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Rorik Brast (WIP) 314-81

Name: Rorik Brast
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Ged from Gedo Senki

                           Rorik Brast (WIP) Appear11

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
General Appearance: Rorik is of above average height at six-foot two inches. He is fairly muscular and maintains a generally thin body with his muscles focused on endurance rather than strength in order to help prevent him from sweating in the colder climates. His hair is a rich brown and is cut rather short and slightly spiky toward the top. He sports a similarly styled goatee and mustache. His skin is generally very pale with the exception of his uncovered face which is lightly tanned from exposure tot he sun. His clothing depends on his current location. When he is in a northern climate like he is used to he wears a large brown cloak that covers the majority of his body and parts at the center. Under that he wears a loose-fitting long-sleeved shirt that tucks loosely into his pants. His pants are a thick canvas of light brown color with a thin leather pad on each knee and that tuck into a pair of long, fur-line riding boots of a dark brown leather. When he visits the southern cities he dons generally loose-fitting clothes that are light in color in order to help regulate his body temperature as he is not very resistant to warmer temperatures.

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      Severe Hemophobia (Fear of Blood): When Rorik was a child His entire family caught a terrible blood-borne disease. Being secluded from most medicinal facilities, his family turned to the traditional "cure" of bloodletting. They all participated with the exception of Rorik who had already had a minor case of Hemophobia. Rorik's entire family (Himself Included) suffered from Hemophilia (non-clotting blood which leads to excessive bleeding) (Not known until after the fact) (also, Yay name irony!) and bled out. Ever since, Rorik has avoided anywhere where blood might be visible and leaves no skin except for his face exposed to reduce the risk of getting cut. Interestingly enough Rorik's fear of blood extends only to blood in its liquid form, Frozen blood does not affect him in any way. He uses his alchemy to freeze any blood on sight to prevent a Hemophobia attack. He has Also developed the habit of imagining all liquids in their frozen states to further prevent his attacks. If an attack cannot be prevented Rorik usually Blacks out or siezes up losing all ability to move or think rationally depending on the amount of blood with the higher quantities of blood leaning toward the former of the two while smaller amounts lead to the latter.

      Thermophobia (Fear of Heat): Extended exposure to the northern climate has left Rorik with an exceptionally low tolerance to heat. When visiting the southern cities he must wear a specially designed outfit to regulate his body temperature. 

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Rorik Brast
Rorik Brast

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