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Azalia Caelie W004rn

Name: Azalia Caelie
Age: Twenty-Two
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual/Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Megurine Luka (Character) - Vocaloid (Series)

Azalia Caelie Appear11

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Reddish-Pink
Eyes: Blue-Green
General Appearance:Azalia is the picture of elegance that her heritage brought her up to be. She stands at a medium height of 5 feet and 6 inches and weighs around 140 lbs. Her hair is a dark pink color and is usually loose, tied in a braid, or in a ponytail. The color is closely a red like color, but still light enough to be pink. When hanging loose, it ends above her waist. Her eyes a mixture of blue-green. They shift between these shades. Her skin is a pale, paler then average but not an unhealthy shade of pale. Her legs and arms are slender yet athletic, like a gymnast or acrobat or even a runner. She is also blessed with a curvy and well built body, due to her eating and training. She usually wears a variety of outfits. However she prefer shirts, jeans, coats, and boots. She always wears shades and trench coats though. On her arms and hands are fine and thin alchemy circle tattoos, that are barely noticeable unless you are up close and are looking for them. She usually covers them with bandages when not using them. She also sometimes wear gloves with arrays on them. However, she usually always wear her custom made boots. These boots were designed by her father originally. These boots are combat with rubber/metal soles. On the boots are alchemy circles engraved on them. She usually uses these instead of her gloves, but sometimes she uses both. She also wears dresses and skirts when needed, though she doesn't think she looks good in them.

Azalia Caelie Person10

Personality: Azalia is a hardworking, dedicated, and determined person. With her level head she keeps a policy to be rational and open minded. Despite her seemingly foolish grin and an idiot, she is also very observant and perspective. She easily figures out problems. However, she oddly cannot figure out her own emotions and problems. That is really annoying to her. She is willing to give and take help; however she also has a manner of pride, being independent, and her personal honor. Her pride won’t let her most of the time let people do her jobs for her. Even if she can be a tad unmotivated sometimes, she gets the job done.

Even if she might do it differently. This might be her rebellious streak poking through. However, her loyalty won’t let her abandon a job or a task. This carries onto her friends and her good acquaintances. However, she can be indifferent to strangers and their needs and worries. Still, she is a reliable ally and worker, and a dedicated/loyal friend. She also keeps a mask of cool and distance.

She is bold and yet not reckless. Meaning she takes a sometimes dramatic approach to things, but again not reckless. She is a fiery spitfire and has a feisty behavior. She is also a tad short temperature and a bit hot headed. She is unyielding, ts Sometimes the extent she is a sort of dare devil. She is proud yet in a way sort of gullible. She is also a bit sassy and on the verge of bold with her blunt and sarcastic comment. She is also stubborn too, like a stubborn wild horse. Meaning she got tons of spirit. She can be patient, however she gets frustrated easily. Mostly over topics that bore her and discussions and arguments. Still, she doesn’t show her fear in most situations. She is quiet fearless and willing to stand her ground.

There is also another side she doesn't show: the cold blooded and yet hard working side of her. As a warrior, she is blunt and down right to the point. She takes zero crap and tries to keep things working smoothly and best as possible. She might sacrifice some things for the best result, but hey, no one is perfect at their job most of the time. She can also be rather ruthless and cold blooded.

Azalia has some more negative traits, some are unintentional and some are just instinctive reactions. First, she is accident-prone. She makes mistakes and problems, but she fixes them in the end or at least tries to. This might be due to her klutzy and not graceful behavior sometimes, when she isn't in her "FULL BLOWN SERIOUS" mode. She is also absent-minded. Meaning her mind drifts away easily in thought. Azalia is also grudge holding. She also easily forgets name and places and easily gets lost, much her frustration.

Azalia can be, sometimes much to her displeasure, a flirtatious female. She knows when to appreciate eye candy when she sees it and will comment. She will be playful and flirt, but will quickly back down and go distant if things go too far. This is due to her insecure and lack of self-worth. She feelings a being like her, a monster, doesn’t deserve compassion and love. She is hesitant to form bonds and develop deep feelings besides acquaintances. Because of this, she can be seen as withdrawn. However, she is still affectionate. She is also passionate, but she restrains herself most of the time. She is also reclusive, mysterious, and with a bad habit of being disorganized and lost.

Azalia is also frees spirited and high spirited. Rarely, she lets things control her life or live it. She loves freedom and liberty and tries to make a life spirited. In a way, she could be considered an ICE QUEEN at first glance, but she gradually warms up to you. Also, she is free spirited like the wind and thus is is hard to restrain her.

Alchemy & Science -- Ah, alchemy and science! Oh how she love it so! Alchemy and Science is so useful in her life and work. She is glad to have it in her life and is proud of skills somewhat. She also treasure it for another reason: her father and mother. Her father was skilled state alchemist of his own right, so despite her not liking the military, she feels it brings it closer to her parents. It's a love/hate feeling with her parents. Despite not understanding their beliefs, she clings to one of things they left behind for her and that is Alchemy and Science.
Her Hobbies -- She gained many hobbies over the years she lived. Most of them helped her somewhat with her alchemy and work. They include drawing, cooking, reading, and writing. Drawing helped her refine her arrays making accuracy and speed. Cooking helps her practice mixtures and concentration. Reading and writing helps her learn more stuff about the world. She also got a few other hobbies that she enjoy. Gardening and playing music is one.
Her Job -- Azalia loves her job. She currently works as a doctor and an inn owner. She loves interacting and helping people out. It gives her a good feeling and sensation. It also helps her fill out the void in her chest.
Good Company -- Someone to talk to and understand to degree. That is what Azalia treasures. Having someone understanding and knowledgeable to talk to and hang around with is nice. She clings to those sort of companions with all her life.
Traveling -- Azalia likes traveling and seeing new sites. It allows her expand her horizons and understand the world and other cultures better.

State Alchemists/Military -- State Alchemists and Military. How much she loathe and dislike and fear them. For reasons in her history, she developed a slight wariness and fear over State Alchemists and Military personal. She dislikes them for a few reasons, but the main is that one took something precious away from her. Yet sometimes, she couldn't help but admire them. However, that doesn't mean she likes or trust them.
Violence -- She is a pacifist and anti-violence in general. She is a doctor, she is supposed to help people. Not harm. She is willing to defend herself, but only when it is serious or dire, or she got to protect something. She hates the sight of bloodshed and the cries of pain.
Her Past -- She doesn't like being reminded of her past or talking about it. She tries to shut it away in a tiny box, in the corner of her mind and not dwell on it. However, sometimes she is startled with vivid nightmares originated from her past. She usually can't sleep after that.
Crowds -- Crowded Spaces, Crowds, Tight Spaces, Confined Rooms...all of these highly disapprove and dislike. This is because this is one of her major fears. She usually able to keep her cool for a while, but long periods of exposure causes her to get tired/exhausted mentally and physically.
The Corrupt/Manipulative -- Yes. She hates these type so much. Despite the fact she tries to act dense or naive over these type. She hates the corrupt people who abuse their power. She hates the manipulative who prey and manipulated on people. This contributes from her past.

Find A Place in the World -- Is it hard and bad to want to feel a place to belong to? To be happy and wanted? To strive for a inner peace? That is what Azalia primarily aims for and wants. She just wants to feel helpful, needed, and feel like she belongs somewhere.
Master and Refine Her Skills -- She wants to perfect her three occupations: Alchemist, Doctor, and Inventor. Or at least take her skills as far as she can go. That isn't that much demanding is it?
Find a Life Companion -- This may be the lonely side of her yearning for, but she want someone to stand by her and for her to stand by. It doesn't have to be romantic like her parents, thought tht would be nice, but having something to depend and cling too would be nice.

Her Past -- Her past is one fear of Azalia. She fears the terrors and nightmares of the past will come back and haunt her. She hates the feeling of helpless and dread it brings. That is why she keeps trying to stay detached to the world despite her liking to help others.
Military People -- She fear them to a degree. Mainly State Alchemists, but regular Military people count too. She tries to keep a distance away from them because of all the power and might they wield, along with details from her past, caused her to fear them to a degree.
Being Manipulated/Used -- She hates being manipulated and used. She was used and manipulated once, and she fears that will happen again. She dreads that prospect despite the smiles she show.
Being Abandoned/Betrayal -- Betrayal. Being abandoned. Being alone forever.She hates all three feelings and is scared of the prospect. She had a taste and that developed a fear to a degree. This she fears even more then being manipulated/used and military people. It rivals her fear of her past and her fear of crowded spaces.
Crowded Spaces -- She hates the feeling of helpless it brings her. Once in her past, she almost suffocated in a tight and confined space. That is why she fears crowded/tight spaces and crowds to a little degree.

Azalia Caelie Histor11

Azalia Caelie wasn't always Azalia Caelie. She was once upon a time called Caroline Azalia Beaurmont. She was born in the East City, to a pair of Alchemist. Her father, Xander Beaurmont was a famous State Alchemist on his own right. Her mother, though not an offical State Alchemist, was also an Alchemist and worked in the military as doctor. Her mother used her alchemy in combination of medical science and medicine. Her father? His title as the "Stormbringer Alchemist" was pretty powerful enough to fear.

She was born a year after their marriage. Her mother was able to pull a leave and raise their daughter for a good portion of her youth. When her parents were working, she usually was cared by her mother's friends. She, at the age of 5, displayed somewhat unsual intelligence. In a way, she could have photographic memory and able to learn after a few practices (varies from a couple to a dozen) times after seeing something done. So her mother's friends, who were alchemist, and her mother began tutoring her in the way of alchemy. She started at simple things, but gradually began to expand her knowledge and skill level. They started at basic lessons and skills.

At her father's birthday (when she was 8), she gave him a small medium statue of a phoenix made from alchemy. It took her a few days, since it was detailed, but the sight of it pleased and shocked her father. The days shortly after consisted of training in hand to hand combat, guns, and alchemy. These were taught to her by her father.

This happened because at the age of 10, she was kidnapped. By some terrorists along with other kids. But angry daddy Xander came in knocking down and defeated the terrorists in a jiffy. This incident is where she got her fear from confined/tight spaces. Because of this, dad being the protective and cautious taught her to defend herself. She was happy, despite a few trauma incidents in her life. Life was good, until shortly during her 15 year.

Her dear old mother, who recently became a State Alchemist, was murdered. It was said to be an accident, but even young Azalia knew that mom wouldn't die from a silly accident. Dad was pissed and angry, and began muttering things under his breath. To be safe, he sent Azalia to her mother's friends, the Caelies. They were now living in the North.

Azalia didn't want to go..but she did because her carefree and gentle father, who is usually not serious or bossy, told her too. And so she left, and lived. They even changed her name to Azalia for some reason that she didn't know. She continued learning under her "Guardians", in the arts of science, alchemy, and medicine. They even encouraged her to try her hand in inventing stuff.

At the age of 17, she heard dreaded news. Her father, who sent her letters and gifts and even caleld her occassionaly, died. Someone said it was a rogue Alchemist. From what she gathered, it was a deserting alchemist from the Military. Some said the said Alchemist was working on something. Other said he gone mad.

This caused Azalia, as she was known now, to sunk into deep depression. This gradually brought out her hatred to the military and state alchemists. If her parents weren't alchemists and worked for the State, they would probably be still around. If they were still around, she wouldn't be needing to live her life in fear.

Eventually, she moved to Central. She managed to "Pass" her Guardians classes in Alchemy and get a medical degree at the age of Twenty-One. She managed to use some of the saving she have to buy an inn. She then proceeded to use her spare time and effot fixing it up. At the age of Twenty-Two, she finally was completely settled in Central City.

RP Sample:
The life on Area D was hard for Kagerou to adapt to. The violence and the bloodshed terrified her. Still, she stood tall and firm, unwavering to the chaos. She tried to keep herself back into the background, avoiding the conflict and drama as much as possible. She was a pacifist by nature, but that doesn't mean she isn't willing to bite and claw at people with her teeth and claws to defend herself.

At the thought of her...usual traits. A frown appeared on her features. Before she arrived on Area D, she was remotely human looking. Sure, her hair is more untameable then most, but that was it. However, after that incident and capture, her genes seemd to be kicked into overdrive. Her canine teeth became sharper and longer, like fangs. Her nails tend to grow sharp and requires a lot of attention. At that though, she glanced at her nails. She really needed to cut them down a bit.

OH, but the worst was the last trait. Those damn Neko Ears! Those annoying cute and fluffy cat ears on top of her head. These she currently hide under a black and red bandana. She would have preferred if she had pointed ears or something....but the aftermath of the Supernova have to lead her to have cat ears? Sure, she could understand why. She had transformation/mimicry of animals. Compared to most people like her, she is pretty vestile. Not one animal, but four choices!

She also was sorta satisified with the passive effects too. She was more stronger and faster and durable as well. Still, it would have been better if regular humans wasn't so paranoid and maybe envious of her and fellow Altereds. Sighing, she placed down her book and looked around the library for another.

Currently, Kagerou was in the library looking at the books. She was currently looking at some herbal and medical books. Some were from ancient cultures and other was more modern. Before she arrived and draged to Area D, she was a pretty famous doctor and scientist of some sort. It figured that she will try to become a scientist and doctor. At that thought, Kagerou let out a low chuckle. Her dear father and dearly departed mother were both scientists in the medical field before opening their scientic and medical buisness that bloomed into a wealthy cooperation.

Kagerou gave a sigh and glanced around the library and gave a sad smile. Sometimes, she holed herself up in this place to escape the pain and terror of this nightmare of a prison. Even if she was a "Western" territory person, she agreed to many of theories and ideas of the "Southern" region.

Still, she was sad and slightly depressed that she was lonely. A frown appeared her features as her feline ears flatten on her head underneath her bandana. Yeah, she didn't have much companionship. She lost most of her friends and family when she arrived here. She wished she had friends and companions, so she won't have that nagging feeling in her chest.

Glancing up again, she looked up from the table from where she reading, and saw a blue haired women. Odd color per say, but her pink hair is unusual colored too. She glanced at the book she was reading and decided to walk over. With grace of a feline, she walked over, and tapped the blue haired women's shoulder and decided to try and start up a conversation. "Good evening, are you looking for something?" Kagerou said with a smile, her cat ears twitching underneath the bandana on her head. "I must admit...Astronomy is a pretty important topic, in my opinion. In the past, it helped developed cultures and nations."
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A very well done app, and a good amount of detail. All the word counts at met and several are above and beyond. There are a few grammar mistakes here and there but nothing major.


By the way, to make any speaking stand out most people use color on the txt
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