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Salome Mikhaela  Kido.Tsubomi.240.1276420


Name: Salome Mikhaela
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Civilian

Face Claim: Kido Tsubomi - Kagerou Project

Salome Mikhaela  Appear11

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Green
Eyes: Red
General Appearance:
Salome has pale and flawless white skin and a lean figure. She does not have a curvy body like most girls and does not like to pay attention to beauty. Salome has straight green hair that goes all the way to her breasts. Her left eye turns black from it original color - red, for reasons unknown even to Salome. She is tall and slim though she eats a lot. She doesn't know where all that food go to, but she never gains in weight.
Salome is a very easygoing person so she likes to wear easy clothes like jeans or a T-shirt. Maybe a hoodie. She doesn't wear heels or any type of fashionable footwear. Same goes for her hair. She doesn't like to decorate it. It is always loose or tied into a messy ponytail.

Salome Mikhaela  Person10

Salome is a very easygoing person and has this uncanny ability of lying. She does not like attention and doesn't give much. She can also be stubborn sometimes. Salome loves her sister, friends, books and music, and she feels like that's all she needs in her life. Salome is friendly and easy to approach. You can become her friend easily, unless you're an annoying pest or you made her angry, because Salome is short-tempered, too. Salome doesn't like to be in places with too many people. Most of the time, she stays alone. She may not be a big fan of socializing, but don't you worry, she won't just walk off if you approach her.

  • Sister: Salome loves her sister as she is the only one left of her family. She stays with her and protects her though she is the younger one.
  • Friends: She may not like to go around socializing with people, but she definitely likes the friends she has made.
  • Music: When Salome is happy, she listens to music. When she is depressed, she does the same. The only difference is, when she listens to music when she is happy, the music is good, but when she listens when she's depressed, the lyrics makes sense.
  • Books: Salome likes to read book when she is bored. She mostly reads adventure or fantasy novels.
  • Tea: Nothing can calm Salome down. Except tea, that is. It helps her think better and helps her make wiser decision, no reason why.
  • Peace: Salome likes to stay in peaceful places. She likes loud music, but she doesn't like noisy environments.
  • Nighttime: Salome like the night. She loves watching the stars and finding constellations.

  • Noise: Salome hates noise. She prefers calm and quiet environments that are peaceful.
  • Hot places: Salome likes to stay in cool places. She can't stand heat and doesn't like it when she sweats.
  • Kids: Salome doesn't like kids because she thinks they're annoying. Or maybe because she's the youngest in her family.
  • Deserts: Main reason is - because they're hot. She's been in a desert before and it was the worst experience she'd ever had. She doesn't want to go to one even if she was paid a million Cenz to do so.
  • Bullies: Salome hates bullies. Just because they're big, doesn't mean they should be bullying smaller and weaker ones, right?

  • To protect her sister: Salome's sister is one of the reasons she is alive. She wants to protect her and care for her though she is the younger one. Her sister is the only one left of her family and she doesn't want to lose her. Salome would do anything to keep her safe and out of trouble.
  • Learning new things: Salome wants to learn new things. She finds and gains knowledge by reading books and exploring different locations. She also likes to watch the different behaviors of different people.
  • To prove to life that she can survive: Life has been difficult since her parents died. She has been trying to find food and shelter for her and her sister since then. Though she is the younger one, she feels like she has the responsibility to take care of her. Salome lives to prove that she can fight through the challenges life keeps throwing at her.

  • Losing her sister: Salome cannot lose her sister. She will never let it happen. Losing her sister is like losing everything in her life. It would lead to her own death if she lost her sister.
  • Coulrophobia: Once when she was little, before her parents died, they went to a circus and Salome got lost. She got to a place where there were clowns. They threatened to make her a clown. Actually they were just teasing, but Salome could never be taken to a circus because she believes clowns are evil.
  • Hematophobia: The fear of blood. To be precise, Salome fears the sight of blood, like gaping wounds that are bleeding a lot. She can never help someone if it comes to bleeding wounds or something like that, because she cringes at the sight of blood.

Salome Mikhaela  Histor11

Salome Mikhaela, a green-haired, red-eyed baby girl was born into a middle-class family in the North City. Since it was blanketed in snow when she was born, she came to love the cold climate and hate heat. Her parents named her Salome because she was quite the playful one and the prankster among the children of the neighborhood. Her sister, Valeriya, was the quiet and weak one. She has a weak heart and couldn't do anything that makes her feel tired. Salome, however, does not hate her sister for being useless to the family. She tries her best to cheer Valeriya up and keep her living happily.

One day in her fifth year, there was a circus held in their city and many people went there. It was Salome who wanted to go and see the concert. When she got there, she got lost before the circus and got to a place where there were clowns, getting ready for the circus. They teased her that they would make her a clown. To Salome, it felt like they were threatening to turn her into some evil thing. When she finally found her family back, she told them she didn't want to see the circus anymore and they had to leave. Since then, nobody could persuade her to go to a circus because she believes clowns are evil.

When Salome was fourteen - her sister sixteen - the most unfortunate incident occurred. Salome and Valeriya went to the market to buy some eggs for breakfast. Valeriya was feeling better because they had visited a doctor and he gave her medicine. She wasn't so tired after she came back, so they were feeling really happy. But when they reached home, both of them were on their knees crying. The entire house was a disaster. The tables were upturned, the lamps were on the ground. Two bodies laid on the floor, covered in blood. It was the ugliest scene Salome had ever seen. It was from then that she developed the fear of the sight of blood.

The neighbors heard them crying and rushed over to see what had happened. They hadn't heard any sort of screaming or shouting, so they didn't know that it happened. It seemed they killed each other after having an argument. How selfish of them, to leave two young girls all alone in a world where they would no longer be accepted and loved. A week later, Salome and Valeriya were taken to an orphanage and the house was abandoned. The Mikhaela sisters lived in the orphanage for a few years, waiting for a couple that would adopt them. But it seemed no one wanted to adopt a girl with a weak heart, or a girl with the name Salome. The name sounded evil and cold. Salome told the orphanage owner that they wanted to stand on their own feet, that they would find a way to survive on their own and not depend on other people anymore. "We'll be back," she lied, and left with Valeriya. She never showed up with her sister at the orphanage again.

RP Sample:
Salome trudged through the snow with Valeriya behind her, holding her hand so she wouldn't collapse. They were both wearing sweaters and scarfs to protect themselves from the cold. It seemed their clothes weren't warm enough. Salome's lips were pale and Valeriya was trembling. Icy winds cut through their faces. But, Salome didn't stop to rest. She just kept trudged, pulling her sister with her. "We're almost there," she told her. Valeriya looked up and saw their abandoned house a few yards away.

"It seems we are," she whispered through trembling lips, and they sped up. It was freezing cold, but they were almost there. Salome kept reminding her sister that they were almost there. The house looked like there were people inside from a distance. But as they got nearer, the house looked older and older. Finally, they reached it and they got up the stairs to the entrance. Salome kicked down the front door and peered inside. There was no one. Perfect. Salome turned to Valeriya and grinned triumphantly.

"We've found it," she told her, holding the door frame with her left hand and turning back to see the happy smile on her sister's pale face. The Mikhaela sisters went into the house, finally having found their old house. The very house their parents killed each other in.
Salome Mikhaela
Salome Mikhaela

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Salome Mikhaela
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