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Raine Izael WIP 517608-lin


Name: Raine Heindrichsen - Izael

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Rank: Novice

Group: Citizen ( Mechanic )

Face Claim: Lin from Famicon Wars

Raine Izael WIP Appear11

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair: Raine has extremely Long hair, not the wisest choice being in the military, but she refuses to cut it. It reaches just past her lower back, brushing the back of her thighs. A thin and straight texture it gets carried by the wind rather easily. Her hair color is a dark ash brown color, which clashes against her pale skin.

Eyes: Raine has bright Hazel eyes that change colors depending on season, light available, and even mood. Going from a Gold Hazel, to a Green with Brown and Gold flakes. Raine has slightly inset eyes, however they are rather huge in size, and her natural dark eyelashes really stand out on her face.

General Appearance: Raine's appearance reflects her attitude very well. Strong, determined, she has this printed in her face. Fire in her eyes, and a presence that is never taken lightly.

No one has said Raine isn't an attractive girl, with large bright colored eyes, pink cheeks, pale skin and natural rose pink lips. Her well kept body would be something most guys would look for, however being in the military she is overlooked easily in this factor.. plus her attitude towards everyone kind of pushes them away.

Her outfit sets her out rather well, she adorns a camo like suit, vest, and a light brown tube tank tunic. She likes to wear gloves, and matching black leather boots. Her utility belt holds alot of usefull objects, such as knives, pliers, wire, ect. She doesnt have any scars, but she does have a tattoo. Dog Tags, from her father. He was a Military Lieutenant, and after he was killed in action, she got dog tags tattooed on her right shoulder blade. The words read, " Courage is being afraid, but stepping forward anyways. " These words mean alot to her, as she uses them as her muse in life.


Raine Izael WIP 525438-lin

Raine Izael WIP Person10

- Temper : The first and most recognized aspect of Raine's personality is her temper. Nobody dares to cross her path, as her anger is said to be worse than a thousand tigers combined. Hell Has no fury like a womens scorn.

- Strong Willed : Raine is one of those people, that if you put your mind to something, its getting done, on way or another. Especially if it is a challenge on her part. Alot of people expect the less of her, so she is determined to prove everyone wrong.

- Blunt : Raine is rather, well rude. She will flat out tell you that you have an ugly mug faster than everyone in the room will laugh. Yes it has gotten her into quite a bit of trouble, but she knows when its okay to say things, and when she should look the other way. Raine, is honest, and that is a likable trait indeed right?

- Reserved : Not quite Quiet of Shy, but more like she is respective of individuals. She keeps serious and calm in most situations, but get her going and she will open up with a can of assorted insults, snickers, and well alot of mean comments. She is refined, feeling that not everything deserves her attention or effort, not really a good trait, but thats how she is.

- Intimidation : At the first glimpse, most wouldn't think alot of Raine. But she has this thing about her, that can strike the worst fear in the biggest man. She doesn't get in peoples faces, or yells or anything, but her refined surface means she is hiding something underneath and that is what scares alot of people. Not quite scares, more of a curious thing. People are just rather curious as to what she will do next.


-She likes rather athletic things, so other than running she enjoys : Target Practice - with her throwing knives, other artillery, ect. : Acrobatics - including climbing trees, praticing balance, ect.

- Raine is rather simple one of her favorite things to do is : Go Running, it clears her head and keeps her well focused. She feels when she runs, she can think more clearly.

- Challenges : Dare her to do something and she will do it. She never backs down from anything, this can sometimes be an issue.

- Engines, Mechanical Contraptions, Oil and Dirt. She isn't afraid to be hands on.

- And the rather cliché : Alcohol ( Even though she is too young )

- Raine is kind of stuck on serious humor : Perverts, she cant stand the touchy feely perverted old fools, and would hit them all upside the head with her wrench if possible.

- She really hates ugly hearted people : Bullies, when growing up she was made fun of quite a bit, as if people don't have anything else to do than insult and judge others.

- Politics: Raine has her reasons, and has done her best to stay out of the wars, and to stay out of Military's way. Sometimes it doesn't help when they stick their noses in her business but she does her best to stay calm and co-operate.

-Spicy Food, A bit usual, but she REALLY hates it. She cant handle the heat, as her taste buds are sensitive. She isn't a food maniac, but she does enjoy a good well cooked meal.

- Her father was and will be one of her greatest motivator's in life. He brought her up to be strong and independent. She use to wake up everyday and think to herself how she could be more like her father. It was devastating when he died in the wars, and she will hold that close to her forever, which is why she has a tattoo of military dog tags with his quote and death date.

- Believe it or not, her woman hood is also a major motivator. She cant help but be overlooked by men and other women alike, just because she is a woman concerning herself with mechanics. To them its unbelievable and they tell her that she just needs to settle down and have children and get married. Raine just scoffs, snorts and walks away, she doesn't want to fit into societies image for her.

Fears: - Arachnophobia : Raine hates this about herself. She doesn't scream, of jump or anything, she sees a spider and she faints, simple as that, even spider like insects make her freeze up. She doesn't tell anyone about this, not even her closest friends, as Raine doesn't have many friends to tell.

- Nightmares : Raine has awfull night terrors about her father dying, and it puts a big toll on her heart. She refuses to join the Military due to her father dying, as she is afraid she will just follow in his footsteps and die, leaving her mother, and children, a significant other with just heart ache and loss.

Raine Izael WIP Histor11

History: Born in a small town, Raine Lynn Heindrichsen was a blessing among a family that had been trying for years to have a child. Unfortunately, this was still the years of Pandemic, and both turned gravely ill. They couldn't care for the small child, and themselves. The couple tried their best to keep her fed, and to raise her right. Soon it was all for not, and Raine's mother passed away. She was still too young to understand what was going on. Raine could barely walk at this time, and could speak only a few words. Her father was afraid of the girl being left alone. So one day he took her into the city. Central City to be in fact.

He tried his best to plead with everyone to take his daughter. His coughing increased dramatically as he spent his time out in the cold air of winter. Surprisingly enough, no one would give him a second glance, due to being afraid of catching his disease. So that was when the state military had shown up, probably got a call and complaint about an infected in the area. At first he was gratefull, figuring they would help him out, but that wasn't the case at all. He fell to his knees pleading and begging for them to help him, but they only pushed him away and ordered him to get off the streets. They didn't care about what he had to say. Raine's father slumped further onto his knees, crying because he failed as a father to care for a child. They wanted one so badly, and now they couldn't care for her properly.

The military police were dumbfounded by his emotional state, and tried to pick him up by his coat and place him under arrest for failure to comply. That was when he showed up. Jared Izael, a large bulkier man. Dark Hair, and a stubbled beard. He appeared as a hard working man, scars on his hands, and a large bulky figure. His shadow fell over the police and his voice shook them, " Let him go." He was First Lieutenant Izael. His Uniform was followed by three salute from the three different men. Plain, yet firm, and as they finally quieted down, a soft muffled cry of a child was heard. Raine was tucked in a large wad of blankets net to the building.

The police were baffled and nearly fell back. Raine's father just fell to the feet of Jared. " Please, helpp-" With that, his cough picked up, he spat out blood onto the snowy ground, and passed from exhaustion right there. The military police just looked at the dead man, finally their gaze raising to see Jared. But he was gone, and so was the bundled child.

Jared took the small girl home, where she stood wide eyed, dripping wet from melted snow, and shivering. She starred up at the large man. Izael had no idea what he was doing, he had no idea of how to care for a child. It was a good thing that Tanna, his wife entered into the room from the kitchen. She smiled at the girl with snot running from her nose. Tanna was suprised, but felt blessed just the same.


Years passed. Raine was no adopted into the Izael family. She looked up to her father. Jared was a strong man, and kept after his family well. He served the Military and tried to be home whenever he could. But each day, he seemed to be home less and less. The Wars were picking up again. Riots, and fights between neighboring countries were pushing on Amestria. It was dangerous times again within the state. And Tanna prepared for the inevitable.

Raine however, was oblivious. She enjoyed his time when he was home. Learning mechanics from him as they worked on anything that had a tick. It was thier shared past time.

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