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Post by Kisuke T. Bloodedge on Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:34 pm

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Name: Kisuke T. Bloodedge
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Ragna the Bloodedge ~ Blazblue

Kisuke T. Bloodedge Appear11
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair: White
Eyes: [Left] Dark Red, [Right] Green
General Appearance:
Kisuke wears abnormal clothing most of the time. He wears a red jacket, which he has other colors of, black pants and black gloves. He has a black and white edged, long sleeved shirt that he wears underneath his jacket. The jacket has all sorts of fasteners and harnesses to keep it in place, but Kisuke he just uses the front belts to keep the jacket from flying off in a strong wind. His pants are oriental samurai style, but not much else besides the usual pants pockets. He wears regular gloves, but his jacket is hanging off on the left half of his body for comfort reasons. Now one thing that sets Kisuke's left arm apart from other arms is that he has a mechanical arm. At the moment, because he can't seem to get it to function correctly other than simple motions, he has disconnected the nerves between his shoulder and his arm. Though doing that was a bit of an accident and he doesn't know how to fix it. Anyway, Kisuke wears a diverse set of clothing between modern were and old style oriental wear. The last things that sets Kisuke apart are the different colored eyes he has. Kisuke's not sure how he has these, but he doesn't mind. He doesn't think it important enough think about.

Kisuke T. Bloodedge Person10
Kisuke is a pretty relaxed person at times. Other times he's sleeping or daydreaming about a peaceful life, not that he doesn't already have one, just that he sees life as an endless, and peace-less struggle to stay on top. Kisuke cares for his friends, the few he has, so as to stay sane. His view on life, at times, can force him to do irrational thinking, but when he is doing battle, he has more concentration, but not fully. He enjoys battle, but not as much as others. He doesn't like to hurt others unless forced, and a battle is a good excuse to go against his morals. All in all, Kisuke is a relaxed and peaceful character with a little thirst for blood at times. Yeah, he does also have a slight thirst for blood.

Blood He's a bit twisted this way, but Kisuke likes the taste of blood. He doesn't drink it regularly, but if he is forced to do battle, he'll almost uncontrollably try and draw blood. He may not like to hurt others, but his blood thirst attitude during battle drives him through his morals.

Friends Kisuke likes to be around his friends. If he had family, he would like to be around them, too. Sadly though, Kisuke's family is not known at the moment. He has a feeling that they aren't dead though. He just has a feeling. But anyway, he likes to be around his friends because they keep him sane in life.

Battle He may not like to hurt others, but he can't help breaking his morals at times. The best kind of fight for him would be that of intimidation. If Kisuke is given the opportunity to win a battle through pure intimidation, he will definetly do so, for it wouldn't hurt anyone either. It's like 'killing' two birds with one stone.

Alchemy Being an Alchemist, he in turn loves alchemy. Well, once he started to learn about alchemy, then he wanted to be an Alchemist. All the same, he loves the ins and outs of alchemy, why it works specifically. He himself wishes to perfect alchemy to it's ultimate limit, the power of pure create.

Life Kisuke has had plenty of time to relax and think about life in and of itself. He has come to love life, no matter who's it may be, because it is a gift that, as he believes, alchemy has given the world. In turn, he then wishes to create life using alchemy.

-Death- He dislikes death because he fears it. Death is a, according to Kisuke, a plague that infects life itself. It is a parasite that never stops growing off of life.

-Unfairness- Kisuke doesn't stand for unfairness. He wishes for equality between those that deserve it, sometimes even those that don't deserve it. There are reasons for some to deserve it and others who don't, but then again, Kisuke thinks about this most of the time, on top of life even. All the same though, unfairness is also a disease that rapidly spreads due to war.

-Chimeras- He doesn't like the idea of killing a life to improve another, even if said life is a small animal. When one creates a chimera, one life must die while the other lives prosperously, unless something goes wrong, which most of the time does.

-War- War is the cause of most of, if not all of, Kisuke's dislikes and fears. War causes destruction, disease, experiments and inhumane tests, unfairness, but most of all, death.

-Destruction- Destruction ruins lives all the time, no matter the circumstance. Though the occasional ground crater is fine, he doesn't like to see many craters all over the place. Destruction mostly causes the world to look ugly.

Life Through Alchemy Though this goal is a motivation, that doesn't mean it's possible by any means. If one life dies, another is replaced and so on. As far as Kisuke knows, life and death are a cycle, but he wishes to break that cycle, first through the artificial creation of life itself.

Alchemy in Death Kisuke has usually seen alchemy help people, but he has heard of it being used in wars to cause death. He wishes to stop the endless cycle of life and death by finding out, through alchemy, why death happens, and what can be done to stop it. If death is stopped, life can flourish.

-Death- As stated before, death is a dislike, but only because it is a fear. He fears death for the sole reason for it being the opposite of life. It's a disease that doesn't stop. It cycles between families and friends as if killing were nothing. Death is a parasite that sucks at the population of life while in doing so, it grows in number and density like the back of a tick or spreads like blood on a flat surface. Death is a terrible thing that Kisuke wishes to end.

-War- He also dislikes war, also for the reason he dislikes it. He fears that war may break out more often that it possibly could in the past. When more effort is put into expanding the military, the more pressure is built up and eventually, the greater the war that ensues. Destruction and death are what trail behind wars. Unfairness and poverty are the end result of most wars that Kisuke has read about. It is an all around fearful thing to exist.

Kisuke T. Bloodedge Histor11
History: Like most everyone's beginning, Kisuke started out as a baby. Up to this point in time, Kisuke still doesn't know who his parents are or if he even has a family to speak of. Kisuke had been raised by numerous orphanages and travelers that either just didn't care in the end or didn't have enough room to put Kisuke in their schedule. Kisuke had pretty much been a wondering little child all his life. He never did anything wrong though, such as steal or cheat his way through things. He has always been a kind person to speak of, but not many knew him. Heck, not many know him even now! All the same, the young little child was a mysterious fellow his whole life. As stated before, Kisuke had been adopted by several orphanages or run away with wanderers. He didn't really have a name to speak of, so he just gave himself a name. He has forgotten where he got his name's inspiration from, but that didn't matter, for from the age of about 5 or 6 years old, he had called himself Kisuke T. Bloodedge. He thought it was a cool name, probably where most of the inspiration came from, so he stuck with it, and it still sticking to that name. At the age of about 10 or 11, Kisuke had run away, but not the first time, from an orphanage. He had run away so as to learn more about alchemy. One of the visitors that he had encounter at said orphanage from which he had run away from happened to be an alchemist that fought during a war. he never really gave away his name though, but just stopped by to surprise the orphans with, what the alchemist called, 'magic tricks'. He did a few here and there and eventually left. Kisuke was so amazed by what he saw that he just had to figure out how to do it, too. He snuck off, as said before, and went to where Kisuke had overheard one of the caretakers said the alchemist was staying. Kisuke found the rather old man as Kisuke had just noticed. He was pretty old. He had a long gray beard, squinted eyes, and dark, wrinkly skin. Kisuke didn't see the man's face before, but it didn't matter how old the person what, for now. All Kisuke cared about was about alchemy, or as he was explained, 'magic tricks'. The old man seemed a little overjoyed to hear someone wanting to learn alchemy. And so, for about 7 or 8 years, Kisuke had been learning alchemy from a little old man that traveled the country for no particular reason, as far as Kisuke knew. During that time, the old man had been getting weaker and weaker by the day, eventually to the point where he had to be in a wheel chair. Kisuke was still able to learn alchemy from the old one, but the old man himself was getting too weak to use alchemy. After nine years had passed since Kisuke ran away from his last orphanage, the old man passed away peacefully, leaving Kisuke crying and all alone. Though the old geezer passed away, Kisuke knew more about the world than ever imaginable due to the travels. He was prepared to live alone at this age, 19 years to be exact, so he decided to try and work to become a State Alchemist so that he would have funds to do his special research on life and death. He picked up how to fix and repair the body, but at the cost of self-experimentation. He accidentally, at the age of 20, pulverized his own left arm. he didn't have much money to go to a good mechanic, so he ended up going to an amateur who was willing to work and get Kisuke a replacement left arm. The arm was a little malfunctioning, but it was enough to draw simple alchemy circles. He could still use alchemy with that arm, but because it was mechanical, he wouldn't get the same results that with his right arm. He tried to adjust the nerves of the arm...but failed, and accidentally disconnected the nerves. The amateur mechanic that helped Kisuke out was now charging big bucks for better repairs, so now, at the age of 21 and up to the present, Kisuke had been living with only one functioning arm and a little alchemy.

RP Sample:
[From FTRPG]
Kisuke was nervous about the up coming battle. He had planned and gotten stronger so that he may be able to try and fight on par, if not better, than the supposed 'strongest dark mage in Fiore'. "Seems sketchy to me..." Kisuke looked over to Obiki and Nuru, both staring at Kisuke, both seeming to slightly tremble. Obiki's shaking wasn't as bad and as noticeable as Nuru's though. Obiki was a loyal companion, and Nuru was kind of, too, but that didn't mean Kisuke would force them to fight in this battle. The Phantom Lord Guild Master was going to be the toughest opponent, aside Ardere, that Kisuke would ever face. If there was anyone stronger, then that would change. But at the moment, the Phantom Lord Guild Master was the one to be dubbed the strongest Kisuke had ever...well, 'will' ever face. It was time to go into the Phantom Lord guild building, the main building. He currently is just traveling from town to town, trying to find a decent job in something. Whether it involved using alchemy or not didn't matter at this point.

He started walking up to the large and powerful looking building after have studied it a little. Not much more than a castle really. He looked back at his two companions. Both of them were still scared it seemed, shaking a little more than before. "Hmmm...ok, go over to the outer areas of the town and wait for me somewhere. You don't have to participate." Obiki sat down after Kisuke's order, willing to stay by his friend's side. Nuru on the other hand went to where Kisuke had pointed. "You should follow Nuru. You know, to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble, ok? Obiki?" This time, Obiki understood the situation and went after Nuru, scooping the slime onto his back as he now ran [pets gone for the time being, will come back after the fight no matter the result]. "Hope those two will be ok without me..." Kisuke looked back at the Phantom Lord guild building, walked up...and pounded on the door, "PHANTOM LORD GUILD MASTER!!!!! I'M HERE TO TURN YOU IN ON BEHALF OF THE KINGDOM OF FIORE!!!!"

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first completed character app!!!

so yeah, bump for review :)
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Kisuke T. Bloodedge (The Bloodedge Alchemist)

No title, only State Alchemists get a title.
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Oops, sorry about that. Saw that on Ardere's app as he had put 'Alchemist', too.

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