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Ardere Flamewright Vongola_Primo


Name: Ardere Flamewright (The Searing Alchemist)
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Experienced
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Vongola Primo-Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Ardere Flamewright Appear11

Height: 5'11
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Orange
General Appearance: Ardere stands at five feet, eleven inches tall and weighing one hundred and seventy pounds. He has a fit physique meaning he is skinny but still has muscles. He wears a suit with black pants and vest, a red tie, and a white button up shirt under it. His state alchemist pocket watch chain is also visible. Over this he has a cloak with gold shoulder pads on it, this cloak is black and grey striped. He stand leisurely usually with his hands in his pocket and his head looking straight on. He usually takes slow and controlled steps at his own pace, especially when walking through crowds. He has spiky blonde hair with deep orange eyes that seem extremely intimidating when looked at. In his pockets he carries his state alchemist watch and two lighters with the flame alchemy symbol carved into them. Also on both his right and left hands he has the flame alchemy symbol tattooed but they are covered by fingerless gloves he wears.

Ardere Flamewright Person10

Personality: Ardere is quite the laid back kind of person, he is usually quiet and pretty chill over all. He does not get angry easily but when he does all hell breaks loose. When most people talk to him they find him pretty anti sociable but that's because he tends to not like most people. However when he does find someone he likes, he could talk to them all day and they would realize that deep down he's a pretty kind person. He cares about the lives of innocents and that is part of the reason he became a state alchemist. He wants to protect people even if he dislikes most of them. He is an extremely loyal person who doesn't tolerate lying. If you lie to him he could take that seriously offensive. He is fine with following orders unless they involve murdering innocent people, at times like that he can become very rebellious. He is quite the intelligent person knowing about the history of amestris, basic alchemy, but more in depth with fire alchemy. He is extremely observant of the world around him and is cautious in most situations. Over all as a person he may seem cold but he has a fiery passion burning within himself.

Likes: Flame Alchemy- He has always had a passion for flame alchemy every since he learned it from his father. He would spend days testing it in the areas around his house, even today he tinkers with it.
Sparring- He loves to spar, he has been self trained in hand to hand combat and is pretty decently known for it too.
Salamanders- He loves anything that symbolizes fire, the salamander is the main animal in the world that symbolizes fire. He would have a pet one if he didn't move around so much.
Motorcycles- He does not have one currently but as a teenager he would ride around on his old motorcycle throughout Amestris. He has even learned how to use flame alchemy while still riding this motorcycle.
Red- Red is his favorite color due to it's resemblance to fire. He liked all of the colors close to fire such as: yellow, orange, and red. He would wear a lot more red clothing if it wasn't so flashy.

Dislikes: Most people- People are greedy and ignorant, even though he wants to protect the innocents he still prefers not too be so social with the world. Humans tend to betray each other so he has become observant over the years to avoid this.
The cold- He absolutely hates cold temperatures, he gets cold quite easily and it's harder for flame alchemy in extreme cold.
Killers- In the military he understands killing but killing for an irrational reason just bangs at his brain, sometimes he finds it hard to follow such orders.

Motivations: Best fire alchemist- Ever since he started practicing flame alchemy he had to dream to become the best, he wants to be known as the fire king one day. He hoped that his fire alchemy will be recognized and that will open up new doors for him and new opponents.
Protect innocents- Ever since his parents died he vowed to not let other families go through that pain like he did, it's hard losing a parent and he wont let that happen to others. He became a state alchemist so he could help people and hopefully improve this crappy world.

Fears: Watching his people die- He loves his country and what little friends he has, he has always feared not being able to protect them. His whole reason to become an alchemist was to protect others, so if he were to fail he would be devastated.
The dark- This is strange but an inability to see scares him, he uses his sight a lot and would hate to lose it even for a moment. This is part of the reason he carries along a lighter with him, aside from flame alchemy.

Ardere Flamewright Histor11

History: Twenty five years ago, Ardere Flamewright was born in Eastern City to Nicholas and Alexandria Flamewright. Nicholas was a state alchemist who specialized in researching flame alchemy since the military had much use for it. His mother, Alexandria was a stay at home mother with her only child, Ardere. They named their child Ardere because it means "to burn" in a distant language, Nicholas always had a fascination with fire. As their child progressed in age, Nicholas and Alexandria began to notice his interest in alchemy so he was shown the basics. It took him a few years to begin to learn all the essentials but he was a pretty quick learner, this surprised Nicholas however there was one thing that didn't'; his fascination with fire. The child had a fascination with fire ever since he was old enough to understand what it was, and now he wanted to learn fire alchemy. Nicholas didn't want his son to dabble in such an alchemy at such a young age so he was told to wait. He went to school every day like a normal child and he had friends just like anyone else, but what set him aside from them was his passion for fire alchemy. When he reached the age of twelve, his father Nicholas told him that it was time, he was allowed to learn only the most basics of fire alchemy and no more. So after a year or two of practicing he was a novice in alchemy. He knew the basics of alchemy but he preferred fire alchemy. At age sixteen he decided to go into the woodland parts of East City and practice alchemy on his own, he could only use the basics but he was still trying to get better. He practiced every day with his father's books and materials, not being able to progress further angered him so one day he stayed out later than usual. He looked up into the night sky to see smoke in the direction of his house, he bolted towards his house with what he could gather of his fathers books on alchemy. When he arrived to his house he found it blazing at temperatures he had never seen or felt before, he tried to run in but the place was on fire in ways not possible. There was only one explanation; flame alchemy. He knew his father had been experimenting with it in his lab but he never thought it would go wrong, he had no way of putting the fire out so he stood there in awe. Tears rolled down his face as his childhood home was burnt to the ground, he rose up in anger and ran into the house hours later. He searched through his father's lab but found no body, everything was ash except one book or part of a book. He found his father's personal journal on flame alchemy, it had many burnt pages but there were still some legible ones. He stuffed it in his coat as he dug a grave for his parents. That day he vowed to not fail in flame alchemy like his father did, he also vowed to become a state alchemist and protect people.

Ardere immediately boarded the train to Central, he was going to train and become a state alchemist. When he arrived in Central he was in awe at the amount of people so he knew getting a place would be hard. He got a job at a local blacksmith's for a while allowing his to get enough money for an apartment and alchemy books. He began to study and work for the next few years and when he turned twenty he was ready. He went down to Central Command and applied for the state alchemist test. He passed the written exam at above average but several others did significantly better than he did. When he went to the interview with the Fuhrer and members of the high command he was asked why he wanted to become a state alchemist. His response was: "My parents died tragically in a fire, and that day I made a promise to myself, to stop that from happening to other people. So I took up alchemy and studied for years to take this test, and I'm gonna pass it." His answer caused some laughter among the senior staff and he moved on to the physical aspect of the test, he was led into a large area with many terrains and told to show off his alchemy abilities. He walked to the forest area and pulled out a simple lighter, or so it seemed. This lighter had a flame alchemy transmutation circle engraved into it, he pointed it at the trees and flicked he lighter on. A large flame probably about ten feet long spewed out of it like a flamethrower causing several trees to light on fire, he did this twice as a forest fire began to spread. The senior staff and the Fuhrer were astonished at this alchemy, flame alchemy was not common at all. Even if this was just the basics of flame alchemy, the military knew they could make weapons out of this and he would be a valuable asset to their forces. He passed the test and was dubbed; "The Searing Alchemist". Five years later he can be found in Central studying more advanced flame alchemy in his apartment. Being a state alchemist he has learned a lot more alchemy than before and now he is on his way to becoming a master like his father.

RP Sample:
Ardere Kasai, the S ranked fire dragon slayer of Infinity Hydra was waiting in a clearing outside of Era. He had invited Ray to come join him train today for their fight against Cornell, but who knew the people that were wandering through the woods? Anyone could appear and wish to rain with him today, but would someone appear? He sighed as he sat on a tree limb about fifteen feet high. He scratched the back of his head and sipped some sake, he figured that since he was going to wait for Ray for a bit he might as well enjoy himself. He was basically going to kick back and relax until his magic council friend appeared. The two were to train his new dragon slayer spells for their fight with the lycan lord; Cornell. He had fought vampires, demons, and even wyverns but would a lycan be any different? He wasn't just a lycan, he was the king of all lycans. Well the bastard better be ready for the king of all fire.

He looked to the pitch black sky, it was a permanent night. Night was okay but day time was when everything got done, he wasn't getting used to this permanent darkness. That bastard Baelum was going to pay for blocking out the sun permanently, he was going to rip that guy a new one if hikaru didn't. The thought made him take a deep breath, his emotions had been very fragile these pas few days since he had acquired the fire dragon slayer lacrima. His body didn't hurt anymore and it was quite nimble but all the training had taken his toll, this was almost too much. After today's training session he was going to get some drinks and have a bit of alone time to his thoughts. He looked forward to the massive vacation after this whole Darkness ordeal was over.

The darkness was going to lose this fight but it wasn't going He was the fire dragon slayer after all, the light was his thing. He did truly need a vacation after this, perhaps he'd go to Akane Resort and have some fun for once. he hadn't had any fun in a while, everyone needed a vacation once in a while. He also needed to get off the training courses, this new lacrima did make him happy though. He was a little less antisocial after acquiring it, it did help majorly in combat after all. It was the single best thing he had spent his money on, but today he was going to make it strong and train the best spell in his arsenal.

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