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Noah's Voice | Steve Staley - Toshiro


Name: Noah Aster Galen
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Chimera - Gray Wolf - The Rabid Dog

Face Claim: Akito Shukuri - NORN9

Noah A. Galen  Appear11

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 143lbs
Hair: Indigo
Eyes: Seagreen
General Appearance:
Noah is far from being normal in appearance. His pale skin is much to be desired, his angular cheeks and the softness in his light jade eyes adds a particularly cool tone to his face. Its obvious that he rarely speaks just from staring at him and that something is specifically brooding about him. His hair is often the eye-catcher. Its unusual color and length speaks out to those that don't know him. The two-tone hair is darker on his crown and as it lowers lightens and expresses an exotic ancestry to those outside the laboratory he was created in. Besides that he is quite athletically fit, his lean muscles are etched with the definition of a athlete and definitely packs more power into them than most. Unlike most he wears his uniforms and clothes loosely, hinting at his disregard for the formalities of the military. He usually wears a long, sleeveless shirt combined with a severely casual adaption of the uniform assigned to him.

Noah A. Galen  Person10

Noah is a very quite and sullen person, barely speaking out against anything important to him. He is often withdrawn from the crowd and lets off a slacker persona due to his less than adequate display work. He know the hurt of loneliness and has never had the support of family or friends so he relies on his own strength and refuses help from the likes of others. Inside he knows that he's a trapped animal on the short leash of the military but he can't help but dream for something much more. This trapped sense of knowledge is often manifested in a omnipresent glare in eyes, one that steams from the primal wolf inside of him but that same wolf is also what binds him. The loyalty that floats idly in its blood keeps him partially in check and without anyone else to be loyal too he finds himself strongly protective of the military's secrets and officials. How contradictory could his heart be ? He wanted desperately to be free and yet the wolf inside was holding him down. This was why he couldn't help but hate that part of hate his own heart. To the outside world he would appear looming and mysterious, maybe even brooding but he knew inside the torment that was raging and he knew that would never be free from it. Despite all of this, Noah is a brilliant combatant and often relies on the instincts that his wolf offers to him. Thanks to the animal he has a quirk that is visible to the outside world. When something is harshly offensive to his nose he snarls his nose and addresses it bluntly. This is but a quirk but it often brings distaste towards him.

- Freedom: Above everything else Noah wishes for freedom. He knows that as long as he is considered an experiment by the military that he will always be caged up in a metaphorical pin. It angers him to think that his entire life will forever be to protect those important to the military's goals. He craves freedom and has always enjoyed the thought of finally obtaining it.

- Birds: A symbol of freedom to him. They fly high above the rules that others impose on society and even defies the laws of gravity. They are among the most free creatures of all the world.

- Meat: He blames his wolf but Noah is highly addicted to the smell and taste of a freshly and carefully cooked hide. He often follows his nose to the area that is cooking it. This usually gets him in trouble.

- Wolf: A part of him enjoys the perks that he gets from being a chimera. The heightened senses and above normal strength and speed is a great bonus to being a lapdog. The perks are his but can he even claim that when he himself belongs to the military ? Still though, he does enjoy some of the qualities that come with the animal side of himself.

- Dogs: For some reason he oddly finds himself empathetic and drawn to dogs. Their loyalty more than not leads them down roads that they cannot help but follow. Its their need to be loved and befriended that leads them to this. Is the need for love so strong that one would put themselves in death's hands just to be wrapped in it for a small moment ? The dogs tend to think so.

- Military: Because of the involuntary experiments that they conducted on him, Noah has a great and powerful dislike for the military and its corrupt ways. Being placed many times over as guard for important figures, he's been a first hand witness to the underhanded and grimy fingers of the nobility controlling it. Not to mention having to be tugged around by the neck by a leash that is practically impossible to overcome due to his animals fierce loyalty to those in his life. And the military just so happen to be the only family that he has.

- Wolf: Because of his wolf's strong loyalty to those that are around him, Noah has grown to dislike a part him. He loathes its pull on him and at times wish that it had never become apart of him. But it can't be helped, he has to live with the beast for the rest of his natural... no supernatural life.

- Cats: His primal urges has also developed a very distinctive dislike towards felines. That includes those of the big cat family, including Tigers, Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs. That and of course the more annoying household cats that seem to roam around the Military barracks.

- Bossed Around: Noah dislikes being bossed around period. He immediately denies anyone other than those in the laboratory and higher up. Other than that you should just go ahead and give up. Noah is almost guaranteed to deny your request or demand... especially demand.

- Paper Work: Paper work is a no go for Noah. It always has been since he was kid. He had failing marks in all of his classes due to the little to no work turned in from him. In fact that only reason he was inducted into the military was because of his ability to be of some use to them. It irks him to admit it but he can barely read because of this.

Motivations: To live, to die honorably, to become famous... none of these things means a damn thing to him. To Noah his only motivation is too obtain true freedom. The freedom to choose his destiny and be what he wants to be. To not have to follow the orders of the military but to actually walk the earth as a being of purpose and choice. This motivation often lies in the shadows of his preset mind but is none the less a driving force behind his actions and feelings. Other than that, the motivation that he tends to openly accept is killing those scientist that experimented on his being and mixed his DNA with that of a animal's. They practically extinguished his former life and so he has decided to kill every single one of those dozen scientist. For now that seems to be a fleeting dream but one day he won't be as tied down to them as he is and he'll be capable of striking at them.

Fears: Noah's fear revolve directly around his need for freedom. His heart so desperately aches for it that he has subconsciously developed a inapt fear for being caged. To be forever a lapdog to the military sometimes manifest itself in terrible nightmares. When he thinks of it alone, he often opens his eyes with a pained headache and sweat dripping down his regal face. It not exactly something that he can run away from. His second fear is way that dwells in the urges of his wolf. To never find a suitable mate or lover to be exact pulls at him at times. To never find that one person that could love an experiment. He often thinks it ridiculous but somewhere inside he knows that its true.

Noah A. Galen  Histor11

Noah was born in the slums of the country Amestria. His mother and father were nothing more than poor beggars, they were barely capable of caring for him but they did their best. They all wore huge rags for clothes and though they were treated horribly they made a way to survive for six long years. During those six years though, Noah had lost his mother, a woman who had not-unexpectantly became ill. Of course it was expected, she had been living filthy for several years under the bridges of the Amestrian country. Without the money to take her to the hospital they were forced to beg for medical service and forced to despair because of the world's own greed and heartlessness. The two ended up laying her to rest, giving her a nice memorial service. One where candles illuminated a stone bricked bridge on a rainy day. She was drifted down the town's waterway to the ocean in a burning raft of sorts. The two forced their tears down to the bottom and Noah's father for once had dulled his eyes to hope in the world and instilled a very clear and harsh outlook in Noah's eyes.

For several years Noah and his Father lived by stealing and other crimes. A young teen now, Noah was in much better shape than his father and as the two ran from Amestrian forces, Noah was forced to slow down to help his elderly father. Eventually they were caught and held at gunpoint by the military officers. It was quite the fearful experience but the two had no choice but to give in. They were taken to a blank building, one that gave little to not clue to its functions. From there the two were separated. Noah had been placed in a room were they examined him..thoroughly. From then on he knew he was no longer a free man,for the scientist had all sneered wicked looks his way; looks that would forever be carved in his mind.

By the age of eighteen Noah had been exposed to a extreme degree of pain and left to be experimented on by the scientist. His father had been subjected to experiments as well but he had died in the process of the 18th synthesis. Noah had been well into his 43rd when he had finally undergone his final transmutation. It was slim chance but with survival at the forefront of his mind Noah was capable of pushing through the incredible pain coursing through his cells. When he was confronted by the scientist he was given two choices. One was to either serve the military, faithfully. Or two, too die a woefully death. A death that would be remembered by no one. His choice was obvious, though reluctantly he accepted their offer to live and joined the military. Where his life has since been chained too.

RP Sample:
Noah felt the sun warming his chest and body. Its beams were bright and the wind underneath its celestial vessel were gentle and cool. It had been a long time since he had been able to enjoy a day like today. Lately those damned scientist had been pushing him around. Ordering him to guard the daughter of so and so or to escort the noble of some god forsaken capital around town. Because of this small period of rest, he thought it best to get away from everyone and simply enjoy the day that he was given. So he went to the usual spot, a place of comfort and peace to him, a small abandon little building who's structure was just stable enough to allow the passage of fleeting visitors. The building was three stories tall and on its roof, where the entrance of the staircase was laid Noah atop of it's broad little surface.

He lazily placed an arm behind his head and had a thin book over his face to block the sun's rays from flushing his face with red. At his core he was honestly a very laid-back individual and loved nothing more than too breathe in the fresh air. Though his inner wolf was restless, it itched to explore the barren lands beyond the military's boundary but of course he was being suppressed by Noah's own will. " Not today wolfy, Today is mines alone. " he told it calmly.

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