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Name: Renden Takeshi
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Pete Pumps-Ginban Kaleidoscope

Renden Takeshi Appear11

Height: 6`0”
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
General Appearance: Renden is white and normally wears a white t-shirt with black pants on a nice day. On stormy days he will usually wear a black hoody over top his white t-shirt. Even though Renden may appear somewhat skinny he has an athletic build towards him and is quite strong. He has scars on his forearms that were placed there because of an incident with his lightning alchemy. He also has another scar on his side from one of his experiments that went wrong. He wears white cloth gloves with rubbery material mixed in with the cloth and insulation on inside of the glove. On the palm of the gloves are his transmutation circles.

Renden Takeshi Person10

Renden is a really easy person to get along with unless you push him too much. He is very loyal (especially towards friends and family, he is very defenses of them), hardworking, and motivated. He also has a soft side towards helping people who need it. He is also very smart and quick learning which he inherited from his mom. He will do whatever he has to do in order to complete a job or reach a goal even if it means his life, he also loves cracking jokes. Some of negative personality traits include his horrible anger issues if made angry at which time he does not think things through. He is really stubborn and prideful and will not except help from anyone. He also has the nag for being reckless and not caring for his own well being.

Study of Alchemy: Since he was a young boy he always loved alchemy from the minute his mom taught him it. She showed him how to use alchemy for the good of people and to use it to protect family and friends. Ever since then that has been one of his main things.

Family and Friends: Renden is extremely defensive of friends and family. He travels a lot so he doesn’t have many friends and when he makes one he makes sure to keep them. He had lost to many friends and some family members in his life so he feels that he has to be that defensive of them. He also feels like he owes them for everything they have done for him but knows he will never be able to fully repay them.

Fighting: Renden sometimes may not seem to be the kind of person who likes to fight sometimes but likes it. He likes the rush and action it brings. He was taught by his dad who was a fighter and also his dad's friend who was into martial arts. Also because of his childhood he feels like he has a lot to prove. He first realized he liked it so much from when he used to fight for money to help his mom out financially even though she didn’t know about it.

Outdoors: He loves the outdoors every since he first learned how to walk. He would always be outside climbing a tree, building a fort, or even hunting. His dad use to take him hunting and even taught him how to shoot. He lived out in the country and half of his young life was without a brother so that’s all he could do. Then when he had a brother that made the outdoors even more fun because then Renden was able to pass on to his brother what his dad taught him.

Lightning Alchemy: His mom only knew the basics of alchemy and mainly used it towards healing purposes Renden used the basic alchemy his mom taught him and learned how to transmute electricity using five basic causes of electricity. They are static electricity, electrochemistry, the photoelectric effect, and the thermoelectric effect. To make it simple he uses alchemy to manipulate protons and electrons. He learned the principles of each and learned how to transmute them to produce lightning and other forms of it.

War: Although he loves to fight he does not like war. He lost too many friends in wars to care. Although he contradicts himself he feels likes he has to become a State Alchemist to protect the ones he loves so that they do not have to join the military and also to make sure none of his friends have to die because of a war.

Loneliness: Renden dislikes being alone even though he feels like he works better that way. He is used of also travelling alone but secretly he dislikes it even though he is too proud to admit it to anyone. He has always had someone beside him up until he left his own home.

Being in One Place: Renden greatly dislikes sitting or even being in one place for too long. He has to be moving about and doing something or he goes crazy. Even when he was young and would get sick he would trying to be outside playing or helping his dad work it made his mom very worried most of the time.

Annoying People: There is a limit to Renden before people start to annoy him. It’s not he isn’t social, he is very social when he has to be, it’s more of the fact that he gets bored of talking after a while and after that he just gets annoyed. This is why he normally stays away from crowds because there is always that one person who always thinks he has to start a conversation with a stranger.

Water: Obviously since Renden loves lightning alchemy its makes it so he dislikes water for many reasons it’s not only a hazard to him but also makes it so he cannot use it without harming himself or someone that he loves and cares for. When he first learned how to use lightning alchemy he try to experiment and find a way around it but he ended up shocking himself it wasn’t enough to kill him but it sure was enough to make sure he did not do it again. To him it felt kind of like getting shocked by an electric fence used to keep horses in. He still loves to drink water though.

Becoming a State Alchemist: Secretly Renden does not want to be a State Alchemist in fact he dislikes most State Alchemist. Although becoming a State Alchemist is one of his motivations. He has many reasons for this being his motivation. Such as the feeling of him needing to prove his worth and place in the world, along with the feeling that he has no choice but to become a State Alchemist so that his friends and family will not have to join the military and so he can protect them easier. His final reason for becoming a State Alchemist is he thinks that he will be able to change the way the military operates for the better of the people.

Family and Friends: This is the number one motivation for Renden. Without family and friends Renden would be dead. He does not live for himself he lives only for them. This has a lot to do with his past along with how he was raised. Renden for whatever reason will not admit this to anyone but it is really obvious through his emotions.

His Own Alchemy: Lightning Alchemy can be really unstable this is the reason why Renden fears it. Not only does he know from his studies how unstable it is but he experienced firsthand when he was a kid and he watched it take someone’s life. He is hesitant to use it at all when loved ones are around due to that fact. He is not scared that he will kill himself with it but that he will kill one of his loved ones again with it. After that incident Renden didn’t stop studying lightning alchemy he just quit using it for a couple of years.

Love: Oddly enough even though Renden is really social he is afraid to open himself up to anyone besides family. He isn’t fearful of having a relationship it is more of the fact that he has never had one to that degree. He also is fearful of the feelings that come with love and even though family and friends are a motivation to him he feels that anymore love would slow him down so he would not be able to accomplish his goals. Another reason why he fears this is he is afraid that his enemies would try to harm those he loves.

Renden Takeshi Histor11

Renden had an interesting and somewhat of a hard childhood. He was born in Resembool. His mom’s name was Kayla and his dad’s name was Cayden. He had at first the usual childhood where he would do chores and just play around outside. His dad would be out working, he kept his job a secret though. His mom would be a nurse and use her alchemy to help people in the town. Right when Renden turned four his mom gave birth to twins. He now had a sister and a brother.
One day he got curious on what his dad did for money so he followed him into town and spied on him. He soon found out his dad would fight for money. Renden became really interested in fighting then. After the fight he ran into his dad and his dad got angry at him and told him not to tell his mother. Renden agreed only if his dad trained him how to fight. His dad agreed and so hid dad taught him how to fight with and without a weapon and soon his dad brought in one of his friends who was a martial artist to train him. They would do this only during the night when his mom was in bed.
Soon as Renden became five he would help his mom with the kids a little more. He also became interested in alchemy. His mom noticed his interest and started teaching him the basics. Renden was a quick learner and very smart. He had basic alchemy down and what more of a challenge. One night he saw a thunderstorm and saw lightning. Lightning fascinated him so he started studying lightning and what caused it and he slowly started integrating it with alchemy. By the time he was eight he had lightning alchemy for the most part down he still had some glitches he had to work out though. So during the day he would help his mom with chores and with the babies while studying alchemy and then at night he would train up in fighting.
Renden’s sibling were both now four. Both of their names were Kayleah and Radix. He loved them both very much and would always take them out to play and watch over them. He would even secretly teach them alchemy also whenever their mom wasn’t around. He would let them watch during his experiments also. One day he started experimenting and tried to find a way to use and control the electricity in the presence of water. During this experiment he constructed his white gloves with rubber material in it. He took a hose and started using his alchemy with water coming out of it. He started transmuting and what he didn’t realize was that the hose sprung a leak and the electric current flowed right through the leak with the water and sprayed at him and hit him in the side. The shock caused him to fall down and twitch some. Kayleah ran for their mom and brought her as fast as she could. Luckily his mom got there in time. She used her nursing alchemy to heal him for the most part. She then grounded him from lightning alchemy and had him rest for about a week just to make sure he was fine.
Time flew by fast and the kids started growing up. Renden was eighteen and Kayleah and Radix were now fourteen. Renden would still study his lightning alchemy but wouldn’t use it yet. His siblings would go to school and he graduated. He would walk them to school and walk them back afterwards. While he was waiting for them he would go and work and do construction. He would then get done and walk with his brother and sister back home. One night one of the fighters that fought Cayden recognized Renden and started following them home. He was angry because he lost a fortune to his father in one of the fights. The fighter watched and waited for his dad to return to the house. Renden, Kayleah, and Radix stayed up waiting for their dad and he finally showed up. The fighter ran up and tackled their dad and started punching him in the face. Kayleah heard noises outside so she ran outside and shoved the guy off of her dad and started looking after her dad. The fighter recovered and picked her up by her throat and started choking her. Radix was fast and quickly ran outside and puched the guy in the throat and stomach and caused him to fall shortly. Radix started dragging his dad inside along with Kayleah. The fighter then ran up behind Radix and stabbed him in the back. Renden heard the noise as well and ran outside. He saw his brother and started punching the fighter out. He tackled him and choked him. He then got pushed off and he started punching Renden. There was a pole nearby that Renden grabbed and he hit him upside the head with it and knocked him out.
During this time Kayleah and Cayden were trying to treat Radix’s wounds inside the house. He lost a lot of blood though so he went unconscious. Renden got on the porch and the fighter got up and came running at him. Renden moved to the side and tackled him through the door and broke the door clean off the hinges. They both got up, during that time Renden slipped his gloves on. He looked over to where his brother was laying. He got angry and started getting electricity flowing through metal pole he was holding. With every hit it would electrocute the fighter. After three hits he was on his knees begging. Renden threw the pole at him and then clapped his hands and placed them on the fighter and started electrocuting the fighter. He continued doing it so much not even his prototype gloves were able to withstand it. They started ripping and sparks started shocking Renden’s forearms which ended leaving marks and eventually turned into scars. Cayden saw this and ran over to pull Renden away and he ended getting electrocuted and died on impact.
Renden stopped because he noticed that the fighter was completely fried and even the house caught on fire. He saw that his dad died and Kayleah and Radix were already outside. Around the time his mom got home the house was burnt down and Radix had died. All three of them were all depressed for days and Renden kept to himself and shut everyone else out. The family ended up moving to Central City and Renden started fighting to get money for his family. Not only did he fight for the money he also found out the fighter who made his life hell was actually ordered to attack his family. He found out that the fighting chains reached all the way from Resembool to here in Central and that the group responsible was here in Central as well. So he also started fighting for the reason to track down the group who did this to his family. By the age of twenty-two he moved out but kept sending his family money and he started his journey to make up for what he did and he though the best way to do this was by becoming a State Alchemist.

RP Sample:
“Central City.” Renden kept saying to himself as he looked around the entire place as he walked. “I miss Resembool this place sucks compared to it.” He stopped by his mother’s house. He knocked on the door and Kayleah opened the door and hugged him tightly. Her hair was long and brown and up in a pony tail. She also had green eyes just like their dad did. Kayleah was just wearing a red t-shirt with blue jean. She was eighteen now. Kayleah smiled and told him to come in, she had no clue what happened in the house that night when Renden accidently killed their dad. It was her graduation tonight and she had invited him to go. They went and sat in the living room and started socializing about Kayleah’s future and what she wanted to do after graduation. Renden smiled and then looked up as his mom walked in. She was still beautiful with her blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes and seemed full of life still even after all that had happened. Their mom looked young for her age she was only thirty-eight but looked like she was in her mid-twenties and gave birth to Renden at the age of sixteen. She walked in all dressed up wearing very nice blue jeans and a dress up shirt.
The three of them walked to the school and attended the graduation ceremony. After the graduation ceremony Renden took them out to eat. After an hour of talking and eating they finally went back to the house and Renden spent the night. He had trouble sleeping like usual and finally fell asleep but had his usual nightmares. He kept on reliving what happened the night his dad and brother died. Kayleah walked downstairs to get a glass of water and saw her brother shaking and turning in his sleep. He was also sweating profusely. She stayed her distance and poked at him with a spatula she had gotten from the kitchen. He jumped out of sleep. She looked at him and said “You were having another bad dream. I may not be a psychologist but you need to talk to me about it maybe it will help. If you were dreaming about that one night stop it none of that was your fault.” He just stared blankly at her and replied “You do not even know what happened. I cannot discuss it with anyone and if I could talk with you about it you would hate me. I need to get more rest though I have work in a couple of hours.” Kayleah was confused by what he had said and it made her curious but she got stubborn. “Fine I am staying down here with you though.” She fell asleep on the other couch as he pretended to sleep.
Renden went to his next fight. His manager told him who he was facing and the name of the person rang a bell. That person used to be a manager though so it didn’t make sense but he knew he was one step closer to taking the group down. The name of that guy was the manager of the fighter that attacked his family. Renden started fighting him and his opponent even recognized him and was scared. He did not stand a chance against Renden and Renden beat him down fast. After the fight Renden followed him and interrogated him and was able to get him to tell where his boss was. Shortly after their conversation Renden tracked down the boss and cornered him in an alley. He put gloves on and then pulled a knife out after beating the boss within the inch of his life. The boss tried to stare at him but his vision was blurry and there was blood in his eyes. He weakly said “They will find me and when they do you are a dead man. This is bigger than you.” Renden just smiled “Good. I am normally not like this and am easy to get along with but you drove me to be like this.” The boss was confused and asked “Who are you?” Renden punched him and then replied. “I am the son of Cayden the fighter whose family you attacked.” Renden then charged the knife with electricity and stabbed him in the stomach. The voltage then shutdown his brain and stopped his heart. Renden then walked away and looked into the dark morning sky. It was stormy and the wind was blowing hard. Renden really wasn’t the murderous type but he has bad anger issues which normally lead to revenge.

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Your word counts are good, but because you are not military or ishvalan you lack the trait dexterity to use weapons. Otherwise everything checks out.

btw Your ability to use the electricity will have to be made into moves, which will be limited by your rank but that isn't my field. So don't expect to be able to kill people with it like you did in your RP sample when you just start out.
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ok its fixed i took out the weapon except in the rp samples
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Everything seems to be in order now.
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