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Name: Rue Tachibana
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Victorique from Gosick

Rue Tachibana Appear11

Height: 4 ft 9 inches
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
General Appearance: Rue is short and has no piercings on her. She wears Victorian styled dresses in all colors but it's normally black. Her long blonde hair almost touches the ground and she has bangs that frame her face. She enjoys wearing hats and bonnets of all colors but she normally wears a black frilly headband. She wears knee high white socks and black shoes. Only on rare occasion will she wear high-heels. She has a locket that she wears around her neck, it's sterling silver. Her skin is pale and her lips are always a glossy pink. She doesn't really put on make expect for mascara around her green eyes. She has a tattoo of a black butterfly on the back of her right hand and a white one on the back of her left hand.

Rue Tachibana Person10

Personality: Rue is an optimist. She can find the good in any disturbed soul. She has complete empathy for everyone meaning she feels exactly what they feel and understands why the feel that way. This makes her friendly and she can easily relate to others but she can also use it to her advantage in cases by finding the perpetrators motives quickly. This is also because Rue is very observant. Rue is intelligent and enjoys reading books. She has become quite cunning and insightful for her young age with the nourishing words of literature. Though she is so smart she acts mischievous and playful around people she just meets. Once you get to know her, she's funny and sarcastic with very witty remarks. All in all Rue is a mystery to those who just meet her and a joy to be around for close friends and family.


Books: Rue loves reading and learning. So she enjoys every kind of book from fiction to non-fiction. She enjoys reading in different languages and translating them. As long as she can learn, any book is good.

Sweets: Rue has a huge sweet tooth and loves candy. She can't stand coffee because it's to strong even with half of it being sugar. Although she does like tea that has fruit in it.

Traveling: Rue enjoys finding new places and exploring. Her favorite part of the books she reads is the main character's journey. She can't get enough of traveling and seeing new places and meeting new people.

Mysteries: Rue loves solving mysterious. She enjoys feeling the glory of being able to put together a puzzle or fix something broken. The knowledge that she gains from solving mysteries makes her extremely happy.

Singing: Rue finds that singing calms her down. She can sing just a simple verse of a song she made up and feel calmer after any annoyance. She has been told she has a great voice but refuses to sing in front of an audience.


The color yellow: Rue can't stand yellow. It reminds her of pee or the color of sun flowers. She can't wear a single piece of yellow clothing because of this.

Children: Rue fines children annoying and hard to deal with. They don't understand what the rules of society are and are always getting into trouble. Most of the times the cry and throw a temper tantrum to get what they want and that's the last thing she wants to deal with.

Heights: Rue is short and isn't used to anything above six feet. It's not like she fears them but they just make her uncomfortable. She could look out of any building's top story window and be just fine but she wouldn't want to jump out of it.

Stuffed Animals: Rue is always mistaken for a child because of her height and baby like face. So every time she has a birthday someone will give her a stuffed animal. She has come to see stuffed animals as a sign of being childish and hates them.

Being mistaken for a child: Rue is short and has a child-like face. Most mistake her for being eight and she can't stand being treated like a child. Those who make the mistake of calling her little girl are giving the cold shoulder.


Knowledge: Rue is like any other alchemist and has a deep thirst for knowledge. She wants to learn everything about everything and it bothers her when she doesn't. She likes being the know-it all in a group and enjoys the praise they give her when she answers questions they can't. This makes her eager to travel to new places to either find new books or to solve ancient mysteries.

Acknowledgement: Rue just wants to be appreciated for all her hard work. She finds it satisfying to know that people can comprehend and maybe use her discoveries in the future. She craves attention most of the time and finds that the best attention is praise.


People losing faith in her: The one thing Rue treasures more the knowledge is friendship. If someone looses trust in her and doesn't want to be her friend anymore, she becomes depressed. She has reoccurring nightmares of losing many imaginary best friends. She can't stand the thought of it which makes for many restless nights.

Death: Rue is a rational human being and knows that death is the last thing she wants staring her in the face. She doesn't know what happens after one closes their eyes to meet the maker. She doesn't want to think about it because some of her greatest role models have died. She misses them a lot but refuses to join them.

Rue Tachibana Histor11

History: Rue was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was the second child of the rich and powerful Tachibana family that lived in Amestris. She had a comfortable childhood with not a single want and had all the books in the world. Her parents ignored her though and the only person she could rely on was her big brother Leopold. Her taught her everything from tying her shoes to alchemy itself. When her brother wasn't around her cousin Kronos was. Together they would spend their days being detectives and solving mysteries set up by the maids around the mansion. Everything in Rue's life was perfect until her parents and brother went on a vacation into a neighboring country. Their train had been hijacked and bombed with no survivors when Rue was only ten.

Her cousin's family then took over the main family Tachibana's business. Her aunt wanted to ship her off to an orphanage but Kronos who was sixteen at the time stuck up for her. Her aunt unwillingly had no choice but to let her stay because she had never seen her son so happy. As time passed though Kronos left the main family house and joined the military when Rue was twelve. Her aunt then sent Rue out of the main house and into the summer house that the family kept so she wouldn't have to see the girl who reminded her so much of her dead brother.

Since then Rue has been living out her days reading in the summer house located in West City. She spends most of her time in the grand library or playing outside in the garden. She practices alchemy when ever possible and sometimes goes into town looking for work. Everyone in town knows if they need a mystery solved to go to the Tachibana house hold and ask for Rue.

RP Sample:
The early light of dawn reflected in her earl grey tea. She picked up the silver spoon and scooped three spoon fulls of sugar. Those walking by the cafe couldn't help but stare at the small girl. Her long blonde hair matted down by a lacy headband, her Victorian black dress, and small stature could have given any one the impression she was a lost child. The waitress who had taken her order early had asked her where her parents were and she had to hum her favorite verse to contain her anger.

She sipped on the tea and pulled back, leaving a light pink gloss stain on the porcelain teacup. 'Wish this was more sweet.' She tisked to herself and set down the warm cup on it's matching saucer. A sudden eclipse of the sun enclosed around the table. Rue looked up to see an old woman dressed in common clothes take a seat across from her.

"I'm assuming you're Mrs. Smith." Rue said and held out her hand. The old woman shook it vigorously before speaking.

"Indeed I am. Thank you for coming today miss Rue." Mrs. Smith said and scooted her chair forward. "They said you were the one to meet if you have an unsolvable mystery." Mrs. Smith said and gave Rue a look over and shook her head. "I can't see why though." Mrs. Smith added rudely but Rue just smiled.

"Why don't you test me then? What's your mystery?" Rue asked but it sounded more like a challenge.

"I have a little candy shop just around the corner and every morning I go down stairs to check inventory. I get through everything and then get stuck on the sweet buns. I opened the box and one was missing but it was a brand new box. I thought I was crazy so I closed the box and opened it again but two were missing this time!" Mrs. Smith said in an over dramatic voice. Rue couldn't help but laugh and put her hand up to the woman signalling her to stop the ridiculous story.

"Try checking the lid of the box and you will find your missing sweet buns. They're probably just stuck." Rue said and sighed getting up from the table. Mrs. Smith just laughed and shook her head.

"Of course, thanks Miss Rue." Mrs. Smith said as Rue walked away.
Rue Tachibana
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