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Post by Inukaiya on Sun Jan 26, 2014 11:10 am

   Inukaiya Wolf 5688-1273353680

   Name: Inukaiya Wolf
   Age: 13
   Sex: Female
   Sexuality: Straight
   Rank:  Novice
   Group: Chimera-White Wolf

   Face Claim: Alice Mimasaka-Ore no Tsure wa Hito de Nashi

Inukaiya Wolf Appear11

   Height: 5'0
   Weight: 119 lb
   Hair: waist length white flowing hair with a few strands going down the left half of her face and bangs flowing to the right side of face
   Eyes: Dark golden yellow
   General Appearance: inukaiya has waist length white hair with a few strands going down the left half of her face and bangs flowing to the right side of face, and  white ears on top of her head and a long flowing white tail. She has two black ribbons behind her ears in her hair on both side of her head, she a little pale and is slim with dark golden yellow eyes. Inukaiya wears ether a school like uniform that's has a top that's white with a pink middle and a reddish brown ribbon in the middle, and a white skirt with black at the bottom with black boots and white knee high socks.  Or a lolicon Gothic style black dress with a black then lace around her neck and thigh high black socks and black boots.

Inukaiya Wolf Person10

   Personality: Inukaiya is a very shy girl despite the way she dresses, she very nice and sweet girl. She very quiet and helpful,  but like the wolf she is can be very aggressive if you push her enough, she motherly even as a 13 year old and loves to play with kids. If she feels threaten or some she cares about is she can be violent and even though it doesn't look it can kick the crap out of you.  Inukaiya is very territorial it can be a person or thing but she will fight to protect that territory , But other then that she very soft-spoken and will always listen to you problems, sometimes she gets so shy that she won't speak and if she does it to low for you to hear it
   Likes: Inukaiya loves animals you can usually see her playing with them or feeding them, she more attracted to the canine species because of wolf like looks.

She also loves kids and is willing to watch over them for their family , she can't stand to see stand to see a child hurt or crying and hates that in war children are those included in the counts of death and wishes to save every child she can.

Cute things- Inukaiya loves cute things and will fawn over it for hours, anything she finds cute she can't help but to hold it if its a person she will hug them, if's it a thing she will try to buy it. Her shyness fly's right out the window when it comes to cute things.

Meat;Because of her wolf like qualities she loves any kind of meat it doesn't matter to her if its cooked, raw or rare she will eat it. Every full moon is when she really craves meat and will eat it like a starving wolf.

Fighting-She loves to fight knowing despite her looks she can kick someones butt and protect her loved ones while looking cute while doing it.Sometimes she might get a creepy smile or smirk on her face when she fights, it might be her wolf blood thirsty side coming out.
   Dislikes: War- She hates war's were causes children to die and for people to kill each other needlessly. War is also one of the reasons why she is a Chimera, she can't blame all military officers but she can hate the ones that was apart of her creation .

Cats- She doesn't really hate cats its just that her wolf instincts say she should dislike them, but her feeling for them or divided since their cute and animals and she loves animals and cute things but their felines which her canine side hates them so lets just say she tolerates them.

Rain-She dislikes the rain since it makes her smell like a wet dog, makes her fur heavy and she has to say inside all day it was also raining when she was turned into a  Chimera and her normal like ripped from her so the rain holds very bad memories for her.

Perverts- She can't tolerate perverts, that's when her wolf side kicks in and were she goes and beats the crap out of them, she hates perverts since some of the military men were perverts and scared her with their words. At first she was afraid of them but now she hates them with a passion.

Judgmental people- she Hates how people judge others bast on their looks, look what they did to Ishvalan people just because they have dark skin and red eyes they called them demons and destroyed their home, she hates how everyone never gets to know people before you judge them. She knows many people say means things about her because of her looks and it hurts since they didn't get' to know her at all, but she happy she has friends who didn't judge her when they meet her.
   Motivations: Her motivation is to save all the children from war zones and abusive homes, she knows it will take years for these to happen but she will to go from child to child helping and find them a good safe home for them, she knows it seem impossible but she doesn't care this is her motivation.  her Second Motivation is to hopefully help all the Chimera's out their and maybe find a save haven for them were they won't be persecuted and be save away military officers who would use them for their own purposes. That's her biggest dream since she knows there's many Chimera  like her out their somewhere, she knows it will be tough since some don't have features like she does but she knows they have a unique quality that's different then normal humans.
   Fears: Inukaiya fears spiders since they kept her in a small dirty cage were their were spiders in almost in every corner were they bit her in her sleep even though they weren't Poison types they still scarred her for like and she freaks out when ever she see's on. She also fears losing her freedom, she already had a taste to what it feels to be caged and she never wants that to happen again, she grew a little claustrophobic because of the small cage they kept her in. She has freedom in the clean air, blue sky's and large space and she will fight to keep the life she living now.

Inukaiya Wolf Histor11

   History: Inukaiya came from a normal family until the military came and attacked her family, killed her parents and sent her to the labs to be tested on and was turned into a wolf Chimera, were she spend half her younger years being tested on and watching other kids younger or older then her go through the same thing, some died and some were sent to different labs until she was alone in her dark small cage.

When she was 9 she manage to escape and been living in near by woods until they gave up looking for her, she goes to town to town helping anyway she could but she knows their are some military guys still looking for her she avoids their Hg or go into a town with no military in it. Some towns she been to were in a middle of a war and she seen kids died bodies which made her cry since they were innocent in all these and the kids she did find alive she led them away help them find their families or send them to a orphanage.

Inukaiya is now 13 and does jobs around towns to earn money and helping anyway she can

   RP Sample: Inukaiya walked down the sidewalk caring food in her hand to feed to the animals in the alleyways, her white hair blowing behind her from the wind and her tail wagging a little behind her while her golden eyes are starring straight ahead as she hums happy. She waves happily to a few people walking pass, her wolf ears twitch when she hears a small meow beside her. She turns and see little kitty black she visits from time to time looking up at her with his green eyes.

She bends down and pats black on the head "Hello Black how are you today?". Inukaiya said feeding black pieces of grapes.  Black purrs a little while eating the grapes, Inukaiya smiles a closed eye smile.


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