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Alexio Dimitrios  Abel.Nightroad.240.765484


Name: Alexio Dimitrios
Age: Twenty Eight.
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: Novice
Group: Chimera - Red eyed tree frog.

Face Claim: Abel Nightroad - trinity blood

Alexio Dimitrios  Appear11

Height: 6'7, Six feet, seven inches.
Weight: One hundred ninety pounds.
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue-Gold
General Appearance: Alexio has quite the unique appearance, it starts with the thing that stands out most about him his long silvery hair which is usually tied up with a black ribbon. The hair when let loose can travel down just below his shoulders, the second aspect of his unique appearance are his eyes which have central heterochromia, not a sick or life threatening thing it simply gives Alexio two eyes colors instead of just one. The outer ring of his eyes are a soft blue while the center ring of color is a golden orange color most people are surprised by his eye color and often wonder if there is something wrong with him or if he has obtained some special ability because of his eyes but he simply has an extra color thrown into his eyes. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with Alexio's eyes anymore he stills wears a pair of round glasses as he did when he was still human, they are basically an accessory for the chimera now though he hardly tells anyone that.

Alexio is quite tall standing at a full height of six feet and seven inches though he is not all that big, his body is lean or athletic like a runner possessing wiry muscles that can be hidden underneath clothing to make him look like less of a threat. Upon his body there are numerous scars, some are small white lines which were the least damaging, others are jagged bumpy scars that show Alexio is no stranger to fighting. The worst of his scars are upon his back and chest, the scar upon his back is four jagged line that start at the top of his right should and skip over his spine to continue at the bottom of his left shoulder. The worst scar upon his chest is a singular line cutting vertically across it, the line is easily seen and looks as if the wound was caused by a blade like a sword or axe. Usually Alexio will wear baggy clothing to keep most of his scars hidden, he even wears fingerless gloves to hide the scars upon his hands most of the time.

His clothing is usually the male version of a kimono as he has found them to be quite comfortable and easy to move in at the same time, his colors are usually dark in color like black, crimson, gray so his outfits don't often attract attention from anyone. On his right hand Alexio ears two rings, the first is a simple silver ring with small crosses cut out all around it on his middle finger, the second it an iron worn upon his thumb with jade and rube embedded into the center of the thick ring. On his right wrist is a small bracelet made of prayer beads with a small wooden gourd in the center of them, his foot wear is often simple flip flop like sandals that can come off at a moments notice if need be.

Even being twenty eight there are still some who might think that Alexio is actually younger than he appears to be, his facial expressions often cause others to ask him what he is thinking. Concentrated, thoughtful, even melancholy looks are what most might see on his face as if he is constantly thinking of things that others would only think of sometimes, he has nearly no presence as if he actually isn't there for others to see even if he is right beside them like a ghost some might say.

Alexio Dimitrios  Person10

Personality: It is extremely difficult to gauge what Alexio is thinking at almost anytime, his thoughts are so complex that sometimes he confuses himself even when he know exactly what he means. His thoughts are not always technical ones, he thinks in many forms like spirituality, emotions, right and wrong, the future, it seems that his brain is always working over drive to think on new things as if it is afraid that it will shut down if it doesn't think always. While not always a serious person he does always seem to have a mature aspect of thinking rather than just thinking others are wrong he will attempt to understand them, he may not agree with what they are doing but that does not mean he considers himself to be right. He is very empathetic almost as if he can understand someone completely just by speaking to them or trading blows with them, some find it to be quite intrusive as he can see things that most are not supposed to see almost like a spy.

Alexio is a very caring person towards almost anyone as he feels as though most are essentially good within their hearts, some of course lose their way but he believes that given the choice most would choose the good path in the end. As a result of his caring attitude he is also very gentle most of the time, he won't resort to violence unless it is absolutely necessary to do so as he feels violence will only breed more violence. Because of his caring and gentle attitude Alexio will also take things upon himself even when he doesn't need to as he does not want others to suffer because of him, he will even go so far as to take the burden of others problems if he cares about them. He won't tell others when his own life is danger or if he needs help because he doesn't want them to get hurt, some compared it to stubbornness which is wrong but he never corrects them.

Alexio is rather humble when it comes to abilities or skill in anything, even if he utterly defeats or bests someone in something he will act as if it was nothing and downplay his own skill. There is not an arrogant bone within his body and Alexio finds arrogance to be something disliked as it leads to people being foolish or brutal because they believe that they can do anything when they clearly cannot do said thing. In a lot of ways Alexio appears to be almost like a teacher as he will explain things in simple but fun terms so that anyone can understand it from the smallest child to the oldest person, with his glasses it completes the image in most peoples minds.

Underneath the normal emotions that most will see lies a darkness within Alexio which he has locked away, grief, pain, hatred, self loathing he keeps them all to himself as he does not wish to infect others with his darkness. Though he never talks about it but it is always there lurking within the shadows of his heart and mind, the dark beast he calls it as if it actually has a real form and purpose. He has only once revealed such a side to people and it was not his choice, if he had his choice he would never allow anyone to know what darkness lurks within him. It is because of this that Alexio tries to keep people from caring too much about him even if he cares for them, he does not want them to place themselves in harm's way as he believes that it could cause him to lose himself to the darkness that he has inside of him once more.

Likes: Music: Alexio enjoys many forms of music as he feels it connects everyone together in some way, everyone listens to music even if it is a different kind of music than the person sitting next to you it is still music. It also ties in well with his empathetic personality as he feels he can understand what people are thinking from the style of music they listen to or play. He also enjoys playing his own songs on several different instruments like the violin, the cello, the piano all of which he is quite adept in often letting his own raw emotions flow throughout the songs to capture the audience in his unique sound.

Animals: While Alexio is a very caring person towards people he feels as if animals are better in almost every way, he hasn't come to dislike people because of this but he does wish that more people were like animals. Humans do not coexist with nature they destroy it where as animals create a balance of harmony with themselves and nature, Alexio wishes to be more like them though he feels as if his own sins are too great to be innocent like they are. There may be a certain kinship that Alexio feels from them as well since he himself is part animal due to the experiments of the military, when interacting with animals Alexio is completely open enjoying their company for as long as they will have him around.

Nature: Everything about nature draws Alexio in as he find beauty in all of it, the forests, mountains, oceans, lakes everything has it's own unique beauty that he enjoys. It also does help that in nature he doesn't often find people out in the middle of nowhere to spoil the beauty, there is also the added benefit of finding animals out in nature which is one one of his favorite things. It gives him a peaceful place to think about things when his mind is troubled, out in nature he also has a place to debut music that he does not feel is ready to be heard by other people.

Cooking: Alexio is also very adept at cooking as he has had to cook for himself for years now, he specializes in baking though like pies, cakes, pastries, and bread. He enjoys having others eat his cooking and finding it to be delicious as it is a testament to his skill in cooking, often he has no one to judge his cooking as he is by himself. He becomes saddened quite easily if someone does not enjoy his cooking and will even go into a depressive state as he feels he could not give the person what they wanted, like most things he feels as if people can be understood by the way they judge his cooking and perhaps they can understand him within the food.

Sweet things: As he specializes in baking pastries, cakes, and pies he has quite the sweet tooth for not just those but anything sweet really, he enjoys sweet food, sweet candy, sweet drinks almost anything sweet that one can give him he will like. Where most people would call something too sweet Alexio would just enjoy it more, he tries to control himself around sweet things but it is quite difficult to do so with him.

Rain: Alexio loves the rain no matter what kind of rain cold, warm, short, long it doesn't matter to him at all he welcomes the rain whenever it comes down upon the earth. The sound of the rain falling can drown out every other sound and when it is over everything smells clean as if there is no dirtiness in the world, where as most people would go inside when it rains Alexio prefers to be outside in the rain.

Dislikes: Death: Alexio does not like death in any form, even though it is a part of nature that he acknowledges death still saddens him greatly, it is one of the reasons that Alexio will not eat any kind of animal. Alexio knows that death cannot be avoided by anyone but he does wish to stop it from happening whenever he can even if it places him in danger at the same time, he will mourn even the death of someone that has done great harm to him as is his nature. Death is probably one of the few things that would actually upset Alexio enough to cause him to lose control as he has once before, it would take the death of someone he cared about to do it which is something he fears which is why he tries to keep others at an arm's length.

Abuse/Corruption: Alexio does not enjoy seeing those with power use it incorrectly especially when they could do so much good with it if used correctly, he seeks to correct tyranny, abuse, corruption within people even it makes him an enemy of a single person or entire organizations. Too many times has he seen people allow their power to go to their head and turn them into a different person than they once were, one of Alexio's goals is to make the world a better place by getting rid of everything corrupt though the goal is one that most consider impossible.

Alchemy: Alexio has no love for alchemy though at the same time he does not hate it, he knows that there are those out there that preform wonderful and caring deeds for others with the use of alchemy but he believes it is a power that no one should have. His dislike is not only because alchemy turned him into the monster he is but also because he has see the other atrocities that it can preform, he has seen entire groups of people slaughtered by one man. He believes that alchemy is a power that has been tainted by the greed and dark emotions of mankind and should be sealed away, he will never support those that use alchemy but at the same time he would not condemn them because of his kind heart.

Arrogance: Alexio dislikes those that are arrogant in anyway because he does not believe there is a best or perfect form of anything, he believes that no matter how much power or skill one gains in a lifetime there is always more to be gained. Whether it is knowledge, friends, lovers, power, or even simple things like inner peace, to become arrogant is to allow ones self to believe that there is nothing left to learn and that is foolish he believes.

Himself: Alexio dislikes himself no that word is too soft, a more accurate word would be that Alexio hates himself because of past transgressions, he is not the emotionally depressive type that some are seeking attention rather he keeps such feelings to himself unless pressed by another to give voice. He believes that he is a monster and that he does not deserve salvation of any kind, rather he would give such salvation to others rather than himself, he fears that he will lose himself to his inner demons and become a true monster one day if pushed to the brink.

Motivations: To help: This is Alexio's second greatest motivations is to help everyone that he can before he perishes from this earth as he feels he can at least atone for some of his sins, he will put himself in harms way just to help another person if need be. Though he will only help those that he believes deserve his help, he wouldn't help a murderer escape but he would help a man who killed in self defense as an example. For Alexio helping others is almost like an obsession that he cannot quell even if the person in danger or who needs help is being threatened/pursued/hurt by a large organization he will put himself between them and the person who needs help, even when hurt already he will still help as best he can.

To end corruption/evil: Alexio's greatest motivation is to end evil and corruption in the entire world, Alexio knows that this is almost impossible if not impossible but he believes that if people band together and support one another there is a chance that it is possible. With this done Alexio actually believes that he can be forgiven for sins that he has committed in the past and is willing to give his life in the process to make this happen. He wants the people to remember that there is good in everyone that can brought to the surface as long as others are willing to give them the chance, this is probably the one motivation that truly drives Alexio to continue going on with his existence.

Fears: Death: Alexio is not perfect he fears death in any form but it is not only his own death that he fears, Alexio fears that he will no be able to stop death around him. He fears that he will no be able to protect those he cares about thus they will die around him leaving him alone, he of course afraid of his own death but at the same time he feels as if death would be an acceptable price for his sins. Another way of death that he is afraid of is that he will be the cause of death whether it is his fault or actually him killing someone even if it is someone that he comes to hate Alexio does not wish to kill anyone.

Himself: Because he keeps his emotions to himself Alexio has no true outlet for his pain and anger that he keeps under lock and key as a result he fears that one day he will revert to the base animal that he was called when being experimented on. He doesn't want to become what he once was, he has realized that he could be classified evil and he agrees with that, as such he always tries to keep himself composed lest he become the monster once more. He also fears himself because of his chimera abilities he is much stronger than a normal person so he fears that he may accidentally kill someone, having killed people before he fears this will bring him closer to the darkness that he once lived in.

Alexio Dimitrios  Histor11

History: Alexio was born on a rainy day, it had been raining all week yet the day that he had been born it seemed to rain more than any other day, his father considered it an ill omen and even said so jokingly to his wife until she smacked him in the back of the head and told him to shut up. All in all Alexio was a normal child born to normal parents who loved him, sure they lived in the slums but so did many others like them, they did the best they could with what they had his father worked three jobs just so his mother could stay at home and raise him. But even with three jobs they were not making enough money to keep up with the bills and the food his father had to take a different approach, he started to get in deep with the shady kind of people his parents always warned him about not messing with or being friends with.

While delivering a message to a rival syndicate Alexio's father was shot in the head because the boss of the rival syndicate did not like what the message said even though it had nothing to do with Alexio's father. Alexio's mother distraught began to do less and less around the house and eventually she just lay in bed all day, Alexio was only eight when this occurred but he had to do something so he took odd jobs wherever he could to get food and money. For months everything went to his mother, what little food he could earn went to her while he made due with the scraps he prayed for her recovery yet it seemed that god turned a blind eye to him and was deaf to his prayers. Finally Alexio's mother expired without proper food and just laying there she died in her sleep, when Alexio discovered her he couldn't come to terms with it. He cursed god, the rich people, the man who murdered his father, everything around him he cursed it with all his hatred and grief.

With his father and mother gone Alexio could no longer stay within his home, he lived on the streets with other children finding refuge wherever they could, the bridge was the most popular spot as it provided shelter from the rain and you could make a fire without the smoke choking you. He and several other children banded together forming a sort of gang to keep the bridge under their control always, it took some time and a lot of fighting but eventually they made it known that no one was to try and take the bridge from them or else there would be problems. Within a few years the gang had tripled in size and they were known for being some of the best pickpockets and thieves there were, but it was precisely because of this that they were noticed by the military police who were waiting for them to slip up.

The chance for them to take down Alexio and his gang came one night when they surrounded a rich couple and ordered them to hand over their money. Rather than doing that the man who was military attempted to scare them away by bringing out his gun, he was hit from behind by one member and as that happened he shot Alexio's second in command and best friend killing him instantly. The man wheeled around to attack the member who struck him but he should have focused on Alexio who became more beast than man at the sight of his dead friend. He struck with a metal pipe to the back of the man's head dropping him instantly yet Alexio did not stop, he continued to hit and hit until the man's head was nothing more than a pile of red, white, and gray mush while he stood there covered in blood breathing raggedly, this was the first of many sins.

Alexio was arrested the next day when the woman who had run off during Alexio's psychotic break reported him to the police and identified him in person. When they came for him the gang scattered not wanting to be arrested as well leaving him alone to fight, he fought as best he could even managing to break through to run but then a bullet ripped through his leg dropping him instantly. The police took him into custody without much trouble after that as the pain and blood loss had him pretty much passed out, he came in and out of consciousness multiple times. By the time he actually woke up fully he was strapped to a table with men in white coats all around him mumbling to each other about what was happening, he yelled that he would kill them if they didn't let him go and the leader punched him in his wounded leg to shut him up which worked quite well.

Alexio had no idea what they were doing even when they activated their alchemy to change his life forever, he screamed at them with all his might and struggled as much as he could but there was no hope. As they alchemy changed his form he felt as if every fiber of his being were being poked with a hot blade over and over, he cried out for mercy and when it finally ended he passed out once again. This marked the day that Alexio's human life was ended, he was only twelve years old when he was declared a monster rather than a human. Soon he was thrown in a reinforced area with others like him, they were all children of similar age, he learned that there were twenty of them yet there had been closer to two hundred at the start. Only twenty of them had survived the experiments they were doing to the kids, most of them felt the effects instantly as they recovered from the transformation they realized they had been given abilities that no human was supposed to have.

Alexio had been combined with the red eyed tree tree frog, most of the children had laughed until they saw how far he could jump and how strong his kicks were because of his leg power. Alexio's first thought after learning of their powers was escape but when he tried that they shot him again, it took him a month to heal up and after that he was calm almost as if he had completely changed. He realized that there was no way for him to escape if he just charged forward like before, he had to bide his time and when the chance came he would seize it. The opportunity to seize such a chance did not come for four years, by this time Alexio and the other children had completely adapted to their abilities he was sixteen and considered to be one of their best chimera attempts. Yet the higher ups were not convinced that this training was going to be enough, they wanted to see the chimera in action thus they decided that the children would fight one another to the death.

The children refused at first but they were told that if they did not fight to the death until only ten were left then they would all die right then, of course they caved in and the death matches began. Alexio was to fight against a bull chimera one who preferred his animal hybrid form to his human form yet Alexio made a plan with him, rather than fight they would finally have their chance to escape. As the fight was to start Alexio jumped at his opponent with all his strength sending him hurtling towards the bull chimera, yet he grabbed Alexio and spun him around as hard as he could in the air and released him. Alexio's jumping power coupled with the bulls strength was more than enough to break the door down with a well placed kick, the chimera children charged the opening and what was supposed to be an escape turned into something much worse.

The military would rather see them dead than free so they opened fire killing several of the chimera children, this ignited a flame within the beasts of the children. Everyone here was a friend and some even considered them a family now, they went berserk with Alexio at the head killing everyone they could find, it didn't matter if they were military or scientist they attacked without mercy it was a bloodbath. Alexio isn't sure how many of his friends actually escaped now as he stayed behind in the research facility for a bit to gather the data up to see if there was anyway to fix what they had done to him. Yet there was no miracle cure just the important data they kept on the chimeras that they had created, rather than letting the military get their hands on the data he burned it all keeping it within his memory. Without the sense of death and blood lust coursing through him Alexio walked through the halls of corpses and realized what he had done, he had killed people and helped others kill them viciously.

After this Alexio began to change he didn't want to live in the darkness that he and the others had created, he just wanted to live somewhere in peace. He found a small church outside of the city that took him in, the priests daughter looked after him for some time and eventually he helped them set things up, clean, move the heavy objects that they couldn't, anything to help them out really. He lived here for two years becoming very close with the priest and his daughter, the daughter was the one that gave him the ring he wears upon his middle finger. Yet his peaceful life was not to be for the military had found him somehow, he never did figure out how they found him there but they attacked in the night violently firing before surrender could even be offered as if they never actually wanted to take him alive.

Alexio managed to survive the first barrage of gunfire by jumping to the ceiling yet the priest and his daughter were gunned down, as the men came in to see what they had done they found Alexio kneeling beside the priest's body and cradling his daughters head as she lay there dying. She told Alexio not to lose faith in people with her last breath and then closed her eyes forever, Alexio could not hold onto his grief he attacked them men with a merciless violence in return killing them one by one with the very power they had given him. After that he buried the priest and his daughter side by side in the church's garden before leaving, never again would he settle in one place for death surrounded him.

RP Sample: The night was chilly, no chilly was too soft a word for that, it was cold so very cold. Silence for the most part is what filled the air, everything seemed to have bedded down for the night. A field of white it seemed to be as the snow blanketed the forest floor now, a snapping could be heard almost like a gunshot it rang through the forest. No one heard the tree as it fell, the cold so cruel to cause the tree to snap and fall without so much as a warning. Time seemed to stand still for the lone figure that stood upon a stump, he was a small figure one might say if they laid eyes upon him. Wrapped in a mottled white and grey cloak that blended in so well with the snowy forest, he stood still as a statue as if the cold had frozen him.

The only signal to his life was the burst of hot air that could be seen if one were to look closely enough each time he let a breath escape. The moonlight barely there as the moon was but a sliver in the sky keeping it quite dark, it was there in the darkness that the beast waited. Hungry it was and it watched the statuesque figure with it's sickly yellow eyes, drool dripped from the corners of it's mouth as it began to circle the clearing ever so slowly. Time passed by bit by bit, the creature drew closer with every silent step, the snow barely making a sound underneath it's paws. It had been over an hour since the stalk began yet the little figure upon the stump had yet to move an inch, the beast finally grew tired of the stalking and rushed from the cover of the tree's.

At it's back he was sure the small figure standing upon the stump would never see him coming to kill it. The snow fell lightly as the creature charged for all it was worth, pitch black fur so shocking upon the pure white snow yet oddly it seemed perfect. The figure still had yet to move and the creature was drawing closer still, it leaped in for the kill finally it would eat. The small figure moved for the first time in hours, spinning with practiced speed towards the leaping creature. A bow hidden underneath the cloak now revealed with an arrow nocked and drawn back with incredible speed. The beast realized it's mistake yet there was nothing it could do as it hurtled through the air towards the little being.

It was a difficult shot to pull off and the cloaked figure had but one shot, he released the arrow. It whistled through the air, the beast roared in defiance, it's chilling roar echoed throughout the silent forest, the night was indeed very cold....
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Done I think.
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Uly has given me the right to approve this. .... I approve xD Very good app btw ^^
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