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Post by JamieLytle on Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:08 am

Jamie Elizabeth Lytle  2DHjtzn


Name: Jamie Elizabeth Lytle
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Military

Face Claim: n/a

Jamie Elizabeth Lytle  Appear11

Height: 5'6
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Long, straight red hair and bangs
Eyes: Red eyes
General Appearance: Jamie is average in height and thin, but in good shape.  When not donning her military uniform, she tends to wear jeans with white, grey or black sweaters, or short sweater dresses in the same color.  When working, she wears her bright red hair up in a ponytail, but when not, she will sometimes were it down.  No matter what she's wearing, Jamie will always wear her favorite pair of military issued black combat boots, because she thinks they're cute, and plus, they're easy to run in, and you never know when you'll have to get away from an enemy.  She always keeps at least one military issued pistol with her, for self protection and the protection of the citizens of Amestris.

Jamie Elizabeth Lytle  Person10

Personality: Sassy and sarcastic, but also kind and caring.  Her main priority is to her comrades.
Likes: Jamie loves reading, she always had since she was a child, because it makes her feel also she's part of another world, one where there's no war, or fighting, or any of the issues Amestris is currently facing.  She loves spending time with her friends, because she can get away from everything that's going on with the military, and just talk to people she likes to spend time with.  She's weird in the respect that she loves walking in the dark, and/or in rain.  She loves the cool air, and soft water drops hitting her face.  She also likes caring for and training her husky, Mika.  Lastly, she loves painting and drawing.
Dislikes: For whatever reason, Jamie hates swimming.  She's not sure exactly why, and it's not because she's afraid to do so, she just doesn't see the appeal in getting one soaked.  She doesn't like long skirts or dresses, or heels, for she believes they limit movement, and you never know when you'll need to protect yourself, or need to run. She much prefers to wear shorter skirts and shorts or long pants, and combat boots.  She absolutely hates desk work, preferring to work in the field instead, but she will willingly work in the office when it is required of her.  She hates wearing bright colors, because she doesn't want the enemy to be able to spot her.  Her hair is a bright as it's gonna get.  Lastly, she gets incredibly annoyed with people who don't do their job, and leave it for her to do (*cough* Upper Command *cough*)
Motivations: Jamie has no one but her sister Clary left (more on that in the history section below), so her main motivation is to protect the citizens of Amestris, and she finds the easiest way to do so is being a soldier.  She has no one but her sister left to protect, so she feels that nothing else can be taken from her, so she might as well put her life on the line.  Her other motivation is again, to protect people, but this time her friends and comrades in the military.  She has made several friends since joining the academy, and she would sacrifice herself to save them in a heartbeat.
Fears: Jamie's biggest fear is being unable to protect those she loves.  This is because of her failure to save her family (again, more on that below in history), but she is terrified that one day she will be in the position where she would need to save a friend, comrade, or even a complete stranger, and she wouldn't be able to do it.  She's also scared of failing her superiors, whom she places her trust in.  She already had to experience failing her family and everyone she loved, she doesn't want to have to go through that again.  And
she's also terrified of spiders >_<

Jamie Elizabeth Lytle  Histor11

History: Jamie was born into a family of five, her parents, and older brother named Percy, and a younger sister named Clary.  Her family lived in a small house in Central City, not to far from military headquarters.  Her father was a Major in the military, her mother was a doctor, and her brother was a Corporal.  When Jamie was a teenager, her father and brother were sent to fight in the Ishbalan Civil War, and her mother was sent as a doctor.  Three months into the war, Jamie and her sister received word that their brother had been killed in the crossfire, and their mother had been shot trying to get to him.  Her father stayed on the front lines, determined to find their mother and Percy's killer.  Before he found the man who had shot them, he himself was killed by a nameless Ishbalan, leaving Jamie and Clary alone.  Jamie decided to join the Amestrian Military after the war ended, so she could prevent more people from being killed in wars such as the Extermination of Ishbal.  Her sister Clary moved to Rush Valley to become an automail engineer, her life-long dream.  Jamie went to the Military Academy and trained as hard as she could, dedicating her life to her goal to climb the ladder to success, feeling that the higher the rank she achieves, the more she would be able to protect her country and the people she cares about.  She made several friends in the academy, and graduated top of her class.  She became a mp in the military, and was assigned to Briggs in the North Area.  She went, leaving her life in Central City and her sister in Rush Valley behind.  Jamie worked in Briggs for a year, strengthening her ability to focus and get her job done, and improving her talents as a sniper and weapons specialist.  After one year in the harsh climates of the North Area, Jamie had become a completely different person.  She was more serious, focused, and hard working than ever before.  She was then reassigned to Central HQ, and she moved back to her hometown.  And now we're to the present :)  she's been in Central for about a month now.

RP Sample: Almost done, Jamie thought as she picked up her last piece of paperwork she had to read through and sign before she left Central HQ.  She looked out the window, it was getting dark.  She looked over at the clock: ten thirty.  She sighed.  She'd be one of the last people left in the building.  There were a few other officers completing the day's paperwork, but other than them, she was alone.
Not for the first time, she wondered when she would be promoted.  She had been a mp for over a year now, and she was itching to become a privet.  She'd get more responsibilities, yes, but she'd also be one step closer to becoming an actual important member of the Amestrian Military.  She sighed.  Done, she thought as she signed her name at the bottom of the paper.  She stood and grabbed her bag, waving a goodbye to the few soldiers left in the room, and walked outside.

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