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Name: Jack D. Mikallister
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Monkey D. Luffy [One Piece]

Jack D. Mikallister  Appear11

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
General Appearance: Jack's general appearance isn't anything too special. He's a Caucasian male and stands at a height of 5'10", has black hair, and black eyes. Although he's not exactly the tallest out there, Jack's physique makes up for it. He has a well-toned, muscular body which is not so large that it weighs him down. He also has a small scar under his left eye, and a large X-Shaped scar over his chest, the result of having an automail exo-skeleton implanted within his body. For using alchemy, Jack has tattooed a transmutation circle on the palm of his right hand, which is only a shade or two darker than the skin itself. When it comes to clothes, Jack dresses in a mixture between a farmer, and someone who spends a lot of time lounging about. He usually wears a red shirt with spread cuffs and yellow buttons, however he never actually closes it and usually leaves it open. The alchemist also wears a yellow sash around his waist and baggy blue shorts which have white fur stitched to the bottom. He typically wears sandals on his feet, however from time to time will switch to runners and other types of clothing for his entire body, depending on the environment. Jack's signature piece is always by his side, his adoptive-mother's straw hat which she handed down to him. He usually wears it on his head, however there is a string attached inside which allows for it to hang off his neck.

Jack D. Mikallister  Person10

Personality: Jack is your typical laid-back, fun-loving guy. He'll often prefer to relax or run around (due to his odd and strenuous use of alchemy) over doing work, well, who doesn't? If he were to ever become a State Alchemist however, he'd take his work very seriously, and he's no push-over either. Although he was raised on a farm, Jack's adoptive-grandmother home-schooled him every day, and at the age of 7 he was already a prodigy in alchemy and the sciences of it. So, he's laid-back and smart and prefers not to do anything "boring", however there is also a very serious side to the Mikallister boy.

For years he'd been suffering from loss after loss and pain after pain, and although he doesn't show it much, those experiences turned him into a quite cold person. He may love people and their company, however he won't hesitate to take a person's life if they disturb the peace of those who are good. When it comes to fighting he prefers not to meddle on such things, but once again, he won't back down if it means protecting the good-hearted.

Now when it comes to love and women, Jack is completely clueless. Around girls he seems to be really calm and casual and is actually completely unaware if they have any feelings for him. His own adoptive sister Rosaline had a small crush on him at one point in time, however Jack had no idea so she soon dropped her odd love for him in a heart-beat. Of course if he were to ever like someone himself (which would probably never happen anyways), Jack would pay more attention to said female and hope for the best.

The touchiest subject which one should not ask Jack about, is his past. When mentioned he'll often become quite, sad, and very glum and depressing. He knows nothing about his origins and if someone were to mock his real parents, he'd become infuriated quite quickly (although he himself knows nothing about them).


  • Sleeping: He's an avid sleeper, and whether he has a job or not, he'll often doze off for several minutes to over half a day. The reason he sleeps so much is probably because of the massive amount of strain his body undergoes when using alchemy on itself.
  • Eating: For the same reason he sleeps (using alchemy), Jack eats A LOT. He could probably clear a whole table of food and still have some room in his stomach for more. His favorite food type would definitely be meat, for it nourishes him the most, gives protein, and tastes delicious.
  • Moving: Ever since he can remember, Jack has never been able to stand still (except for when he sleeps, eats). He enjoys running, walking, and moving his body altogether. Some people might even think that he has ADHD because of his impulsive behavior.
  • The Sky: He often enjoys looking up at the sky for it reminds him of his days with his adoptive-sister Rosaline, when they'd stare up at the endless beyond of blue. This is probably one of the only instances in which Jack does not move like a psychopath.
  • People: Back in Resembool, Jack was always the odd one out. He was considered a freak because of his strange use of alchemy and even more so when he'd confront kids so up-close with the offer to be friends. Of course his impulsive behavior is one reason for this, however it's only half of the problem. He's been almost completely alone ever since he was born, losing person after person and for his entire life he's been trying to make connections with others.


  • Work: Even back in Resembool on the farm, Jack was never the hardest worker. He prefers to run around or look at the sky, instead of sitting down and doing paperwork or plowing a field of soil and wheat.
  • Fire: The reason for both of his adoptive parents' deaths. He despises flames and any alchemist who utilizes them.
  • Strictness: Jack is a very laid-back person and hates it when people are strict. His adoptive-father and grandmother would always scold him for "plowing the fields wrong" or simply just because they felt like it. Of course one is now deceased, however the alchemist still hates strictness to an extent.
  • Rosaline: Rosaline (or Rose, as he called her) is Jack's adoptive-sister. The two would often quarrel and fight, even to the point that she'd make fun of him being the odd one out. Despite physically showing that he hates her, Jack actually enjoys the company of his fake sister and would do anything to better her life.
  • Fighting: Due to his love for all people (except for the corrupt of course), Jack hates fighting and/or sparring. He won't back down from a challenge or from someone who hurts the innocent, however he'd often persuade for the instance to go some other way, possibly training the mind instead of the body when practicing.


  • To become a State Alchemist: Ever since he was a little boy Jack has been fascinated by alchemy and it's workings. He not only wants to become a State Alchemist to learn of his origins, but also wants to make a true difference in the world. Even if he does become a State Alchemist, he'll still despise taking orders from his strict superiors, however will do anything to help those in need.
  • To learn about his origins: At only 5 months old, Jack was left on the doorstep of the Mikallister family. Before Mrs. Mikallister passed away due to lung infection, she handed Jack a small slip of burnt paper. Apparently it was burned from before, and he can barely make out what's depicted on it. His adoptive-mother stated that it was the only thing she found along with him on when he was left at her doorstep, the only actual clue to his origins. Now Jack's main goal is to find out who he truly is, and he believes that if he delves into the archives of the State Alchemists (by becoming one himself), he'll eventually find the truth.
  • To find the Mystery Man "Mr. D.T.": D.T. is the one who tricked Jack into having a metal frame implanted within his body. Not only that, but Jack believes that he's the one responsible for stealing the Cenz which Jack's father entrusted to him, and also the cause of the Mikallister Ranch Fire. He now has a personal vendetta to find this man on his search for his origins, and if he and Jack were to ever cross paths, blood would be spilled.


  • Claustrophobia: Being raised on a farm in large, wide open areas, Jack isn't exactly familiar with cramped-up hallways and caverns. He'll be alright a relatively spread out office or room, however if said area isn't big enough to hold a bed he'll begin to panic.
  • The Truth: Although he wants to learn more about his past and where he came from, Jack fears that when/if he does, it'll be horribly. What if he's the son of some psychopath or murderer? What if he's just a freak experiment or an accident? He truly wishes to know, however the small possibilities often nag at the back of his mind, making him more and more nervous as he comes closer to the truth.

Jack D. Mikallister  Histor11

History: Our story begins in the quiet yet fairly large town of Resembool. On one of the many strips of farmland and ranches of the peaceful town lived the Mikallister family. They were a family of three, simply going on with their fairly successful lives, until "the package" arrived that is. What is this package, you ask? Well, on a stormy night, Mrs. Mikallister heard a knock on her door. When she opened it, the only thing that lay on her doorstep was a picnic basket. The entire family gathered around to see what was in the package. And low and behold, inside slept a small child no older than 5 months. The only thing that lay with the child was a half-burnt photograph of a woman with the initial "D." engraved in the corner. Of course in-fighting began and Mr. Mikallister warned that with another child already coming from his pregnant wife, there was no way that they could sustain another. However John's (Mr. Mikallister) own mother had the final say, and she believed that they were obviously entrusted with the child for a reason. That is when the child was named by his adoptive-grandmother, that is when Jack D. Mikallister's real life had begun...

Jack's life was not an easy one once it truly began. A year after he was taken in by the Mikallister's, his adoptive-sister Rosaline would be born. By the time Jack himself was 5 and Rosa was 4, the two quarreled day and night. Not only that, but Jack had to deal with the life of a farmer. At the age of 7 he discovered the world of alchemy, and as such found a new love for the science. He was a natural prodigy, capable of making birds from wood and swords from stone, however his father had other things in mind. He often mocked his fake son (whom he referred to as) for his fairly weak physique, short size, and usage of "a sissy man's science", as John called it, however by the age of 10 Jack would hit his growth spurt. Over the days his strength and stamina increased to the point that he could no longer stand still for he always had so much energy. And even better for the child, he grew quite a bit, almost as tall as his father in fact. By this time you may think that this is a story of family, finding one's place in an unknown world, and happiness, however all but one is false.

At the age of 12, John finally entrusted his adopted son with the job of buying new cattle for their herd. Of course the boy was ecstatic, and once his father warned him to protect the pouch of money with his life, he set off. Jack sprinted across the fields and towards the train station which usually carried the sheep that were to be delivered to town. From a distance, a small cart playing an odd musical tune pulled up. Out popped a man wearing a top-hat and suit, whom stared at the sprinting boy with great intrigue. By the time Jack was near the musical cart, the man of mystery told him to stop, explaining that he could make Jack even faster than he is already. The young alchemist was reluctant to accept the offer, however he entered the man's cart without another question, one of the most foolish mistakes he made in his life. The Man, referring to himself as simply "D.T." strapped the boy into his custom made operation table. Of course he did it by force, and by the time Jack was secured tightly, he began to scream for help. He was quickly injected with a serum of sorts and passing out was the last thing he remembered from that moment.

When he awoke, Jack looked down at his blood soaked torso. There was a giant, still bleeding, X-Shaped scar across his chest and he could feel dozens upon dozens of pains coursing throughout his body. He looked around the caravan in search of D.T., however to no avail. Jack stumbled up from the table, who's straps had broken with surprising ease. After managing to scream his way to the door of the vehicle, Jack's eyes opened wide in horror at the site before him. Only about a kilometer away down the hill, there was the Mikallister ranch, flames dancing around the entire building.

By the time the fire was put out, thankfully half of the farm was still standing, however the costs of Jack's mistake would be much worse. Not only did he no longer have the pouch of Cenz, but half of his family's herd had either died or escaped, and even worse deaths were soon to be reported. Mr. John Mikallister died in the flames, saving both his daughter and wife in the process. Thankfully his grandmother wasn't even in town during the event, however the losses would soon continue. Maria (Jack's adoptive mother), seemed to have acquired a lung infection after inhaling too much smoke from the flames. She died only a week later, entrusting her working straw-hat to her son whom she oh so loved. Maria also decided to finally tell the boy of his origins of which he actually had no clue of. All those years he believed he was their son, however he was handed one clue to his true past, the half-burned photo of the woman and the symbol "D.".

Shortly after Maria passed away to the after life to be with her beloved husband, Jack would discover another shocking fact. He slid the burnt picture in the back pocket of the pants he wore on the day of the flames. As he picked the photo up again, another slip of paper flew out of his pants, this one delivering a shocking realization for the boy. It read: "Experiment #0032: The Flash", and under it were the blueprints of a new type of automail, an exo-skeleton to be specific. At that moment the pains coursed through his body once more, and Jack realized that he was Experiment 0032, he had a metal frame placed inside of his body with the scars to prove it. He realized that by utilizing alchemy, he could actually force the metal frame to vibrate, and in turn speed up his own body in the process, the mystery man didn't lie about making him faster. After several try-and-fail attempts, Jack finally solved the alchemical formula, even having a transmutation circle tattooed onto his palm for the use of it. Although his stamina and strength built up over the years, the vibrating of his body ended up hospitalizing Jack for an entire month on the first try. He would then spend the next 7 years training himself for when he would depart.

After honing his body even further over his 7 year training session to hell and back, using alchemy on his body now only leaves him fatigued and tired, instead of incredibly sore. He's learned all about alchemy and the military, even more so of State Alchemists. According to the books, State Alchemists have access to the widest array of information, and Jack believes that he can finally find out what the "D." means in the photo of the mystery woman. He can now take the first step into truly knowing who he is, and so, Jack embarks on his quest for origins...

RP Sample:

Jack continued to sit by the entrance, his body unmoving, and his mind accidentally having cleared. He seemed to have fallen into an unintentional trance while waiting for Xun, who, by the way, showed no signs of appearing anytime soon. His body began to glow slightly and his eyes flared open with a light aura. Jack's conscious flowed through his mind, traveling to a place unknown to all but himself and those who dwell within.

He sat bolt upright, beads of sweat pouring down his body and his eyes having opened awide but with their regular shade of brown. Jack looked around the God Realm, unable to hold back the slight hums of his intrigue. What used to be a barren, dark wasteland, was now a bustling city situated in the center of a desert. A cloaked figure approached him, something which seemed to be hazel feathers dropping from to the floor. Jack raised a brow at the man, simultaneously smiling for he recognized him easily. The bird man held up a human finger to his mouth, however Jack was still slightly confused. He moved his lips to prevent a ruckus in the illusory town, mouthing the name Anubis to the bird figure. The cloaked being pointed to a pitch black dog-esque creature which, surprisingly enough was right next to Jack, seemingly having appeared out of nowhere. The jackal had a sour expression on it's face, most likely due to the fact that he couldn't even show his proper form in public, especially one that was merely a memory.

As the odd group moved towards the large, elegant building in the center, Jack finally realized where they were. This must've been Sarundakhbad Maginga's land, the same, nearly hopeless land which he would bring prosperity and power to in the years to come. Jack let out a deep breath of amazement and splendor, genuinely excited to see what the city offered. However, that would have to wait for another day, for now, he had to meet up with Xun again.

The aura faded quickly, and Jack stood on his two feet once more. He patted off the dirt and gravel from his leggings, now facing the deep, dark tunnel which would lead into the temple. "Well, I suppose I might as well check for Xun in there.", he said with an exasperated sigh. Jack was about to take a step towards the temple, however his body soon went limp and his conscious faded from him quickly. A fairly tall cloaked figure hoisted the blue-haired man onto his own shoulder, walked away from the temple and into the depths of the forest instead.
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