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Eleanora "Clary" Clarisse Lytle (WIP) Tumblr_m86rmkS6bY1ral8zlo1_500

   Name: (Self explanatory)
Eleanora "Clary" Clarisse Lytle
   Age: (Self explanatory)
Eighteen years of age.
   Sex: (Male/Female)
   Sexuality: (Straight, Bisexual, Homosexual, etc)
   Rank: (This field is always Novice)
   Group: (Military, Alchemist, Chimera, Citizen or Ishvalan?)

   Face Claim: (Name of the face you've picked and the show it's from)
Chitana from "Hyouka".
Eleanora "Clary" Clarisse Lytle (WIP) Appear11

   Height: (Self explanatory)
   Weight: (Self explanatory)
127 lbs.
   Hair: (Self explanatory)
Clary has long, dark hair that often gets wild when she's excited or nervous. She has bluntly cut bangs, as well.
   Eyes: (Self explanatory)
Wide, purple eyes framed with long lashes.
   General Appearance: (At least 100 words)
Eleanora is a very pretty girl, though she doesn't care much for looks. She has a heart shaped face with a slightly pointy chin, which resembles her sister's face shape. Her eyes are a bright purple, with dark, thick lashes. Eleanora's frame is small but lean, her arms being the strongest (thanks to working with automail all day). You'll often see that Nora has small bruises or cuts on her body, but no worries, that's just what you get when you're an engineer.
The engineer's style varies often, as she has no specific uniform. However, when working, Eleanora will wear a cut cut tee-shirt with a beige, flannel shirt over it, denim overalls that are usually hung loose, her trusty leather boots, along with finger-less gloves to protect her hands. When working, Clary usually ties her hair back. Clary often travels, thanks to her sister living farther away from her, and wears a straight, striped dress with a gray, fur-lined jacket over it. A black satchel can be see hanging across her mid-riff, and she wears another pair of combat boots.

Eleanora "Clary" Clarisse Lytle (WIP) Person10

   Personality: (At least 100 words)
Unlike her sister, Jamie, Clary is a very awkward, rambling girl. She seems to always find a way to make any sort of situation awkward, intentional or not. Even though she's a tad bit clumsy with her actions and words, that doesn't stop her from socializing. Clary's known to be a talkative person, a bit rambling, if you ask her sister. Her talkative nature contributes to her happy-go-lucky, laid back persona, which is famous around Rush Valley (in good ways and bad).
When it comes to physical abilities, Eleanora is an agile person. She's a good jumper, and is has great hand-eye coordination. When it comes to lower body strength...let's just say that there are a lot of no-slip rugs in Clary's room.  
   Likes: (At least 5 likes, at least 100 words total describing it and reasons etc.)
If there's one thing Eleanora likes, it's automail. Anything related to automail, really. Tools, scrap metal, anything that Clary can make use of. Ever since she was a baby, Clary's loved building trinkets, some toys, some actual inventions.
Along with that Eleanora loves singing. She isn't serious about it, but it's a great way to pass time while she's working around her small flat, or dabbling with automail. If you ever see the mechanic, she always seems to be singing, humming, or tapping out a beat with a wrench.
Clary also has a deep fondness for her sister. Really, who wouldn't feel that way? Jamie practically raised little Clary after their parents and older brother died. Ever since, Clary has looked up to her older sister, clinging onto her. You can just imagine how she felt when she learned of Jamie's acceptance into the military.
   Dislikes: (At least 5 dislikes , at least 100 words total describing it and reasons etc.)
   Motivations: (At least 2 motivations, at least 100 words total describing it and reasons etc.)
   Fears: (At least 2 fears, at least 100 words total describing it and reasons etc.)

Eleanora "Clary" Clarisse Lytle (WIP) Histor11

   History: (At least 300 words)

   RP Sample: (At least 100 words)


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