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Post by Webmaster Marcus on Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:44 pm

General Site Rules F73ea539-80d6-40f4-ae38-b36f2055f781_zpsc671e094


  • Member harassment is not allowed. It's understood that arguments happen and tempers flare. But, there should not be any constant bashing and such based on race, religion, and sexuality. Joking around and such is fine, but if you are told to stop, do stop. Something that is funny to you may be rather offensive to someone else.
  • Do not spam or post multiple times in a topic one after another, especially if the content is exactly the same. Everything after the initial post will be deleted.
  • The only place where you can advertise is the advertisement area. Advertising in other places of the forum, through private messages, via signatures and on the chat box is not allowed. It will be deleted and you will be banned if you continue to do so. We don't go to other forums and do such things, so please don't do it to us either. 
  • Fullmetal Alchemist is a military based fantasy anime and thus there is some gore content (blood, murder, etc.). We shall try to keep it to a minimum, but if you must have such content in your threads, make them with the appropriate tag (Rater R and such). 
  • Name of the account does not have to match the character which you are playing. Some sites insist on doing so, but we don't mind if the two of them are different. That is, as long as you don't abuse this privilege and go on using rather silly and offensive account names. Then, we might change things. 
  • Don't bug the staff please, we are here to try and help you as much as we can. However, everyone can get annoyed after being constantly asked to check someones stuff. 


  • Writing is meant to convey a message. So, if your post cannot be understood, you can be asked to clarify and if needed, even rewrite your post so that it can be understood. Failing to comply will get your post voided if needed.
  • Do not post out of order. Each topic has a posting order, follow it. You are only able to post out of order if a person does not post in the designated time limit or if the other topic members are fine with you posting before them. 
  • Multiple topics are allowed. You can be in as many as you want as long as you can you manage all of them. Don't write in too many topics if you can't keep up with all of them please. 
  • 72 hour time limit. Yeah, some people are busy and want to complete their story as soon as possible, it is not nice to have them wait for someone who is taking too long to post. Usually the time limit on sites is 48 hours, but due to the multiple topic rule, it was extended somewhat. Gives you enough time to complete all your posts in time. If your partner/s in the topic is fine with it, you can ignore this time limit. 
  • The purpose of this RP is development and we encourage that. The reason why FMA is such a good anime is mainly its fantastic story and setting. The action scenes and the fights are a nice addition, but the story is its highlight. 
  • Meta-gaming, Auto-hitting, controlling other people's characters and actions - not allowed, please don't do it. If you are new to role playing and do not know what some of these things are, please ask anyone who has been role playing for a while now. Most people know these terms. 



  • [No Tag] - means it is a open topic, anyone can join, anything goes. But, must be kept under PG-13 rating. Posts that do not follow this will get voided. 
  • [Rated something] - may contain content that is not suited for younger folk. 
  • [Private], [Solo] - only the people that are meant to be in this topic can be in this topic, you are required to ask permission before joining them.
  • [Plot] - topics tagged as such are Plot related and are thus considered more important for the site, they give large rewards and prizes to those who participate. These threads are open for all and anything can happen in them. 


  • [No killing], [No fighting] - if you make a open thread and your character pisses off someone, you can expect a fight to occur. So, if you do not want to end up having to fight someone at the moment, please enter private threads. 


  • The Staff Rule - the staff made the rules and thus they can change them at any given time. That is, if they find a reason to do so. Otherwise, we all have to follow them and obey them. Nobody is exempt from them. 
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