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Name: Dmitri Zemlya

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Rank: Novice

Group: Alchemist

Face Claim: Hetalia: Axis Powers (Russia)

Dmitri Zemlya Appear11

Height: 6’10”

Weight: 201 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Purple

General Appearance: A tower of man Dmitri is huge, even for his family. He was born and big baby and grew up into a tall man. He is a thin now, even though he was heavy as a child, and his body does not show it at all now. He is very thin now and his skin looks like it was meant to fit on his muscles. He wears clothing that still scream from the north. A very fluffy trench coat jacket that is grey and meant to blend in with the snow. He also has a huge scarf around his neck that he has a tendency to go over his mouth and muffle him. When unraveled the scarf is taller than him. Underneath the coat is a very heavy sweater, and underneath that he has a normal white t-shirt. His pants are baggy cargo pants that are a dark green. His boots are very thick and have fur lining in it. They are also steel toed.

Dmitri Zemlya Person10

Personality: Even though he looks like a man who is soft spoken and shy he is only like that in the beginning, once he has been around a person for more than a few minutes his true colors will show. He is still quiet but speaks often and very quickly, often throwing his language in his speech. He also has found out his new found love for puns and often uses them no matter how bad they are. He also is oblivious to normal things like sarcasm and flirting. Those things just go right over his head. Finally he may seem a little slower to talk than others, due to the fact he thinks about what he is going to say before he says it. He has a really thick Russian accent that does not fit the way he looks.


Heat: Dmitri loves the heat, and can never get enough of it. He does have a tendency of putting on even more clothing than is needed and will take off clothing and randomly leave them behind.

Food: Dmitri will devour food as if it was his last meal every time he eats. He will also consume mass amounts of food if given the chance. He loves eating new types of food no matter what it is. He has a saying “Don’t knock till you try it!”

Puns: He grew up in a world where he was not allowed to laugh often, so when he went traveling the first type of humor he learned was from puns. So from that day forward his puns have been a source of his own amusements.

Gardening: Even though he a huge man and seems to be the type to enjoy his time doing something else, he never had flowers where he was from. So with this new found love of gardening he feels as if he get closer with the earth every time he works in one.

Reading: Dmitri is often found reading a book when he not around people. The book does not really matter, but he enjoys reading everything. He is often reading local newspaper to find out what is going on in the area he is in.


Cold: Even though Dmitri grew up in the snow and the cold, because of this he really hates the cold. He keeps a lot of clothing on just avoid the off chance that he might get cold.

Snow: The hatred of cold comes from his hatred of the snow and how it covers everything. Its bland and white and has no interesting color. Unless war is breaking out, then it has a nice shade of red.

Killjoy: Dmitri dislikes people who try to kill the mood, when everything is nice and positive. He has a tendency of being a optimist and does not like to be dragged down by others.

Boats: Even though Dmitri can handle coach rides and vehicles he cannot handle boats for some reason. He gets seasick very easily and due to this he really does not like them. So he will try to stay away from them no matter what.

Cowards: Dmitri is a firm believer standing and fighting to the end. No matter how bad it is. He is a firm believer that there's a time to run away and recover, but not right away.

Motivations: Dmitri motivations are very simple, to find out where his limits as a person is and to keep on traveling. As a human he knows that someday he will find the limit of what his own body and he wants to know where that is. Every fight he has a tendency to push himself to the limit to try to find out where his limit is. The only reason he does not end up hospital every time is the fact that he loves to travel. He wants to see the world before he dies, even though he has seen most of it he knows that there is more out there.


Boats: Even though it is a dislike he has a fear of being on a boat. He will try to do anything to avoid being on a boat for any reason. He will make up reasons and find ways to avoid being on a boat. If he is forced onto a boat he will dramatically grab a rail and hold on it for dear life for the rest of trip.

His last fear is losing his family and everyone he loves. He really cares for his family and will be there for them for any reason. It can also stem from a fear of being alone in the world. Even though he does not think about it all the time, but it is something that still nags him in the back of his head.

Dmitri Zemlya Histor11

History: Dmitri was born into a huge family, consisting of 3 older sisters, 2 older brothers, 4 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters. Even though it was hard in the snowy north area the family manages to make it through no matter what. The more interesting thing is the fact that they lived not within the city limits but on a cottage a way away from the big town. They lived on their own and had a huge farm full of different winter animals that they used. For food and to help around the farm they had, and this always seemed to work out. No matter what happened the family was close and were visited by other family often. To keep up with an outside social life each of his family had a pen pal.

On of these men was Dmitri uncle, and this man was a hero in Dmitri's eye. He was a state alchemist at the time and used his power to protect the weak and help everyone. He was known as the Rock Protector Alchemist and stuck true to his name. He was an earth Alchemist and taught Dmitri his skills, even though his mother protested a lot when it happened. Even when his uncle was gone for work to work at Fort Briggs Dmitri would spend his time reading and learning the art of alchemy. It would not interrupt with his daily life, he would still do all his chores and help around with the farm with no complaints. Every moment that was not working on the farm was spent reading the books that were left behind by his uncle, his uncle's notes on Earth Alchemy.

Unfortunately his lessons were cut short, one of the beams that supported a roof of an out post gave out and Dmitri gave his life to protect the others and allowed them to all escape. Bad luck would follow him as he tried to escape himself and a beam would fall from the ceiling and pierce him in the heart. It was devastating for the family, and since the man had no family of his own he left all his notes to Dmitri. Instead of giving up like he wanted too he decided that he needed to live his uncles life to understand why he did what he did. He studied the notes with a new flame, not curiosity now but with a goal of perfecting that art.

He started to use alchemy in his everyday life cutting down how long it took to handle his chores. At the age of 20 he decided to leave the house, his mother was very upset about this. Forcing him to promise that he would eventually bring home a nice woman, who would bear her grandchildren. A lot of yelling was still going on, but Dmitri left eventually later that year to venture into the new world.

RP Sample: Dmitri got off the boat that he was forced to ride on, since the train was out and the coaches were stuck in the town due to heavy snow he had no other option. Rolling his way down the ramp they place he finally made it to sweet land. He had found a fear and a hatred within a few hours leaving his home. This journey was not off to a good start, but no reason to look on the past. Getting up he threw his one bag of goods over his shoulder and looked around. The heat felt great, and he had no reason to hate it. Even though he was still dressed for winter and it was spring the air felt fresh and great. The fact he was warm was a bonus too and he would never want to feel cold again. Getting off he walked over to the person who was going to house him for the night. It was a man nice enough to offer his place while they were on boat. As they walk into the place the first thing Dmitri noticed is the fact everyone is shorter than him, and then he noticed that he was too tall for the door. As his face made a solid thud against the door frame. The man chuckled and said “The person who invented the doors bell should receive something like a no-bell prize.” Even though he could not understand what it meant at the time Dmitri found this funny and laughed from it. “I think, I like that joke! What is it called?” The man gave him a grin. “Its a punny joke. Its a pun, a play on words.” Dmitri laughed, “Let me cook you a meal while you describe me more of these puns.” From there his adventure got a lot better.
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