through his head and out of his mouth. This was the trigger that led to quite a harsh childhood. His parents dissapointed by him, the priests starting to exclude him from certain things. He was starting to grow distant from the Ishvalan population. In this time, he met Paleos. One of the eldest people in the Ishvalan village. He met him right on the street after being chased out by a priest. Paleos was the one the became a father figure for Mavroh. He had taken Mavroh in after he had been chased outside. There he talked himself out against the teachings of Ishvala. And even though he feared that he would get laughed at and picked on by Paleos too, he was agreed with. A 7 year old child had just gotten agreement to certain questions by one of the eldest Ishvalans in the village. This was one of the first moments in his life where he felt a little happiness arise in him. But only moments later his happniness was crushed.

His parents awaited him with quite the news. If his constant questioning of Ishvala would go on, the community would expel him. Mavroh got quite scared at the fact that he was about to be expelled from his homeland. But from then on, instead of going to the priests teachings, he went to Paleos' house and began to discuss with him. After a while though, he was sent back to the priest's lessons. Around the age of 8 and a half, Mavroh began finding a balance in his life. Between taking in what he learned about Ishvala and what Paleos discussed with him. What came out, were his views on Ishvala. The mother earth that watched over everything. Yes, that was the beginning of his real life. After he had taken part in the teachings of the priest again and endured everything that was told him despite disbelieving it, he began the priesthood at the age of 9. Coming from a quite popular Ishvalan family he had the right to become priest. The people of Ishval actually saw it as good having someone who managed to steer himself in the right direction and even spoke this fact to Ishvala. But only one year later, everything crumbled. 1901.

The year of the civil war. A disgusting year. Mavroh began to see the extent of Ishvala's suffering. He heard of many of the adults beginning to walk into the war. While he was starting to be schooled as a priest, receiving harsh training and fighting lessons next to the teachings of Ishvala, he learned of the war and Amestris. He was told that there were certain alchemists under the Amestrians, that they were bad people who perverted Ishvala's creations by being able to reform the land and create things out of others. With Paleos on his side, Mavroh didn't succumb to any part of the doctrine though. This took on for 2 years. Daily training and hard teachings by not only the priests but also Paleos. From one side the orthodox, from the other, Paleos' way. Then his father died in the front lines.

Mavroh didn't shed tears. He had been ready to lose his parents as feelings were not quite prevalent for them. What was more was that his father had been one of the most extremist Ishvalans he had ever met. His relationship with Paleos had always disturbed him quite. But being a human, Mavroh attented the soldier's funeral and force out some tears. In the following years, he was supposed to be instructed how to become a warrior. He was taught in brawling, hand-to-hand combat, gun usage, endurance training and weapon usage. While many people started to prefer guns, he found the sword as his own. Stick-fighting was the only possibility to come close to it back during the training, but Mavroh didn't mind. By the age of 16 it was time then. He would be sent out to the front lines involuntarily. It was a moment in his life where he shed real tears. Even his mother, who had cared for him despite his very un-Ishvalan attitude, cried for him as she didn't want to lose the third man. In this year, his story would change.

The days on the battlefield were filled with despair. He asked himself often how much Ishvala was really suffering because of a useless war. In the middle of ruins created by the confrontation, he had fought against many soldiers. Barely going into the offense, the front line really, he held himself back and defended his brethren against attackers. Knocking them out with sticks was what he did at the beginning. With the finding of swords however, he began armed combat. The first fight with someone using a sword ended in a dead body. Not caused by him, but caused by a shot of an Ishvalan soldier. Mavroh almost broke down, he was finished with the world by that time. There was nothing that could have stopped him from returning home, except one thing. An Amestrian soldier who pointed his gun at him. Straight and with a dead look in his eyes. While Mavroh kneeled crying before a dead body, an Amestrian soldier was pointing a gun, straight at his head. But that day, there was no shot fired out of that gun. No blood shed because of a bullet that was triggered by that gun. The Amestrian soldier, before his eyes, lied down his weapons and asked Mavroh if he wanted to leave. Desert, both of them.

Mavroh was surprised as he had never met an Amestrian before. All of this happened in the January of 1908. The year in which the history of Amestria and Ishval would forever change. It must have been a mark of heaven that was sent to Mavroh and Tirde, the Amestrian soldier. Both of them left their respective comrades on the battlefield and started a fight for survival and freedom that very day. For a long time, they were stuck in the crossfire of both Amestrians and Ishvalans. There was seemingly no escape. But nevertheless, they didn't seize to improve their skills. Mavroh and Tirde seemed to have a mutual understanding of each other, as the both shared the same opinion on the war.

After a long time of berating what to do next, as they seemingly weren't able to flee to Amestris, Mavroh made a different approach and proposed to go back to Ishval. This idea would be the last approach to flee though, as the war would be over not to soon. It was the spring of 1908. The Ishval extermination began. Order 3066 would be the end of Ishval and the conflict. Mavroh and Tirde were right in the middle as the state alchemists pushed forward, reducing the soldiers of Ishval to ash. It was then that Mavroh would become the man he is today. A simple and feeble moment, yet the most decisive one in his life. The troops had found the two deserters hiding in the ruins of a once prosporous land, fluctuating with Ishvalans. Without time to think, both of them started to flee through the ruins of the Ishval villages. For four days, they managed to hide from the troops, but a moment of inattentiveness was their demise. Tirde however, helped Mavroh flee by sacrficing his life. He left Mavroh and attacked the pursuers. Presumably dead, Mavroh left him, following the trial of destruction to his homeland.

Immediately he searched through the pile of rubble, that the capital of Ishval was by then, for Paleos. Upon finding his corpse, shot several times in the stomach, the deep pit of despair closed inside Mavroh. Other people would have broken and cried their hearts out, maybe even killed themselves. But Mavroh was different. Giving up on life now, would mean giving up on everything he and Paleos would have talked about, it would mean giving up Ishvala, the mother earth. She was crying for help, more than ever. Paleos death, to Mavroh, was a signal of such a cry. Paleos would agree with him on that point. With the only two people in his life whom he actually held in high respect dead, Mavroh started to move towards Amestris with a simple thought in mind. Curing the land from the disease it has. The illness of mind, the people seemingly succumed to, every day again.

Mavroh met up with other survivors of the war and was offered to move with them. He did do it for the first couple of weeks but soon realized that their hatred was something that Mavroh couldn't cure for the start. He needed to start somewhere else, somewhere more central. Somewhere, he would definitely be able to strike. Thus, by the age of 18, he moved to Amestris. There he started to build up an underground net of supplies for him. He lived illegally in the shadows of big cities, constantly on the move. Never alone however. There were several people he met, who thought like him or were at least in the same position as him.

This story began by the age of 19, where he started as a thief in an underground net of criminals that disrupted actions of the military, often stealing food and distributing it to the Ishvalan survivors and other victims of the war. In that time, Mavroh learned to steal and think like a true man of the streets. He furthered his fighting skills and acquired his sword and chain fighting he practices today. During a raid of a military base near the border to Creta, Mavroh stole a sword that had an extremely high reputation under the group he was in. With the acquiring of that blade, he gained status and respect within the organization and was picked out to be taught fighting. Despite not looking like it, Mavroh is someone who lives on the streets and sleeps in places not accessible by the officials. 3 years later, Mavroh departed from the organization as he wanted to try and cope on his own.

Moving around on his own a lot and never resting, Mavroh continued his journey through Amestris procuring his self-justice and causing havoc on the streets of big cities. Already then, he wanted to work towards a revolution. Something that hasn't changed after two years. So by now, he is trying to figure out his final ideals and despite having been to a bunch of places, he wants to experience even more, one of the reasons he is currently out alone. He believes only through experiencing more things, will he be able to find a "cure" for the country, the people, the government and Ishval.

RP Sample:

From Fairy Tail GX as Tetsu Otome, the iron dragon slayer against the gm of Oracion Seis:
Tetsu was leaning against the wall of the guild, right next to the entrance watching his master closely. If anything should occur, he would step in immediately. He was standing with one leg knicked against the wall. His right pant was now pulled up and the ankle could be seen. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest and was tapping rythmically with his left index finger on his right arm. His face was marked with anger. A frown, teeth shown with the left side of his lip pulled up, expnanded over his face. His eyebrows pulled together forming the small wrinkle on his forehead he hated so much.

And what was that white skinned bastard talking about? Something something philosophical bullshit and furthermore about his new world? Tetsu got angrier the more he listened to him. It was a nuisence that he thought humans were lower beings than us. That a racist absolutist had gained so much power agitated Tetsu, that there were even possibilities for people like him to bare the chance to gain such strength. But what really made him laugh was a specific line he caught up during his god-awful new world speech. At that point, his anger turned to a bursting and loud laugh.

"P-p-peace?!" Was the only thing Tetsu was able to bring out. He bent down in uncontrollable bursts of cackling. In that moment Lune Vera stepped outside and seemed to want to regulate the situation. Tetsu was able to feel his power rising, seemingly trying to intimidate the man. The laughing went on quite a bit until he finally bent up again. His arms spread wide, and his face revealed a mischievous grin. "Mr.Vera, this man is crazy. Peace!?" Tetsu emphasized loudly. "Yes, let us build up racial thinking in the world, a communistic rule that will be supreme over all. That is what the land needs. A violent revolution backstabbing thousands of innocent people coexisting with us! It is certainly their fault that the government is corrupt! And who cares if it's not, they are part of the human race while we mages are allowed to take superior rule over all! It's the god given choice! Surely. I'll make the origin of all this a tragic incident in my childhood. That will work out perfectly and no one will stamp me as insane because those ideals are oh so logical." Tetsu's glare fired into the man's eyes.

Tetsu snickered while stepping up to Miki's side. "Instead of using logic and rational methods we'll just kill off all "filthy" humans because every single one is at fault for the story of one man! Then we can blend out the fact that it is pure luck who bares magical power and who not and there are no races in the whole collection of humans. Maybe we could also just ignore the babys born of magically gifted parents' that don't bare magical power and tribute them to satan." Tetsu stood beside Miki now. His whole speech had been supported by thetralic dissipations that echoed through the front garden of the guild Blue Pegasus.

His last sentence directed towards Pein embodied all of the cynistic speech he had just presented. "I'm sorry if we here at Blue Pegasus don't substitute such a sane and rational law, mein Führer." Tetsu expressed in his best German. "We are used to represent the illogical principles of peace, culture and harmony that people detest so much. Therefore I can speak for every member sitting in this guild and my guildmaster, we won't be a part of your logically reasoned revolution." Tetsu now looked at Miki and started to step backwards, still facing the man. He was prepared to block any attack for the moment, additionally Mr.Vera was still standing not far away and Miki seemed prepared too. Tetsu clapped sarcastically until he turned around, concentrating fully on the man's movements. If he would attack, Tetsu would be able to defend. Still clapping he said his goodbye. "Thank you mr. peacemaker, for listening to me, it was an honour to have been able to discuss this with you, but a hot bath is awaiting me now and I don't want to waste your further time." With those words Tetsu would step back inside the guild, he had ignored everything the man had said during his talk, he didn't care if he was impressed, if he cared, if it agitated him. The man was crazy anyway and he would soon enough realize that his downfall was destined.
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Bump. But I have a question. Is it bad that I haven't noted behavior down? I wanted him to be a bit mysterious and I thought that the slight "chaotic" aspect characterizes that part quite well.
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It's okay. Great application!
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