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Name: James Haydn
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Chamera- Snake(Black Mamba)

James Haydn Appear11

Height: 6'3
Weight: 142 pounds
Hair: Long black hair
Eyes: Black eyes with red pupils.
General Appearance: James is an extremely tall person. He wears a white coat with black stripes going along the separation. He also wears a black pair of jeans to cover his scaly skin. He has two pointed fangs that are hidden inside his jaw that are extremely venomous. He is very skinny with a kind of Irish accent. His eyes are black with red pupils. He has long lanky arms with a really strong grip. His hair is usually kept in back and separated at his face. He has a normal face while the rest of his body is covered in small scales.

James Haydn Person10

Personality: James is a person with very little patience for any kind of messing around. He doesn't remember much about his past but he does now that he has no time for waste. He always has his sights set straight forward with a goal that can change his life. He is often rude and makes rude remarks even as he is thanking someone. He has no religion and is often seen as an outcast. Often his animal instincts come into play whenever he is angry or threatened. He finds peace when alone and is often seen sitting alone at a stop drinking some tea.
Night: During the night James feels at home and is fully awake most of the night.
Racing: James is an extremely great driver along with sprinter. He often takes people running as a challenge to his ability to chase them down.
Swimming: James loves the feel of water around his body. He is unsure if its his animal nature or something he used to do as a human. Though it doesn't matter to him.
Wrestling: This also goes along with swimming. His snake like strength helps him wrestle down all but the strongest of foes. If any one tried to tackle him on the ground James usually will wrap his arms around their limbs till there is a cracking noise.
Meat in General: James fancies any type of meat. He just loves the feel of blood dripping from his food while he chows down on whatever it is he is eating at the time.
Alchemists: James hates alchemists for all his life. These bastards turned him into a bloody chimera and he doesn't like that.
Fire: Just the sight of the moving red and orange object gives James a headache. It probably has something to do with his animal.
Technology: He doesn't like the noisy contraptions that regular humans make but he still does use them. Its just the thing that isn't natural along with the loud noises.
Interruptions: Its just the thought of if you have something important to say wait till I am done talking. Even if its life or death don't interrupt James, not a good idea.
Small Children: He has an extreme soft spot for children. Even if they bug the living hell out of him with all their screaming and high pitched laughter. It makes him want to just snap their little necks.
The Search For The Creator: James is only motivated by two things. One is the hunt for the bastard who turned him into a Chimera. The man responsible for turning him into half human half snake also is responsible for the loss of his memory. The eternal hunt keeps James going until he finds him.
Finding a Cure: James is also driven to find a way to become full human again. He is tired of the snake instincts kicking in whenever they feel like it. The blood lust that pulls him deeper and deeper into a hole that he may never climb out of. Becoming fully human again would save him from the pain that comes with the animal inside from fighting his way out.
The loss of the trail: If James lost the trail to the alchemist responsible he doesn't know what he would do. He would lose hope in the world and for any hopes of returning back to humanity. He would just let the animal take over and rule over the rest of his miserable life. Nothing could lift him up from this despair.
Animal Takeover: James is extremely afraid of the animal taking over completely. This just enforces the fear of losing the trail! James has fought against the animal and tried to keep it away but its creeping up on him and James doesn't know how long that would last.

James Haydn Histor11

History: James grew up in a military family along with his three brothers and father. His mother died at James's birth. He is exactly ten years younger than his brothers. He was never interested in carrying on the family tradition by joining the military. Though he loved the idea of joining together for one cause, James didn't want to be placed in a spot that would require him to lose everything to quit one job.

In his early teenage years James was kidnapped from his family. There he was held prisoner in a hole in the ground for three years. Just barely hanging on while others around him died daily. He once met his kid who was so optimistic and they just grabbed him and killed the kid right in front of James. Once James was around 16 years old James was taken in to the lab where they did all these experiments. They threw him in a cage with an extremely venomous snake. The snake wrapped around him when lightning jolted around them both. He passed out instantly.

He woke up a few months later, as explained by the kidnappers, and had strange scales all over his body. He didn't know this at the time but he was fused with the snake. Pain jolted throughout his body as he moved around the cage. He looked to the edge of the cage and that's when he saw it. The boy from his past, He wasn't dead. The kid was fused together in a jumbled heap of limbs and flesh. Suddenly the animal took over and started to eat the boy. James could never forgive himself for what he did and swore that he will get out.

Three days later James broke out of the place. It became abandoned leaving him there with all these experiments. From there he left the place and found himself in the sewers of Central city. He found a bum and took his clothes so that at least James can hide all the deformity. He was out now and was looking for a way to kill the man who had done this to him.

RP Sample:
Haydn kept on running as the woman spoke to him. They arrived ad a ledge at the edge of town. He looked back as she jumped off the edge. He contemplated whether to go or stay. He grabbed his head thinking. The sounds of people catching onto them hurried to their location. He had to decide now or else he would die. Well giving the choices he might die no matter what choice he makes. All he could do was gamble with fate. He smirked as some of the guards came to the area. They surrounded him as he stood on the ledge. "Get on the ground with your hands behind your back." Haydn put his hands into the air and stepped back off the ledge.

He was in a free fall to what might be his death. He didn't know what exactly drove him to this answer but he knew this was the right choice. He twisted his body so that he face pointed down and closed his eyes. To his luck a wave caught him right before he crashed into the water and saved him from more pain than its worth. He shadow bended his way back to the surface using the shroud under the tides. Once on the surface he swam to the boat and climbed onto it. "Well that's just a twist of fate." He chuckled and then collapsed onto the deck.
James Haydn
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