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Name: Darion Steinheil
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Cain C Hargreaves - Godchild

 Darion Steinheil Appear11

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red with black cat pupils
General Appearance: Darion is (even for someone coming from a family ike the Steinheils) a very peculiar man, Darion has white skin, not quite so white like snow or like an Albino but much whiter and pale than a normal human being, his black hair is normal length and in blackslick, his red eyes with the cat pupils is rare in the family, it has occured but highly unusual. He also hasa scar over his right eye.

He is of average height, around 180 cm but very thin for his age, only 70 kg and so if you look at him you can not see much fat or muscles, however do not let this fool you as he is stronger than what he appears to be. He usually never smiles and besides from a scar across his right eye his body is perfect. He always walks with elegance and only uses the cane for show, he don't need it as a walking support.

If you would ask a normal person on the street he or she would probably say that they easily got nervous in his presence, Darion has an intimidating aura that makes people either fear him or respect him, mostly based on what kind of person they are. Darion is normally seen wearking only old fashioned clothing, mostly black expensive costumes, black shoes and when he is outside (especially during cold weather) he wears a long cape that stretches from his neck, down his back and almost all the way to the heels, this cape is also black.

On occasion when it is nice weather and the sun is shining he can sometimes be seen wearing black sunglasses. On the winter when it is a so-called "Wolf Winter" (VERY cold) he wears that instead of the normal, quite thin cape, a black coat with black fur around the neck, this coat is much thicker than the cape for obvious reasons.

On special occasions Darion raised as the noble he is wears a red costume jacket instead of the black one with the initials 'DS' engraved on the right side of his costume jacket in black, the DS are his initial and stands for "Darion Steinheil" and has as background a snake that bites it's own tail, the Mark of the Steinheil Family.

 Darion Steinheil Person10

Personality: Darion is a calm, calculating and cynical man. He will do anything to achieve his own goals and agendas, even if it required sacrifing his comrades and the ones that falsely believe themselfs to be his allies.

He has very few emotions and rarely shows any face expression, he is also a very conservative, arrogant and elitistic man who thinks that one group of people are superior to all other humans and that the alhemists that has the power and the means to rule all should use their powers to make themselfs masters over all others, why let the inferior ones reign?

He thinks low on people who defines things into 'good' and 'bad' beacuse there is no good or bad, only power and you should use whatever power you have to bring yourself forward and if possible, make yourself a god. Darion firmly believes in this and so often helps people who shares the same visions, the same goals as he himself have, for a price of course.

He despises the weak and will gladly put weaker people in place if they get cocky towards him or anyone like him but if he is faced with a stronger opponent he will yield, after all then it is himself who is weak compared.

The Creation of a New World Order where alchemists are the undisputed rulers is the primary goal. To hide his true apperances (since his personality is abit abnormal to other people) he usually actes nice and well during first time meetings but when they have earned his trust or it is old family friends/members, battle and things like that he will reveal his true colours. Darion uses his red eyes to intimidate most people, he thinks this sort of thing is hilarious.

Likes: The Creation of a New World Order, politics, fencing, smoking, drinking, debating, power, strength, elitistic, "Übermenschen", war. He is this way mostly beacuse his father raised him that way but then again, he is a true elitist and firmly believes that mages are "übermenschen". Politics beacuse he like to control, power to make people kneel, war to show his power, debating to show he is better, fencing is mostly for fun. His liking to the idea of a New World Order is based on the "übermenschen"part. Why should non-alchemists have anything to say?

Dislikes: Weakness: If you are weak you should not have anything to say about anything. It is that simple really, the strong are the ones who should rule. The strong have the right to opress the weak, not just beacuse they can but beacuse it is also the law of nature. The Strong conquers the Weak.

Pacifism: The whole idea of not having a war sometimes, not show the strength and power of yourself or someone else is folly to Darion. Whitout show of power, how do we determine who should rule? How do we decide who is the better leader? If you choose a leader beacuse of his "diplomacy" then the people lose respect and loyalty to that leader. But if you chose a leader with power, with strength then he will get respect from that, he will gain loyalty and those who do not feel either will still be rules, but with fear.
Peace: Basically the same as above. Pure and utter folly.

Helping others willingly: Sure if you want to help go ahead, but at least request something in return. Equivalent Exchange.

Morality: Lies and complete bollocks. Morality differs from person to person and what is wrong to one is right to another. So therefore it is useless and you should make decisions based on logics and fact instead of what your "heart" and "conciouness" tells you.

Motivations: Darion was born into a family consisting of only mages, his father the Head of the family was the most powerful and so he became Darion's rolemodel as well as teacher. Darion strives that one day he will take over the position as Head of the family and show his father the power of Darion Steinheil since his fatehr has always been harassing him during his training saying things like "You are weak", "The weak are worms" and after a spar his father slapped him for showing mercy to the servant. He loves power so he want to gain it through magic. He loves Control so he uses magic and his status to utilise control.

Fears: Darion was taught early that weakness is wrong, you should always try to increase your own power and strength, even at the expense of others.

There Darion has a fear of becoming Weak. His role as heir is to one day defeat his father in combat and assume his place as Head, it is what is expected of him and it has always bern like that. Darion has through that fear of not becoming the Head.
Darion the elitist as he is loves his magic and so he has the fear of losing his magic.

He is also very afraid of spiders, he hates those insects ever since he woke up one night and a spider was sitting right on his head looking into his eyes, he killed it and since that night he is afraid of them (he does not show it though).

 Darion Steinheil Histor11

History: Darion Steinheil was born and raised in the wealthy and nobel family of Steinheil. The Steinheil family is what is called "Dark Nobles", a family of nobility that consists and has consisted for a long time of (mostly) alchemists who has more or less become rogue. However there are a few rare occasions were a member of the family has decided to become a "good" alchemist and forsake the rogue path and everytime that has happened that family member have more or less been exiled from the family (unofficialy).

Darion is not one of these occasions and since he was a child he has gladly obeyed his father's commands and done things that have either caused pain, death, humiliation and those sorts of thing to other people, animals and to himself and so he has been (Even among his elders) been feared as well as respected.

The scar across his right eye he got during a sword spar with his father.

Darion had been born with the "Eyes of the Demon". A very rare form of eyes, a genetical one, inside the Steinheil family. During the 400 years existence of the family, only 10 people have ever had them.

One night on Darion's 18th birthday Darion was summoned to the training court outside the Steinheil Mansion and when he arrived there he could see the entire Steinheil family surrounding the training are, all of them wearing black clothes and ith stern expressions in their faces, like wild beasts waiting for the prey.

Darion looked to his front and could see that his father was standing on a balcony above the training court, his father told him that to prove himself worthy to be the heir he had to show undisputable loyalty, coldness, intelligence and cruelty.

Wilhelm snapped his fingers and Darion's cousin Mark, a boy the same age who had refused to become an alchemist was walking out from one of the openings, they stared at each other and so Wilhelm said "Kill him my son. Prove your worth.", one of the servants came up with a long object a swordcane, a gift from his father, Darion unsheated the balde and on one side it said "Serpens" and on the other side "There is no right or wrong, only Power and if you are too weak to take it then you will Die".

Darion began to walk to his cousin who did not move a muscle and after 5 minutes Darion was standing face to face with him, the cousin who Darion had played with was awaiting his death and so in a blink of an eye Darion said in a low voice "Farewell" and sliced Mark's head off.

It was quiet for a moment and then the entire Family started to applaud and his father Wilhelm rose up, stared at the audience and said to his son "Well done. You have proven youself worthy, now you are a TRUE member of the Steinheil Family!" and so he was officialy recognised as the heir

RP Sample:

At last he had arrived! After days of endless walking and occasionaly running from bandits, creatures, bugs and one particulary stubborn and angry bee swarm he now stood infront of the bridge leading to the city gates of Coreopsis, the HQ city of the dark guild Tartaros and also the guild that this particular mage desired to join, Slone had always wanted to be in a dark guild and well there were others like Grimoire Heart and Raven Tail.

Grimoire Heart sounded like a bunch of nitwits all of them with their "magical world" crap and frankly he thought their logo was looking quite silly with the heart and all, Raven Tail was even worse with their silly and nonrealistic elit thinking and if Slone ever got the chance he would GLADLY kick their asses personaly, no Tartaros was the best choice Slone had concluded to make his magic as beautiful as it could be, the logo was also awesome!

Well anyway there he stood infront of the bridge in a euphorical state of mind as he gave a big and phsyco smile and chuckled quietly to himself as he suddenly became abit more serious and thought to himself "No no no. I have to be serious right now, I will let my TRUE nature reveal itself later fufufuf.".

And with that thought he stopped smiling and started walking over the bridge with the wind blowing so his snow white coat waved dramatically in the wind as he held his white feodor hat so it would not fly away.

When Slone approached the gates some guards stopped him and requested to know the reason for being in Coreopsis and after one beating and one bribing he ventured forward into Coreopsis, now it was dusk so people started going home after work and there was only a few places still open for buisness but luckily enough Slone was able to find a small inn that both offered the ordianry, food and booze but also room for the night which was exactly the thing Slone required right now after all the trouble getting here, expensive or not he rented it beacuse right now he did not care.

As said Slone rented the room and ordered that food containing steak and other kinds of meat along with a bottle of wine would be carried to his room, what hospitality the innkeeper had as the barmaid came up with the order and then left with a smile, Slone smiled back and started eating his steak and drinking his wine, he naturally knew that the innkeeper was probably this nice beacuse he wanted to steal Slone's money and then kill him in the night so after the dinner Slone put it outside the room on the second floor and went to bed, fake sleeping to see what happened.

The next day Slone went down in a most cheerisable mood and well can not say that the inns staff were as happy after the night with one table broke, a window destroyed and an innkeeper laying in hospital with a broken body, Slone eated his breakfast, payed and said goodbye and went outside and wow the day was gloomy, dark clouds, abit thunder in the distance and of course there was the presence of Tartaros members here and there, Slone however enjoyed this as he liked this kind of weather and the dark presences was more enjoyable than intimidating.

Slone sat down at a café and started reading a newspaper he had "aquired" which means he stole it since he had no better to do but suddenly he felt something, a strong and dark presence so he put down the newspaper and started searching through the view of the main square and after a few minutes he found it and his ocean blue eyes started staring at a girl, looked like she was no older than 18 maximum 20 as she was walking into one of the dark alleys that surrouned Coreopsis, Slone put down the newspaper and started following her with his hands in his pockets.

The girl walked to the market in Coreopsis and now it had become dark as she stopped infront of a metal door and knocked on it, Slone was holding his distance but he saw a slide in the door, the woman said something unhearable and then the metal door slided open and the woman ventured in, Slone thought to himself "Thick metal door, guard and high chance of password using. It will not be easy to get in there but I will manage somehow. I will stand as close to the door as I can whitout arising suspicion but as close so I can hear the password." thought and done Slone walked infront of the door and positioned himself around 10 metres from the door just right behind a corner "Now to wait" he said to himself and prepared himself for a long night.

Fortunately Slone did not have to wait long as a young man, possibly around 18 or so walked up to the metal door, took a sigh and knocked on it and as the metal slide slided open and the guard said "Password?" the boy stuttered and said something that sounded like gibberish and the metal door opened, Slone smiled and chuckled and were just about to go and knock on the door when it suddenly hit him, what had the boy said?

Slone now spend the next 10 minutes trying to remember what the boy said and after endless suggestions he sighed and walked to the door and knocked on it, the metal slide slided open and the guest said with the familiar voice "Password?" as Slone looked straight into the guard's eyes with his own ocean blue eyes and said in a gentlemanic and calm voice "Knights Suck" and soon after the metal door opened and the guard showed Slone the entrance to.... whatever this place was, Slone walked up to the entrance and soo found out that the place was a bar, a rather big bar with many people in it, possibly ciminals and Tartaros members most of them.

Slone walked to the bar with many people staring at him and ordered with his gentleman smile "A whisky and a cigar if you would be so kind.", the bartender nodded and soon returned with a whisky and a big cigar which he kindly lit for Slone who had no lighter with him, now he started searching for the girl that he had followed and well she was nowhere to be seen to Slone's disappointment as she probably had left already.

However the boy who had been so kind to "reveal" the password was sitting just a few chairs away from Slone and suddenly the boy turned around and leaped from the chair, Slone turned around and nodded in impressment as the boy (abit woozy looked like he was) walked up to a table, spinned a chair, sat down on it, put down his drink and said in quite the feminine voice "Hey, you look like someone I'm looking for!", to Slone's amazement it was the same blue haired girl that he had followed that sat at the table!

The bar went in complete silence, the blue haired girl was probably some bigshot as she lighted a cigarette and nodded towards the boy and started talking to a bargirl which looked like a hag, around 35-40 years old and oh they talked long and wide and Slone not paying to much attention only picked up a few words and names like Sion, Hasaki and Strudam, as said Slone did not pay attention but he called the bartender over to him and asked "Who is that blue haired girl over there that is talking to the bargirl?".

The bartender started talking and telling that the blue haired girl was some bigshot (Gods, Slone enjoys being right) member of Tartaros and she had just come back to Coreopsis etc, etc ,etc and after a good 15 minutes talk the bartender and Slone had become good friends and so Slone ordered a big ale to the blue haired girl to get her attention, thos was his chance, this was a perfect oppurtunity to become a member of Tartaros since befriending a bigshot from Tartaros was going to help him with this, yes sir it would!

Anyway back to story the bartender nooded after the order and went to the blue haired girl with the ale and specificaly to Slone's instructions said to the girl that it was from the man in the white feodor hat, Slone looked at the girl and raised his whisky as you do when you when you cheers.
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