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Post by Webmaster Marcus on Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:51 am

The Skill System 7a127e08-5389-4016-aaac-7495b2401462_zpsc874fc88


On FMA Rpg we use a unique skill system that allows players of all classes a equal chance. Since we are a free-form role playing site, we do not have any form of stats or such and instead players pick skills that match their character. There are all sorts of skills, some that are unique to specific classes, while others that are open for all. Each player has a set amount of skills to use and said amount increases with rank. This is to evade having broken characters that are almighty and that are good at everything, since it is practically impossible to be good at everything.


  • Martial Artist - this skill allows you to use a certain form of martial arts in combat. Naturally, you can chose which one do you want. For each additional martial art, you gotta take an additional Martial Artist skill.
  • Weapon Specialist - anyone can use a weapon, but not quite as effective. By taking this skill you become a specialist with a certain sort of weapons. You can pick guns and be like Riza Hawkeye or get swords and fight like Ling. Just like with Martial Artist, you need to pick an additional Weapon Specialist skill for each sort of weapons you want to use. 
  • Professional Weight Lifter - I think this is pretty much self explanatory, you can lift large masses due to years of training. Which basically means your strength is not quite like that of an average human. If a Chimera takes this skill, they basically get the strength of an animal which is their counterpart. 
  • Professional Sprinter - same as above, pretty much self explanatory. You can run fast and a lot of people will have a hard time catching up to you. Once again, Chimera get theirs based on the animal which parts they have. 
  • Tactician / Strategist - a trait that makes one worthy of leading troupes and armies into war. On top of that, one with this trait can notice the smallest changes in the environment around him/her and promptly adapt to them. 
  • Medical Specialist - those who have studied medicine, they are able to tend to wounded people and cure diseases. However, on top of that, they know how one's body ticks and thus they can make precise cuts using scalpels in order to hit just the right spot where an artery is and such. 
  • Polyglotism - the ability to master numerous languages. Most people can learn and master two or three languages at must, but if you have this skill you can master up to four languages, out of which you can speak 3 fluently.
  • Lie detector - for ages you have studied human psychology and reactions, thus allowing you to tell when someone is saying lies based on their expressions, movements and other signs. Every person does something when they lie, you are able to detect it with ease.
  • Custom Skill - speak to staff if you have more ideas for skills. 


  • Human Transmutation - you can now perform the forbidden human transmutation. But, as you all know, such a thing is impossible to do and thus you will fail. On top of failing, you will also lose something precious to you. For example, the Erick brothers lost their body parts, their teacher lost the organs needed for giving birth and Roy lost his sight. What you lose will depend on your character of course. The reward for it will be the ability to use alchemy or alkahestry without having to use transmutation circles. Yes, the clapping thing. 
  • Chimera Creation - this skill allows you to fuse animals and humans in order to create Chimera. Due to the complexity of this process, you need to draw a rather large transmutation circle bellow the specimens which you wish to fuse and the process itself takes a minute or so to be finished. Thus it is actually unusable in battle. 
  • Homunculus Creation - like Chimera, Homunculus are actually products of Alchemy. This ancient alchemy is quite powerful and in order for it to be successful, one needs to obtain a live human specimen and a Philosopher's Stone before trying it. Even so, its products will be mere imperfect hybrids (Ling Greed or like Wrath). 
  • Philosopher's Stone Creation - there are many ways to create a Philosopher's Stone, but each one of this methods requires a great sacrifice to be made. One must use an entire city full of people as a basis for the stone. The souls of the people living there will be fused into the crimson stone and it will grant its user a way to somewhat bend the law of Equivalent Exchange. Even with clapping you still have to draw a city wide transmutation circle in order to succeed in doing this.
  • Custom Skill - speak to staff if you have more ideas for skills.  


  • Enhanced Sense of [INSERT SENSE] - this skill allows a Chimera to take on the enhanced sense of one of their animal counterparts. You can only enhance a maximum of two senses, but for each one you need to expend a skill point. So, in order to get two enhanced senses, you will need to expend two skill points. Your senses basically take on the properties of an animals sense. So, if you are part dog, you can take a dogs naturally excellent sense of smell per say.
  • Custom Skill - speak to staff if you have more ideas for skills.  


  • High-speed Regeneration - the skill which most Homunculus posses and the reason why they are so hard to defeat. Each one of them contains a Philosopher's stone to which they are bound and from it they can drain the power to rebuild themselves pretty much instantly. Rebuilding their bodies from fatal wounds is a bit harder so this sort of an action takes souls from the stone itself and thus weakens them. If they spend up all their souls or if the stone is broken, they die. 
  • Custom Skill - speak to staff if you have more ideas for skills. 


  • General Automail Mechanic - this skills allows your character to be able to make your own automails and repair/re-build broken ones as well.
  • Battle Ready Automail Mechanic - allows an automail mechanics the knowledge and skills to install weapons and other fun stuff into ones automail in order to make them more effective in a battle.
  • Qi Sensing - like many other Xingese royal martial artists, Ling is able to read the flow of the Dragon's Pulse, which gives him the ability to sense, locate and track the Qi of living beings around him (maxed at 40 meter distance), such as animals, allies and foes. Additionally, it allows him to sense spiritual anomalies like the Philosopher's Stones and the Homunculi. This skill requires one to be a martial artist or a weaponry specialist and to have learned it somehow in Xing. 
  • Custom Skill - speak to staff if you have more ideas for skills. 
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