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Name: Bonreu Kuma
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Novice
Group: Military

Face Claim:
Name:A (yes it is his name)
Title:The Fourth Raikage. (just in case you can't find him with his name)

Bonreu Kuma Appear11

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 370(not counting his left arm)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
General Appearance: A large man that is built like a tree that nearly towers over most of his comrades. His torso more like a barrel that a normal man's torso that has been honed and built up with rigorous training since he was a kid. His muscles are cloaked by his regulation uniform save for his left arm. His left arm is kept exposed from the shoulder to ensure that his automail arm doesn't get caught up or become restricted from working. The palm of his right hand is often covered in the remnants of oil that he attempted to clean off but couldn't get entirely clean. His skin tone is darker than others of his home town due to his long time spent training outside and marked with faint scars from injuries sustained. Instead of a gun holster or a sword sheath that other enlisted carry, he carries his tool kit and extra supply around his waist. His face is normally a stern and weary expression that hints at his past traumas until it comes time for a mechanic. The way he holds himself sometimes hints that he is right handed, but since gaining his automail he has become ambidextrous.

Bonreu Kuma Person10

Personality: A serious and dedicated man that holds his commitment the the military in the highest regard, even if they aren't perfect they are the only that are in the position to watch over the populous and keep their best interest in mind. He has been influenced by the military for most of his life even when he was just a kid growing up. He is weighed down by the things he has seen over the years, but still has hope for the future, and is instantly brightened up when his skills with machines come into play, making his eyes sparkle like a kid with a toy. He has a soft spot for mechanics like himself and doctors. He has great pride in his body and is a little ashamed that he is missing an arm, but he is just as proud of his automail arm as he is of his body if not more so. He isn't so big on big formal stuff, but he does like the attention it can bring to him.
Likes: -Bonreu is devoted to the military down to the core of his being, he was influenced by them ever since he was a kid and has ever sense wanted to grow up to join their ranks, the loss of his arm had only caused a minor setback.
-He is very proud of his automail arm, and constantly works to improve, and to show that it is just as good, if not better than his other arm.
-Similarly to his false arm he is proud of his own body and the muscles that he has built up over the years, making him respect others that have done the same; often forming a bond of some kind with similar people.
-While his mind isn't the sharpest or quickest out there, with that often going to alchemist, he is very fond of the logic behind machines and alchemy even if he doesn't understand the later, it is still a powerful tool.
-While his like for machines and automail hint that he likes to build, there should be no question that he likes to craft things, whether they be tools or just art he likes the feel that he is creating something lasting for those that come after him and is often his happiest when able to do so.
-His favorite genre of music is without a doubt classical violin. Something about the sound produced by the violin has always been soothing to him
Dislikes: -Thanks to it's rusting properties, he has taken a distinct dislike to saltwater. Even the smell of it in the air is distasteful to him, making him dislike oceans in general.
-Similar to his dislike of salt water, and for very similar reasons, he dislikes deserts because they tend to get into the workings of things and jam them up. Tho advancements in technology has rendered the problem small, the principle still bothers him.
-He has always viewed certain styles skirts as inappropriate, and least the shorter ones, and disapproves of any skirt that isn't at least halfway up their wear's thigh. This stems from an old fashioned mindset and his inability to respect people who try to "show the goods" as a way to attract attention.
-Bonreu has always been an upfront and respectful man, and despises the dishonest people of the world who have to rely on tricks and discrete just to live their lives which is something he could never stand to do.
-One should at least try to do something when there is a problem. The world needs people of action, not people who are cowering away when they have a chance to fix things, even if they need help to do it people should at least try to be the change they want to see.
Motivations:- Bonreu has fulfilled his childhood dream his childhood dream of joining the military and tho it was bumpy at times, he still tries to be the kind of soldier that he dreamed he'd grow up to be even with the setbacks he has had along the road he walks.
-His constant quest for self improvement drives him both to train his body and to improve his automail in anyways he can. Both are as much a part of himself as the other and to train one area while leaving another lacking isn't real training. This also means improving the mind, even tho it isn't his key area.
Fears: -As much as he loves his automail arm he fears to loose another arm because it would render him useless if something were to disable the automail. If he were to have two automail arms a lot of his physical training would become pointless as it would just be the arm's strength and not his own.
-To be dishonorably dismissed from the military would shatter his childhood dream that has been his driving force all these years, to loose it would be to lose a key part of himself at the same time. A large part of his sense of self is the uniform and what it means to him

Bonreu Kuma Histor11

History: Bonreu's life truly began when he was a young kid when his family was robbed and things began to turn ugly. It was only thanks to the strong hand of the military that his family survived the day, and ever since then he has looked to the military for strength, and his determination to join their ranks was born that day. To ensure that he was able to join the ranks he would train himself constantly to the point that when the day that he turned of age to join he stood at least a head taller than his sergeant, and far stronger. His first assignment was to the south. He spent a few years there unable to climb the ranks for numerous reasons that was never clear to him. Unfortunately his career ended when he was on patrol and came across a village being destroyed by raiders. His squad was decimated with only himself and another barely surviving the ordeal with injuries. While the other man took shrapnel and luckily was able to recover, Bonreu lost his arm and took extensive injuries. His superiors deemed him not valuable enough to be fitted for a replacement that would allow him to continue his dream. This lead to him being honorably discharged and utterly crushed, both by his dream and the things he saw that day. The only thing that kept him from total loss was his hobby for machines, which eventually turned into his salvation when he studied how to build his own automail. It took him several years to properly construct his arm and have it attached, several more to fully recover from it, but he returned with a burning drive in his heart. To once again ensure that his place among the ranks of the military was where he truly belonged his training put his previous years to shame. Now standing stronger without his arm than he ever did with it, he once again returns to the service to fulfil his dreams.

RP Sample: Ducking out of the barack's doorway into the sunlight, taking care not to catch his hat on the way, stood Bonreu. This towering tree of a man looked like he had seen his share of pain and time, but his uniform spoke not a word or even hinted at it, being perfectly clean and kept despite it nearly being a tent for some of the smaller men on the force. He had payed extra attention to his appearance today, he had been told to dressed to impress by his superior and impress he planed to do. His newest assignment wasn't exactly a normal one, but then again he wasn't a normal looking soldier; he was one of the men selected to accompany some of the higher ups to give some speech. His job was simple; show up, look strong and powerful, and don't break anything that wasn't supposed to be broken. He had been the first person that was put down for this assignment because of his large frame and natural demeanor suggested that he was a no nonsense military powerhouse, plus his custom made automail arm certainly looked powerful even when it was detached. While it was true that he wasn't a high rank that one would expect to be seen at this kind of event he looked like it to those that didn't know the signs of military rank, and even to those that did know he he was an intimidating bodyguard without a doubt. Bonreu was decently happy with this assignment; he would be able to show off the body that he had spent years building. It was going to be a good day.

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