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Name: Michael (Mac) Dineen
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: n/a

Height: 6'5
Weight: 210
Hair: Red
Eyes: Yellow
General Appearance: Mac is tall with shoulder length red hair.  His normal attire consists of jeans, a stylish button up plaid shirt, dark green gloves with the fingers cut out, and a dark leather jacket with a golden transmutation circle engraved on the back.  He is toned, but not overly muscular.  He wears red sneakers with lightning symbols on the sides.  He has thin glasses that are square and rimless, but he rarely uses them.  He also likes to wear rings on his fingers.  This results in his own private collection of rings.  Mac tends to wear just the colorful standard bands as rings.  Rings with any diamonds or other protrusions are only donned on special occasions, or when Mac thinks he might get in a fight.

Personality: Mac is happy and fun-loving, but clumsy person.  He tries to be respectful of those around him.  He is a hard worker and does his best to help others out.  However, he is very opinionated and talks a lot.  Also, Mac is very emotional for a guy an is quick to jump to the defense of others.  If he doesn't know the sides very well, he usually sides with the minority.  When his friends are threatened, Mac becomes very serious, dangerous, and angry.  At that point, even his friends should be careful around him.  When Mac isn't angry though, he love to laugh and makes every bad joke that comes to his head.  
Likes: Mac likes alchemy most of all.  When he was a just a young kid, Mac's brother went into the state military and became quite a famous alchemist.  Mac isn't sure about the military part yet, but he knows he want to become a strong alchemist.  He also likes helping people.  It is one of Mac's passions.  He grew up in a bigger city and always saw people in pain, it simply drove him nuts.  Mac loves rings also.  He simply started a collection as a kid and loved them ever since.  He also really likes pets.  Mac always stops on the road when he sees someone with a pet, he just loves them.  He also likes food.  Mac has a high metabolism that allows him to eat a lot.
Dislikes: Mac hates bullies, he has seen to many in his time.  They make him angry.  He also hates corruption, that's why he's hesitant to join the military.  Mac looks at corruption as a highly organized form of bullying.  He also dislikes arrogance and snobbishness.  It just doesn't seem classy to him.  He dislikes dads, more out of suspicion and jealousy.  This is because Mac never knew his dad.  Finally, he hates seasonal allergies, because they're always messing with him.
Motivations: Mac is motivated by helping others.  When he grew up, wherever he looked he could find pain.  Now he wants to do his best to put an end to it.  But his desire to impress a girl is another factor in this.  Another major motivator for him is his brother.  Mac always looked up to his brother.  This is partially because his brother was the only father figure in his life.  That's why it's important of him to follow in his brother's footsteps.  Then he hopes to live an honest life and have a family that he won't abandon like his father did.
Fears: Mac fears the dark.  He has always found lightning fascinating, simply because it gave him a small repose from the constant darkness of the night.  Darkness just doesn't feel natural to Mac.  Mac also fears misuse of alchemy.  He often ponders the prospect that he could be corrupted by his teachers and become a monster that he never wished to be.

History: Mac grew up in Central, never knowing his dad.  His mother was never very involved, because she had an illness that usually kept her bedridden.  His brother, James, was really the one that took care of Mac.  As a child he was always attune to all the people around him that seemed to be in pain for some reason.  His brother had achieved the role of state alchemist and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming well known throughout the land.  He is currently a Major General.  His brother was known as the Makeshift Alchemist because he was always being really creative with the resources given him for a transmutation.  Mac looked up to his brother, but didn't really like the military.  As he grew older, he made some friends, but never grew to attached to anyone.  Mac is currently living at his home, now caring for his mom alone.  He wants to find an alchemy teacher and follow in his brother's footsteps.  He hopes to become an alchemic doctor though.  Mac is hesitant to take up the military for alchemic training because he doesn't trust them.  Yet through all this, he still worries about who will care for his mother when she's gone.

RP Sample: Mac opened his eyes slowly.  He could see the sun shining though the shades on his window.  He bolted out of his bed, slipping over a bundle of clothes on the ground and slamming into the ground.  He quickly clambered up and tripped down the stairs.  He grabbed onto the railing at the end of the stairwell to swing around and sprint into the kitchen.  There he ran around feverishly to make his moms morning breakfast.  If he ever brought it up to her late, she would yell at him about how he had scared her.  He didn't want to go throughout that again.

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