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Vincent Fox Ikki10

Name: Vincent Fox (Lieutenant General)
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: Expert
Group: Military

Face Claim: Ikki from Amnesia

Vincent Fox Appear11

Height: 6’/182cm
Weight: 155 lbs/70kg
Hair: Long Silvery-Blue Hair
Eyes: Sky Blue Eyes with hints of Lavender
General Appearance:
Vincent is a relatively tall young man. He has a long silvery blue hair that becomes darker at the tips and styled to be somewhat messily, although there are times where he straightens it out and ties his hair in a ponytail fashion. Generally, he has light or sky blue eyes with hints of lavender at certain angles. Vincent also wears a black spade clip on the left side of his hair, which keeps the hair on the left, away from his face and tucked behind his ear allowing his left eye to be seen clearly. Likewise, beneath his left eye, a small blue spade that looks like a tattoo can be seen. While others think its weird, he finds that its quite cute and makes him stand out from the crowd. His clothing is very much militarized when he is at work but when he is not, he is very stylist, following the latest fashion trends and wears clothes that are fitting for his frame. Naturally, he is also very lean fit, as he prefers it that way rather than a buff one.

Vincent Fox Person10

“I live by what life is..”

Usually silent and doesn’t speak, Vincent prefers to look and watch what happens to something. This makes him very observant about things around him. He also doesn’t use sight when looking deeply into things, using what he learnt from his father, he uses the other senses. For example the sense of smell to determine the scent of a certain person or plant, hearing to identify the position of a person, taste to know what he is dealing with in terms of food and such, not to forget the sense of touch to feel what normally isn’t felt. Survival of the fittest that was how he was taught.

“I’m nothing but a fragment of your memory..”

He also tends to disappear and reappear in places a lot, giving him the title of ghost or phantom. He also makes very vague and mysterious remarks, which make even the most intelligent of people in their thoughts. He also uses quite some good vocabulary in his sentences at times to confuse people due to the many number of meanings it may hold. He is also quite the puppeteer with people if he wants to of course. Secretive, he does not tell anything that he knows without something of equivalent value of course.

“Set them free.. I want to see those wings fly..”

Vincent is compassionate and quite merciful at times. This is maybe because of his mother’s love for him. He loves to help people with problems and normally don’t ask anything in return but food or maybe accommodation for the day. Some may find him as a hidden treat but he believes in faith upon others except to those he suspects at least to a certain extent. He likes to see children growing up or people getting stronger as he firmly believes that one can achieve greater heights even with challenges ahead.

“Good is the enemy of best..”

A quote he lives by. He yearns nothing more than perfection on his art or in this sense his swordsmanship. Although this is true, he practices moderation as well but only on the few matters that requires it. Strict in training and expect nothing more than discipline, he usually speaks with a naturally firm, charismatic and alluring tone that can enchant people to believe him. He also exerts an aura of confidence and tranquility around him that may at times calm people down.

  • The Sky
    He almost always lay down flat somewhere to stare at the sky for a few minutes be it morning or night as he loves to see the blue sky during the day as well as the moon and stars at night.
  • Cherry Blossoms
    He loves cherry blossoms for their natural calmness and hints of pink, which casually softens a stressful situation. He keeps a small cherry blossom tree at his office and a large one at his house in East City.
  • Cute Plush Toys
    One would almost call it a fetish for Vincent as he always carries around a plush toy which he think is cute wherever he is.
  • Anything related to swords
    Yes, Vincent has a fetish for blades as well. He loves them so much that he has a collection of them at home.
  • Peace
    Vincent had his fair share of wars and conflicts which honed him to the man he is today. Now he just want days to go by without blood being spilled.
  • Roses & other flowers
    Vincent loves being a floral person. He keeps his own personal rose garden with different kind of rose types in his home. Likewise, he also takes care of other flowers as well such as the sunflower and lilies.
  • Piano & Guitar
    Usually Vincent prefers string music but the piano and guitar is his cup of tea. He owns both of these instruments and plays them from time to time as a medium to calm himself down as well as sing to the melodies he plays.

  • Dishonesty
    Vincent detest dishonest people and gives harsh punishment to those who are dishonest towards him. He gives even worst punishments towards those who work under him as he really doesn't like lies.
  • Arrogance
    Another one of those attitudes that Vincent dislikes. He hates it when people put their pride above their duty and prefers that they would all die.
  • Plans that Fail
    This just annoys Vincent as it derails plans that took long, long, long hours to prepare and organise and due to the actions of an individual that does something not according to plan, the whole operation is a failure.
  • Chaos
    Vincent just does not like chaos, he prefers things organised and every on the alert to protect the peace be it in the office where he has a war with the paperwork or on the battlefield.
  • Obsessive People
    He just says no to this all the time as he finds them too clingy but makes an exception if that person is someone that he is emotionally inclined to.

  • Hope is one of his largest motivators as Vincent has an extremely strong sense of hope that things will turn out better and the pastures on the other side will be greener. This strong emotion developed when he was tormented by the punishment of bugs and hoping to find better days in the future.

  • Family and friends are also considered as motivators for him. Basically, they play the role of being his main pillars of support as well as his main joy and happiness in life.

  • Those who yet live are also one of his motivators as he finds that he cannot pity nor even help those that has past but he believes he can do what he can for those yet living.

  • Vincent fears losing the people that are close to him because they act as his emotional and mental support in almost all matters. Although, Vincent is strong mentally, he overthinks and thus fears losing the people he cares about.

  • Vincent also fears creepy crawlies or insects in general as he had a very, very bad experience with them when he was a child. He was basically forced to eat live insects as punishment for not being able to upheld to a certain standard during his swordsmanship training. Surprisingly, Vincent did not go crazy but he still fears and wished there were no such thing as bugs in the world.

Vincent Fox Histor11

Born and raised as an independent child, Vincent lost his father at a tender age of six due to the struggle to protect his family, a deadly massacre which left all his two older brothers and an older sister dead. The only survivors were Vincent himself and his mother who now, takes care of Vincent but fell into a coma a few years after the incident. With his mother, laying in a deep sleep, he did not know what to do next.

However, by the grace of god, he was then adopted by his uncle as he sees much potential in Vincent and hopes one day that he could save his mother. Vincent’s uncle didn’t want to tell him about who, why and how did Akira’s father, brothers and sister died but he knew one day that Vincent will want to seek the truth. Will the truth be too much to handle? Or will god bless Vincent so that the word vengeance will never surface? Time will tell, time will tell.

As Vincent grew older, passing though many obstacles in life without his mother was hard. Getting bullied for liking plush toys and even things like looking too girly by other boys. He was lonely and never had many friends. His uncle always tried to help Vincent heal but it seemed that the young Fox didn’t want to be healed. He went around his childhood days, ever focus on his studies where he dreamed that he would obtain justice. This justice would mean joining the military, and he did just that.

When he was a teenager, being in military school was even harder than what he could have thought. Tactics, swordplay, guns, endurance, teamwork and communication. All of these were going to be drilled into Vincent and the other recruits is a matter of 3 years. It was hard for Vincent more than the other recruits as he could not see his mother yet alone speak to her. He pulled though with stunning results, graduating military school as a corporal at a tender age of 18.

He worked hard for the next two years doing jobs at East City regarding swordplay training as well as administrative work. He specialize in covert operations as well which increased his performance level thus, allowing him to jump towards the rank of Captain with relative ease.

The real test began when he was transferred from East City to the Ishval to participate in the Ishval Civil War. Although, state alchemist had their glory of destroying almost everything in their path, Vincent took the more ghostly approach, killing off key leaders of the Ishvallian with a small group of others silently. Most of the guards that fought with Vincent died quickly. Spreading the rumor that there was a black shadow with silver hair roaming Ishval everyday.

After the war, Vincent was promoted to brigadier general and worked alongside the general who was in charge of the East area. His jobs were mostly stuck within meetings and meetings and more meetings. Soon, as the General retired from his role as leader of the East, he gave, with the approval of the fuhrer, most of his commanders promotions. Vincent was fortunate to obtain a two rank promotion. Now he runs East City and the surrounding area like his home. Hoping that war would never stain his home once more.

RP Sample:

The birds took to the sky as a soft summer wind blew in. It lifted up the dropping cherry blossoms that were in one of the gardens at Vincent’s home. He was five that time and was running around, catching colourful butterflies with a net. Vincent was clumsy then and always fell down once and awhile. His mother watched closely at Vincent’s actions and giggled at it while sewing a cherry blossom flower design on a piece of white cloth. The cherry blossom was the sign of his household, a trademark of some sorts. Lakes covered the garden while a special area called a Zen garden was put near the dojo. This tranquility really is paradise.

“I’m home!” Called out a man in his forties in a stern but warm voice, as he stepped into the garden with grace and composure that resembled a leader, though bridge that was separating the house from the garden. “Welcome home, dear.” Vincent’s mother spoke with gentleness that could warm anyone. “Good to be back.” Vincent’s father said as he hugged his mother and turned to Vincent. “Come here, young Fox!” His father called loudly to ensure that it captured his concentration. Vincent stopped catching the butterflies and turned. He smiled a little and charged towards his father as if a magnet was pulling him. Vincent quickly gave his father a hug and his father returned it with a tight grip before knelling down. “Vincent. One day you’ll inherit this, promise me that you will work hard and smart for it. Be the best you can become!” His voice full with concern about his son. Vincent just nodded with respect for his dad. “Then with that. Take this pen. Use it in times of great need.” He said with a loving smile before hugging him again


Vincent was older, much older now. Long have time passed since that fateful day. Vincent took out that pen again. Its silvery glimmer gave out a glare that blinded Vincent for a moment. It was quite a nice pen but Vincent had never used it yet but still he hopes that one day he’ll use it and become better. He kept the pen in his pocket jacket in front of his father’s grave. “I’m going dad. I’m going to a new adventure. Watch me from up there! Watch me!” Vincent said with much sorrow over the passing of his father. A few tears rolled down his cheeks. Happiness? Sorrow? Vincent knew that it was just an illusion. All is controlled by fate.

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